Veteran western swing band Asleep At The Wheel headline Nu Country TV on Saturday December 15 at 9 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Texan troubadour Kelly Willis also returns to the show, hosted by Mid Pacific Bob Olson, and repeated Sunday at 11.30 pm.

Tennessean Mike Farris debuts on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Benalla singer-songwriter Adam Toms debuts and former Santa Monica street busker Chelsea Williams returns.

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Asleep At The Wheel pay homage to late Texan singer-songwriter Guy Clark by performing his classic Dublin Blues in a Behind Bars double shot.

Lead singer-TV host Ray Benson honoured Guy Clark who died at 74 on May 17, 2016.

Dublin Blues is on the band's 34 th album New Routes - their latest in a 48 year career.

They have also recorded Bob Wills tribute discs, an album with Shotgun Willie Nelson, now 85, and live concert CDS.

Fiddler Katie Shore also performed Call It a Day Tonight with the band live at Paste studio in New York City.

She also sings New Routes album entrée Jack I'm Mellow, also promoted with a video.

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Oklahoma born Kelly Willis returns live in an Austin studio with Don't Step Away from her 12th album Back Being Blue, released on May 18.

"We've played it a few times live, and it has this kind of magical thing about it," Willis revealed.

"It really lifts the audience, and everyone gets happy and starts dancing. It's really exciting to have a song like that."

It's Willis' first solo project since her 2007 LP Translated from Love.

She wrote six of the 10 tracks with help from Rodney Crowell and others on the additional four.

Kelly's singing spouse Bruce Robison produced the album in his rural recording studio in their Texas home.

Kelly, now 50, has also recorded three duet albums with Robison.

The Austin couple, who have been married 22 years, played live in our Nu Country FM Beer Can Hill studio at Northcote four months before it burned down on June 26, 2000.

Bruce, 52, and Kelly are parents of four children - including twins.

He also wrote #1 hits Travelling Soldier for the Dixie Chicks , Tim McGraw's Angry All the Time and Wrapped for George Strait.

Robison released his eighth solo album - with the Back Porch Band - in 2017.

After more than 20 albums Bruce and Kelly cut Cheater's Game in 2013 and boomeranged with Our Year in May, 2014.

It was worth it for Robison and Willis who was married to high school boyfriend and Radio Ranch drummer Mas Palermo from 1989-1991.

Willis had a cameo in Tim Robbins' 1992 movie Bob Roberts.

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Tennessean troubadour Mike Farris begins our show with his timely message of giving in his morality tale.

Farris enlisted a young protégé to spread his sharing and caring message

Grammy winning gospel star Mike, now 50, is well qualified to help others

His parents divorced when he was 11 and he almost died from a drug overdose before he was 21.

Mike was rescued by peers and explored music and charity.

He cut three albums with rock band Screaming Cheetah Wheelies.

Golden Wings is on his seventh solo album Silver & Stone.

Further info - http://www.mikefarrismusic.com/


The former Santa Monica street busker Chelsea Williams headed way out west to the desert in Marfa and Alpine in Texas to film her latest video.

Chelsea chases dreams in her song of hope that echoed the 31-year-old Ohio born singer's life that began as a street busker in Santa Monica

Dream Catcher is on her fourth solo album Boomerang.

I have met so many characters while busking,” Williams revealed.

“It is inevitable that some of them end up in my lyrics. Whether it's a lady that reads tea leaves on the corner, or an old man with a cane and sailors cap that sings Frank Sinatra to me as he passes by, there are an endless amount of stories to be told there.”

In 2007 she released her self-titled debut album and mini-LP Decoration Aisle in 2008.

She also released a 2012 cover of Bruno Mars/Travie McCoy's Billionaire for a Chevrolet Cruze campaign and worked with the Salty Suites before her 2016 album Dreamcatcher .

Further info - http://chelseawilliams.com/


Broken River singer-songwriter Adam Toms performs live in his studio in his passionate paean to a ruptured romance.

Say You Love Me is on his fourth album Where Were You, released earlier this year .

Adam, a rural youth worker, was born in Shepparton but moved south to Benalla.

He wrote 11 of the 12 songs on his album including the title track with Troy Kemp and Weak Is The Man with Lianna Rose.

The father of two sons proved his five year hiatus since third album Rich Man was a fertile font for creativity.


Toms drew upon his wild Shepparton youth for regret free energetic entrée Too Young To Know Better that segues into tempestuous time travel in his rhetorical title track.

He kept his country rocking as he stutters praises of dream lover Josephine but slows tempo in Say You Love Me .

Toms punctuates lonesome lovers in Too Busy and percolated passion of Coffee with rowdy angst anthem Signs - a 1971 hit for Canadian Five Man Electrical Band .

He masters mood swings with paternal paean This Old Mandolin - a gem that exploits musical instruments as metaphors for missing mentors.

Adam ignited guitar-drums driven tale of a male who falls in Weak Is The Man and melancholic beauty of love lament Never Not Never .

Toms' characters have human frailties - especially the banished beau in Something Borrowed and pitiful pal in live finale Walking Over Me .

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Further info - http://www.adamtoms.com/


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