Georgian singer-songwriter Kip Moore headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday May 19 at 9 pm on Channel 31/ Digital 44, after vastly expanding his fan base on his third Australian tour in April.

Singing actor Tim McGraw and Faith Hill also return to the show repeated on Monday at 3 pm with a song that is subject of a copyright battle.

Fawkner singer-songwriter Jasmine Rae performs her original song that reportedly inspired the McGraw-Hill album title-track duet on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Gippsland dairy farmer's son and latter day secondary school arts-media teacher-house master Michael Waugh returns with a song about a younger sibling in remission from cancer.

Texas sextet Mike & The Moon Pies perform a salient social comment song in our live Behind Bars segment that also features a memorable gospel song by Grammy winning Missouri bluegrass queen Rhonda Vincent and her band The Rage.

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Kip Moore returns to our show with a New York live performance of a song he played at The Forum in the Melbourne CBD in April on his tour with South Carolina singer-songwriter Lee Brice and Mississippi man Charlie Worsham.

He showcased Guitar Man live at Paste studio in Manhattan.

“Guitar Man came from actually watching a guy in a bar, and it just took me back to being that guy for so many years,” Moore revealed.

“That's how that song came about, was drawing from someone, remembering my life and the people that were a part of my life at that particular time.

“I think that's the most honest, autobiographical song. It displays all the vulnerabilities of what you're feeling in the midst of chasing after a dream.

“I definitely felt those insecurities into my late 20s, living in a garage apartment and barely making my rent while my other friends were building their 401Ks, having babies and houses with white picket fences. You have all those insecurities of feeling like a loser. But you still continue to dream and you fight. It kind of exposes all those elements.”

Guitar Man is on the 37 year-old singer's third album Slowheart that also inspired a 33 minute documentary The Journey to Slowheart that exposes the man behind the music.

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Fawkner singer-songwriter Jasmine Rae returns with her original version of her 2014 song When I Found You that topped Australian Country charts.

It was on her fourth album Heartbeat.

Jasmine wrote the song with fellow Australian songwriters Sean Carey and Beau Golden.

Carey is a former guitarist with Thirsty Merc , and Golden, pianist for Guy Sebastian, Samantha Jade and others.

Carey and Golden filed a lawsuit in New York over a song co-written by Ed Sheeran and recorded by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as the title track of his 15 th album The Rest Of Our Life and their debut duet disc.

They claimed in their law suit that the song credited to Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac is "wilful copyright infringement", including copying melodies, chords and lyrical themes from their song.

Their complaint says during a studio writing session in December, Rae mentioned to Carey and Golden that a fan had tweeted her about the similarities between the two songs.

The pair suggest Sheeran would have known about Rae's song as he was touring Australia during its chart success and radio airplay in 2016.

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Louisiana born Tim and Faith recently celebrated their 50th birthdays and 21 years of marriage with their three daughters after two Australian tours for our late benefactor Rob Potts and Michael Chugg.

They perform their video for Tim's 15th album title track The Rest of Our Life on our show this week.

On February 10 the duo appeared on Nu Country with their video for Speak To A Girl - also on their duet album.

Tim collapsed onstage during his performance at the Country to Country festival in Dublin , Ireland , in March.

He had just ended his hit Humble & Kind and sank to his knees and had to sit down before being helped off stage by members of his crew.

Faith Hill told the audience that they would need to end his set early.

"He's been super dehydrated. I apologise but I made the decision that he cannot come back out onstage," she said.

McGraw has long mixed music with movie roles diverse as The Blind Side, Country Strong, Friday Night Lights and Flicker.

Five time Grammy winner and Mississippi born Hill released seven solo albums and starred with Nicole Kidman in the 2004 movie The Stepford Wives and with Steve Earle in indie movie Dixieland .

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Gippsland dairy farmer's son Michael Waugh writes songs in his day job as arts and media teacher at Scotch College in Hawthorn.

But his toughest task was the subject material of his song Little C Word - entrée song - on his second album The Asphalt & The Oval .

The song, accompanied by the video directed by Sam Zagame (a former Waugh student), details a younger brother's battle with cancer.

Waugh's wry word play lightens a serious subject - the good news is the song's real life character is now in remission.

Little C Word is my tribute to Australian men and women who call a spade an effen' shovel,” Waugh, now 47, revealed.

“There's little in the way of airs and graces but something so uniquely us about how we season sentences with colourful turns of phrase. It says something about our humour, our directness and our guts. Regardless of what four letter words life might throw at us, we know how to face shit with a joke and an eff-you back. We might sometimes cover our kids' ears but there is nothing obscene about the strength and ruggedness of my potty-mouthed countrymen.

“My little brothers used to fire themselves up for football matches with Aussie rock classics. The songs were full of the grunt and humour of an Aussie pub. They were perfect fight songs to pump up young Jesaulenkos for the field. I hope that this song reminds my brothers of how those anthems used to get the adrenalin rushing and how it made them feel like winners.

“In truth my brothers are the most sensitive and kindest of gentlemen. But they fight fiercely for their families. The only people who are even remotely stronger than them are the incredible women they married. My brothers are deeply Australian. There is more spit than polish. There are often raised voices and arguments and filthy, blue words. But always love and loyalty. I don't let anyone stand over my little brothers. That's only something that we do to each other.”

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Texan sextet Mike & The Moon Pies return live Behind Bars with satiric song Country Music's Dead on their fifth album Steak Night At The Prairie Rose.

They're joined by Austin singer John Baumann at the historic John T. Floore's Country Store at Helotes near San Antone in the Texas Hill Country.

They debuted on Nu Country in April with another live video for Smoke Em If You Got Them.

The Prairie Rose is the Houston bar where singer-songwriter Mike Harmeier first played at 14.

Mike formed the band in 2007.

Other members are drummer Kyle Ponder, guitarist Caitlin Rutherford, bassist Preston Rhone and steel guitarist Zachary Moulton.

Willie Nelson's harmonic ace Mickey Raphael guests on weeping steel waltz The Worst Thing and Wedding Band on their new album that also features gambler's lament Beaches of Biloxi and We're Gone .

Further info - https://www.themoonpies.com/


Grammy winning Missouri bluegrass queen Rhonda Vincent and her band The Rage also perform live with hot gospel song You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbour .

Rhonda, 55, won her first Grammy this year in her 18 album career.

Vincent also released two duet discs with the late Daryle Singletary and veteran Texan honky tonker Gene Watson since debuting at five in her fifth generation family gospel group - Sally Mountain Show.

Singletary and Shotgun Willie Nelson, 85, also guest on Rhonda's two-disc set Only Me .

Rhonda recorded with her brother Darrin and Jamie Dailey as Dailey & Vincent on the title track of her 14th album Taken.

Rhonda and The Rage also appeared on Nu Country with historic 2004 hit Kentucky Borderline that was also revived on their new DVD.

She featured vocal and video cameos by singing actor Dolly Parton in Heartbreaker's Alibi from her 12th album All American Bluegrass Girl .

The banjo-playing mother of two harmonised on three songs on Georgian superstar Alan Jackson's 18th album Freight Train including hit It's Just That Way .

It's one of three Top 5 hits co-written by expat Port Douglas singer-songwriter and Starmaker winner Kylie Sackley.

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