Out on the Weekend festival guest Sam Outlaw returns to Nu Country TV this Saturday November 7 at 10.30 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Illinois young guns Mo Pitney and Brett Eldredge also appear on the show repeated Monday 5.30 am and 2.30 pm, Wednesday 7.30 am and Thursday 3 am.

Singing Texan actor Lyle Lovett treks down memory lane in Behind Bars on the programme filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

And Canadian singer-songwriter Whitney Rose and West Australian troubadour Jonny Taylor return with their latest video clips.

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Californian young traditionalist had a huge impact when he made his Australian debut in October at the quaint Meeniyan Town Hall, Out On The Weekend festival at Williamstown and Northcote Social Club.

Sam, now 33, performs Cry For Me from debut disc Angelinos for Six Shooter Records that he promoted here.

Outlaw is joined on horseback by a beatific blonde equestrian for his journey through the bad-lands to their rocky outcrop.

The singer, born Sam Morgan in South Dakota, borrowed his mother's maiden name Outlaw for his music career.

Sam moved with his Christian family to California at the age of 10.

Ry Cooder produced and played on Angeleno in North Hollywood.

Sam had a successful advertising career until his 30th birthday when he experienced "an existential crisis moment" and realised that only music has ever made him feel anything.

He self-released an EP in 2014 and landed slots at Stagecoach Festival in California and the Americana Festival in Nashville.

“The music I play, I call 'SoCal country,'” says Outlaw who has toured with Kentucky born singing actor Dwight Yoakam and Texan Clint Black.

“It's country music but with a Southern California spirit to it. What is it about Southern California that gives it that spirit, I don't exactly know. But there's an idea that I like that says - every song, even happy songs, are written from a place of sadness. If there's a special sadness to Southern California it's that there's an abiding shadow of loss of what used to be. But then, like with any place, you have a resilient optimism as well.”

His album's 12 tracks includes Ghost Town , also accompanied by a video, Who Do You Think You Are? I'm Not Jealous, Love Her For A While, Old Fashioned and Jesus Take The Wheel And Drive Me To A Bar.

Further info - http://www.samoutlaw.com/


Fellow new traditionalist Mo Pitney, just 22, honours his rural roots with Country - a song he wrote with veteran singer-songwriter Whispering Bill Anderson and Bobby Tomberlin.

“We spent half the day just talking about life in country music," Pitney revealed of the session.

"What country music was, what we thought it was and what it meant to us. We talked about Bill's long life, my short life and Bobby's medium life, and how, even with all the age difference, we were all pointed to the same artists. I'm an old soul and I always lean towards the older artists: Ray Price, Buck Owens, Roger Miller, Merle Haggard. Not only just saying I like Merle Haggard, but studying his music."

The trio hadn't planned to write a song that addressed country music and the country lifestyle they all shared but the singer admits the idea to address the word "country" was too tempting.

But one aspect of the song that he wanted to avoid was making it all about himself.

"I was very careful," Pitney explained.

"Because a lot of people who write a song about what country is, it normally points to the singer - 'this is how country I am.' I didn't want to do that. I wanted to get out of the way of the song and point towards 'this is what I think country is.' The song is more an anthem for the word 'country' and for the lifestyle and the music so that other people can hold onto that. I don't want the attention on me; I want the attention on country."

Mo was raised on bluegrass in Cherry County, Illinois, and followed Country with I Met Merle Haggard Today and Boy & Girl Thing .

Pitney's passion peaked when he proposed to bluegrass belle Emily Bankester on September 10.

Mo shared a photo on Instagram of his bride-to-be sporting a sparkly new gem on her ring finger, along with the scripture Proverbs 18:22 - "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord."

Emily sings and plays fiddle and banjo in Bluegrass/Americana family band The Bankesters who released their second album Love Has Wheels on September 24.

Further info - http://www.mopitney.com/


Fellow Illinois singer-songwriter Brett Eldredge also has strong connections with bluegrass.

His cousin Terry plays with famed bluegrass band The Grascals .

Brett. 29, hails from Paris, Illinois, and returns to Nu Country with Illinois - title track of his second album and travelogue of sorts.

His song-writing credits include I Think I've Had Enough - a track on Gary Allan's Get Off on the Pain album.

Brett debuted on Nu Country in 2011 with his video for a war song dating back to 1943.

He took viewers inside a nursing home in the video for his song Raymond .

Raymond is the poignant tale of a nursing home employee mistaken by a patient with Alzheimer's for her deceased son, who was killed at war.

The single rang true for Eldredge as his grandmother struggles through the disease.

"As a songwriter," he says, "my aim is to portray a little bit of me and my life along with the stories of other people and turn them into something that can really touch somebody's heart and soul. We sit down on Music Row every day and write songs and every once in a while a song like Raymond comes from such a real place. I hope it's that real to other people and that I can make them feel the way I felt when I wrote it and when I sing it."

The song, released in September, 2010, was on Eldredge's debut album Bring You Back .

Further info - www.bretteldredge.com


Novia Scotia farm girl Whitney Rose sings a live version of The Devil Stole My Boots Last Night at the famed Hacienda Club in Toronto.

It's on her second album Heartbreaker of The Year that follows her self-titled 2102 debut album.

Whitney, 28, was raised on classic country at her grandparents' bar in Charlottetown, and promoted her new album, produced by Mavericks singer-songwriter Raul Malo in Toronto in just four days, at the recent Americana festival in Nashville.

Whitney duets with Raoul on 1963 Ronettes hit Be My Baby , written by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and producer Phil Spector.

"Singing with Raul on Be My Baby was daunting, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have doubts about the duet," Rose revealed.

"But I'm really proud of how it turned out. It can be tough to cover songs effectively especially songs as celebrated as Be My Baby . I think we accomplished that. I would have to be either lazy or stupid to not take advantage of getting to work alongside these guys and I am neither of those things. I initially thought that Raul's mentorship would cap at touring, but during a western Canadian jaunt last spring I had written enough new material for a record so I asked him to produce it - with very little expectation. When he said yes I was so excited but also really relieved because I felt I still had so much to learn from him."

Further info - http://whitneyrosemusic.com/


Texan singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett returns to the porch where he and former housemate Robert Earl Keen wrote songs at University.

Both Lyle and his College Station house mate Robert Earl Keen recorded versions of This Old Porch.

It was on his self-titled 1986 debut disc & another of his 12 albums.

Lyle took us on a stroll by some historic Texas landmarks in his video.

The 57-year-old former singing spouse of Georgian Julia Roberts has acted in more than 20 movies and TV series as a detective, sheriff, secret agent and more since being discovered by Robert Altman.

He also toured here to wide acclaim and played Hamer Hall in Melbourne on March 26, 2010.

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Young West Australian road warrior Jonny Taylor leads boys and girls on a merry chase in his inspirational video for I Believe In You from his new EP.

Jonny, 30, recently played our Shipwreck Coast but hails from Busselton and calls Mandurah home when not on the road.

Taylor's previous Nu Country appearances include his poignant social comment tunes Brighter Than You Feel , Suffering In Silence and Nothing Wrong With You from his second album Something To Say.

“I think my awareness was more from myself,” Taylor confessed to Nu Country .

“I had a struggle with it for a few years without realising what it was. I was in a rut and found it hard to get out of. Ultimately that took my grand-dad on my dad's side. He shut himself down mentally and his body followed behind. It's such a common thing with men. I've seen it in the wheat belt in W.A. We get out there and I see the lengths they go to keep their heads above water. My grand-dad was only about 72. He was quite fit - then they found an issue on his lungs and he convinced himself it was going to be the end of his life. He lived in fear - we would sit with him, talk to him and try to make him laugh and he wouldn't even open his eyes to look at you.”

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