Geelong born country star Adam Harvey has turned tragedy into triumph on the video clip for his new single Missing Heroes.

Harvey wrote the song about the grandfather Stewart Hogan that he and his mother never met.

Hogan - a Rat of Tobruk - was killed in World War II at just 17 on the Kokoda Trail.

And his widow - Harvey's grandmother - only had a faded black and white photo to remind her of her husband.

That was until Adam's mother was watching a TV special on the Diggers sent to fight for their country in New Guinea.

She froze in her lounge chair when she recognised her missing hero father in archival footage on Nine Network show A Current Affair.

The Harveys contacted Current Affair to obtain the historic footage and Adam wrote his evocative song for his sixth album, Can't Settle For Less on ABC-Warner.

"Granddad was in the 6th Division in Tobruk, he was a Sgt Major," Harvey revealed.

"He was only 17 when he enlisted."

Harvey has since toured China, Canada and Australia to promote his acclaimed new album.

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Oklahoma born country blues singer James Talley makes his debut on Nu Country with a live version of his vintage song Up From Georgia.

Talley, once heralded as a new Bob Dylan, has made more than a dozen acclaimed albums in a colourful career that began in the seventies.

The legendary songwriter, who now sings for his supper when not selling real estate in Nashville, sent us two songs he cut for a live TV show.

Talley preceded singing Texan crime novelist Kinky Friedman and Willie Nelson as frequent White House guests when President Jimmy Carter discovered and lauded his music.

James played the 1977 inauguration concert for President Carter who owned his 1975 debut LP, Got No Bread, No Milk, No Money, But We Sure Got A Lot Of Love and successors Tryin' Like The Devil (1976) and Blackjack Choir (1977).

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Lake Bolac singer-songwriter and conservationist Neil Murray returns to Nu Country to perform his song Over The Moon.

Heather Rutherford, popular Nu Country TV host and some time TV show host, has an in depth interview with the veteran singer who recently released About Time - A Song Collection on Shock Records.

Murray's double CD retrospective was launched after he hosted a music and culture festival on the banks of Lake Bolac after a Hopkins River conservation trek.

He won a Glenelg Hopkins CMA Environmental Achievement for his trek and is touring to promote his album.

Murray tours the Northern Territory in August before making his Nashville debut at the 9th Australian festival from September 6-11.

Also on the bill is expatriate Newcastle singer Catherine Britt whose duet with Elton John on When We Both Say Goodbye has cracked the U.S. Top 40.

Other Australians on the Nashville festival include famed Greencards, Ross Wilson, Sam Hawksley and Felicity.

Murray has re-released his first five solo albums and other projects through his web page - www.neilmurray.com.au

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Mid-Pacific Bob Olson models his culinary apron and shares his recipe for spare ribs for avid fans of his Merri Creek delta recipes.

Bob's raw ribs, not those damaged by West Coast star Ashley Sampi when he kneed Jordan Lewis in a recent clash with Bob's team Hawthorn, are delicious.

The expatriate American schoolteacher and long suffering Hawthorn fan prepares his tasty ribs with secret ingredients in his creative cesspool.

Bob makes the steamy cauldron of Northcote Secondary College kitchen a magnet for viewers from academia and beyond.

Mid Pacific Bob's culinary skills have become a bigger drawcard than exams in the hallowed classrooms of the garden state.

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Yarra Village country folk singer Sime Nugent won wide acclaim beyond home state Victoria on his national and international tours in his 14-year performing career.

Nugent, son of Irish musicians and a popular artist at festivals diverse as Queenscliff and Port Fairy, performs a video for his new song Somewhere By Now.

The song is a highlight of Nugent's debut solo album Broke And Banned.

Nugent previously recorded nine albums with bands including his first group Sedan, which featured members of Jet and Pete Murray band.They released two albums in six years and some Jet boys perform with Sime in his video clip.

Further info - http://www.simenugent.com/home.htm

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