Kentucky born country star Dwight Yoakam took time off from his lucrative movie career to release his 18th album Blame The Vain (New West-Shock.)

Yoakam, 48, made the movies during a vitriolic stoush with his former producer and guitarist Pete Anderson.

And we have a steamy cinematic clip of Dwight's latest hit Intentional Heartache that features Sunshine Tutt playing the wife of Yoakam's character in this bizarre gender and fender-bending frolic.

The victim strikes amid a whirlpool of jangled guitars and exacts summary justice on her spouse with a spray paint assault on his boots, Dale Earnhardt Jr poster and other prize chattels.

We feature the video this Saturday - July 30 - in Episode 4 of Series #4 of Nu Country TV.

Nu Country TV again made the finals of the ANTENNAS - the national community TV awards staged in Melbourne last week.

And our celebrated producer-director Peter Hosking was one of the presenters on the star-studded show telecast live on C 31.


Popular Nu Country DJ and host Heather Rutherford climbed out of her sick bed to host this week's episode headlined by Dwight.

Heather is scheduled to give birth in spring.

Another model Donna Feldman plays Dwight's love interest on the cover of the CD slick.

Yoakam had a cameo in The Wedding Crashers, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan, appeared opposite Penelope Cruz in Bandidas and Salma Hayek in Tommy Lee Jones-written/directed The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.

The Sling Blade star road tested 12 original tunes from a self-produced disc featuring Texan born country singer-songwriter Keith Gattis.

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Canadian chanteuse Kathleen Edwards also performs in the video clip of the title track of her second album Back To Me on Nu Country TV.

Edwards, 26, is joined by punk icon John Doe whose previous bands included The Knitters and X.

The video for the country triangle tryst had diverse reaction.

"Some people find the song disturbing," Edwards revealed.

"I see it more as a fun Thelma & Louise kind of song. It was recently described in a review as a date rape song but that completely missed the point. I thought it was a fun girl song."

Edwards, daughter of a former Canadian ambassador, co-produced debut disc Failer but now has the luxury of guitarist husband Colin Cripps who will join her on their Australian tour in September.

Cripps hails from Hamilton, Ontario, and played with Canadian band Crash Vegas from 1998-1995 and Junk House and also produced Oh Susannah before hooking up with his singing spouse.

He produced Back To Me at Toronto's Reaction Studios with guest roles by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench, Sarah McLachlan producer Pierre Marchand on piano, My Morning Jacket vocalist Jim James and Jim Bryson.

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Award winning Ringwood duo Carter And Carter return with a video clip of their new tune Play That Song.

The husband and wife team made #5 of the Tamworth Golden Guitar Awards with the song in 2005.

They have also released third album Acoustic Gospel and are regular guest artists on the Whittlesea Country Music Festival in February.

The duo has also been a popular winner in the Victorian Country Music Awards at the same festival.

They have also been booked for the Gympie Muster in August, Galston in September, Mildura in October and Wandong in March and Bay Of Islands in May.

For further info contact http://www.carter-carter.com/carter.html


Another popular duo Fisk And Cristian returns to Nu Country with a new video for Feels Like Love.

They also perform an inaugural Hit Country 89.3 FM Country Rave Party at Geelong Trotting Track on Saturday August 6.

Also performing are Sovereign, Dale Juner, Billy Bridge and many more.

Further info - http://www.fiskandcristian.com/

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Wangaratta country singer and former Nu Country FM and Nu Country TV host Paul Hicks returns to our TV show in a performing role.

Hicks and his band High Kings perform the title track of his debut CD Kettle of Fish at the Melbourne launch at the Cornish Arms in Brunswick.

Paul, supported by expatriate Kiwi Brent Parlane at the launch, has been touring the Riverina, Shipwreck Coast and High Country to promote his acclaimed CD.

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Hicks Nu Country peer Mid-Pacific Bob Olson demonstrates the second most popular use of pumpkins in his eagerly awaited return to our TV show.

The expatriate American schoolteacher and long suffering Hawthorn fan creates his mouth watering pumpkin pie in his creative kitchen.

Olson downs those onerous mathematics books and frocks up in the steamy cauldron of Northcote Secondary College for his popular segment that brings in a vast flood of new young listeners from academia and beyond.

For those who don't appreciate the finer points of Mid Pacific Bob's culinary skills it's only three months to Halloween on October 31 for the other less esoteric use of the humble pumpkin.

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