Expatriate Australasian country superstar Keith Urban and country rock queen Kasey Chambers headline a star-studded episode of Nu Country TV on Saturday November 29.
Urban, 36, performs latest smash U.S #1 hit 'Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me' from huge selling fourth album 'Golden Road.'

The hotshot award winning singer, guitarist and songwriter returned to the U.S. after a major tour of Australia with fellow star LeAnn Rimes.

Urban has long won widespread airplay in the U.S. and suffered sound problems at some Australian concerts but triumphed with a sizzling stage show.

Although Keith was again snubbed by metropolitan mainstream corporate radio chains he leaped the moat on major regional commercial stations after a decade of airplay on ABC and community radio.

Urban's record company Warner Music have rewarded Nu Country TV viewers and web page visitors by giving us a batch of his album Golden Road.

Keith Urban

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South Australian born star Kasey Chambers has followed Urban to the U.S. on regular tours to promote her two acclaimed solo albums that have won her a large international following.
But the singer, living on the NSW Central Coast with her partner and baby son, won't be moving to the U.S.

Kasey, just 28, is making the most of the sporadic commercial airplay that followed her huge hit 'Not Pretty Enough.'

We feature her breakthrough song 'Cry Like A Baby' - the song featured on community and ABC radio - after she scored embryonic airplay with the 'Dead Ringer Band.'

Kasey proves she has long been Australian country music's greatest chance to break the genre on the closed shop of commercial radio.

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Kasey's touring partner - Canadian troubadour Fred Eaglesmith - also performs live on Nu Country TV after an interview at the Ibis Hotel in Melbourne.

Eaglesmith, making his third Australian tour, talks about his colourful career that takes him far afield from the repossessed Ontario farm where he was reared with eight siblings.

Fred tells viewers how to hot wire a John Deere B tractor to make it travel faster during harvesting - an essential hint for long suffering hay carters - and other secrets.

Eaglesmith, subject of two tribute discs featuring Aussie artists including The Chambers families and Audrey Auld, is captured performing Broken Rainbow at the Corner Hotel in Richmond.

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Sunraysia reared country band The T-Bones are the epitome of rural rooted country with a hard urban edge.

The band, which hails from Robinvale, followed in the slipstream of punchy predecessors 'Saltbush' and the 'Dead Livers' by writing about life in the Aussie country fast lane.
They launch their sixth album 'Seventeen' (a compilation) on Friday December 5 at the Ding Dong Lounge in Market Lane in the Melbourne CBD.

They have also started recording their new studio album but this week they perform their original tune 'She Starts' from fifth album 'Smartest Kid In Town.'

The song, one of many car classics from the pens of singer Andrew Pupillo and guitarists Charlie Wilde and James Stewart, is a crowd pleaser.

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The Cash-Carter Family tree is one of the most colourful in the long history of country music.

Johnny Cash, singing spouse June Carter Cash and her daughter Rosey Nix Adams are among the latest to tumble from the tree into history.

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See if you can keep with Guru Dave, Lawrie Weir and director Peter Hosking as they try to lop the branches into chronological order.

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Sydney singer-songwriter Luke O'Shea and his band Medicine Wheel appear live at the Armadale Hotel in the Melbourne wealth belt.

O'Shea performs his song 'Great Personality' at the bar where Nine Network personality Geoff Cox and Wendy Stapleton played with the house band back in 1976.

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Melbourne guitarist and singer-songwriter Monica Weightman suffered heart palpitations when she was centre and front for Keith Urban's Melbourne concert.

Not from an arrow fired from stage by Urban but by the kick of his drummer who zeroed in on Monica's vantage point near the stage.

Monica performs the title track of her popular indie album 'Calm Before The Storm' - a radio staple in the Nu Country FM era.

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