Melbourne disc jockey Heather Rutherford knows what dedication is all about.
Heather flew from her Surrey Hills home to an American bluegrass festival to interview Australian country singer Bill Chambers for Nu Country TV.

She produced and directed her interview of Chambers - father of Aussie superstar Kasey - at the Telluride festival in Colorado.

Rutherford interviewed Chambers, 51, about his Reckless Records CD, Sleeping With The Blues, while he promoted it on his latest American tour this year.

Heather had planned her trip before she learned of the birth of the TV show that arose from the ashes of aspirant radio station Nu Country FM.

So she offered to interview Chambers and other artists on her U.S. sojourn.

Heather's interview with Bill and his version of the Mary Gauthier song, I Drink, are two of the highlights of Episode 4 of Nu Country TV on Saturday October 25.

Rutherford, a DJ on Nu Country in 2001 during its eight-year battle for a licence, is now a regular interviewer on the prime time TV show.

She interviewed award winning Sydney chanteuse Melinda Schneider during her national tour with the Dixie Chicks and will soon present her own segments on Nu Country TV.
And she will also host at least two future episodes of the show.

CLICK HERE for a November, 2002, interview with Bill.


Expatriate Californian chef Mid Pacific Bob, also known to generations of mathematics students at Northcote High School as Bob Olson, launches his cooking recipe this week.

The veteran Nu Country DJ, whose recipes won warm acclaim during his Saturday arvo shows, has a special for you.

We won't reveal too much but the fire extinguisher seen in the background was needed to quell the 5-alarm mouth watering delicacy.

Mid Pacific Bob, father of twins, denies the culinary cesspool was related to his beloved Hawks footy mascot.

Maybe it was closer to the salsa and guacamole favoured by singing Texan crime novelist Kinky Friedman and the Texas Tornadoes.

CLICK HERE for Bob's cooking hints.


Award winning Sydney country boogie band The Wolverines also perform their huge hit 65 Roses live at the John Barleycorn in Collingwood.

The band, fronted by expatriate Kiwi singer Darcy LeYear, won a Tamworth Gold Guitar for their version of the Lee Collier penned song that raised awareness for cystic fibrosis research.

CLICK HERE for a feature on The Wolverines from the diary on June 19.


Melbourne country singer-songwriter Steve Doyle was born and reared near the NSW-Victoria border.

The Tamworth Country Music College graduate made a catchy video for his song In The Country.

Steve's video is also the title track of his debut CD, produced by Joe Camilleri in 2002, and featuring Ed Bates on pedal steel and Gerry Hale on fiddle.

The singer, also a production wizard at HITS FM and Nu Country, performs his tune for his growing army of fans.

Further info visit - http://www.stevedoyle.live.com.au


Former child prodigy Alison Krauss, 32, became an international star long before she won wide exposure on the huge selling O Brother soundtrack.

The multi-instrumentalist has released 10 albums and a DVD of her live 2002 double CD Alison Krauss & Union Station Live (Rounder-Shock.)

Alison, born in Champagne, Illinois, has won 13 Grammies - making her second only to Aretha Franklin as a female.

We reach back to her 9th album New Favourite for a video clip of the title track.

Further info visit - http://www.alisonkrauss.com/


Perth comedic country band, Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, perform a live version of bluegrass classic Foggy Mountain Breakdown.

The band, which has won national airplay since 1994, released an album on Warner Music last millennium.

Further info visit - http://www.cowpersons.com/


Melbourne singer-songwriter Cyndi Boste has won wide acclaim for her two albums produced by former Dingoes guitarist and songwriter Kerryn Tolhurst.

Home Truths and Push Comes To Shove feature a swag of original songs penned by the pocket dynamo, now 42, who grew up at The Basin in the foothills of the Dandenongs in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We caught Cyndi performing The Way You Say Your Name live at the CWA concert at the Corner Hotel in Richmond.

Further Info visit - http://www.cyndiboste.com.au/home.html


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