Queensland born singer-songwriter-producer Shane Nicholson headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday January 29 at 9.30 pm.

Mississippi sisters American Blonde and Chattanooga singer Larry Fleet appear in Behind Bars on the show repeated Wednesday at 11.30 pm.

Texan Chad Cooke Band, Detroit belle Bernadette Kathryn and Maryland minstrel Maggie Rose debut this week on the program filmed and edited by our multi-talented lockdown producer Laith Graham.

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Revered singer-songwriter Shane Nicholson revisited a dream in his return to the show with his Helena homage from his 12th album Living In Colour.

Shane performed live at his home and Sound Hole studio at Copacabana beach on the NSW Central coast.

“I've never had a dream song before,” Shane, now 45 revealed.

“I was a little bit jealous of people who had. I woke up one morning and had the title and sort of a little melody in my head. It only hurts for a while is the tagline. In the dream it was ‘ Helena it only hurts till you die - that was a little bit sadder maybe not as hopeful. That was the original version I wrote. I backtracked a bit and thought no I'm gonna make this a little more hopeful and open-ended. It was fun to record. I was having a great time, playing and playing, then I started adding backing vocals and I got carried away with it one night. You know, a couple of whiskeys and a microphone. It ballooned into something bigger and shinier than I thought it would.”

Living In Colour was released in August and hit Top 5 on ARIA Country Chart and was nominated for ARIA Best Country Album.

He wrote and recorded it alone in his studio due to Covid.

“I just found it fun to be doing it myself. It was sort of a return to the old days, my teenage years, when I had my first Pro-Tools set up on old computer and I was making demos and putting songs together, learning about the mechanics of production in a bedroom in Brisbane in my parents' house,” Shane explained.

“I haven't really done that since then, being able to sit there by myself and pick up instrument after instrument. It was mostly me and a bottle of whiskey into the night, that was it.

Nicholson has won 12 Golden Guitars and 3 ARIA awards.

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Mississippi sisters Nata and Tinka Morris began their career in the Southern Halo trio with third sister Hannah.

They morphed into American Blonde duo in their Behind Bars debut at Gathering Place in Lebanon, Tennessee.

The sisters performed Quicksand - penned by Nata and Jimmy Nash - from their third album.

“It's all about fighting for what you want and not letting go,” Nata revealed. “Love isn't always easy. It takes work and sacrifice and determination to stick it out.”

Drummer Tinka believes it resonates with audiences.

“I love this song,” she explained.

“You can take it strictly as a story about fighting to save a relationship - or you can take a deeper look and compare it to the state of our country right now. I am so proud of Nata and Jimmy for writing this song. And I loved letting loose and improvising on my vocals.”

Videographer Ryan Slattery crafted a magical world using powerful contrasts between dappled sunlight and dark, evil woods, open fields and confining trails, and by alternating spatial separation and intimacy between the actors.

Nata's regal and controlled movements play off Tinka's wilder, hair-swirling, head-banging drumming.

Further info - https://www.americanblondemusic.com/


Then Chattanooga singer Larry Fleet returns to Behind Bars live at the Ryman in Nashville.

Larry, now 35, was a stone mason as he launched his music career after he was discovered by Jake Owen who took him on tour.

Fleet wrote all 14 songs on his second album Stack of Records including Heart On My Sleeve that he performs live with his band at the famed Ryman in Nashville.

Fleet also wrote Highway Feet with Bryan Sutton and Jamey Johnson who join him on their song.

Stack of Records was released in September and follows his debut album Working Hard in 2019.

Further info - https://larryfleet.com/


Houston hombres the Chad Cooke band open the show with a freedom plea they illustrate with dancing, drinking, fishing and feasting.

Chad worked as a pump truck operator before a career change in 2015 when he also got married.

He now fronts his quartet who perform I Wanna Go Out - written by Andy Albert, Andrew DeRoberts, and Jordan Walker - from their second album Risk It All.

Further info - https://www.chadcookeband.com/


Detroit damsel Bernadette Kathryn began writing and recording songs at 12 when she was at school.

Bernadette, now 21, hit Nashville at 13 and debuted at 17 on the Grand Ole Opry.

This week she performs Kissing This Town Goodbye - a riveting romp fuelled by her pick-up truck escape vehicle - from her new album with her Lonely Days band.

She wrote the song with Greg Stryker and appears with Noah Canales in her video filmed at Willowbee Barn, Almont , Michigan.

Bernadette wrote Look At Me Now on being bullied at school for her 2014 EP Not Too Young.

Further info - https://bernadettekathrynonline.com/


Maryland singer Maggie Rose first recorded as Margaret Durante after being raised in her hometown Potomac.

Maggie, now 33, has become a strident solo artist on tours, TV and radio.

This week she performs For Your Consideration from her third album Have A Seat.

Maggie also recorded two songs for Disney Channel's Shake It Up and Good Luck Charlie TV series and the Shake It Up : Break It Down soundtrack album released on July 12, 2011.

Durante changed her recording name to Maggie Rose in 2012 after signing with Scott Siman's RPM Management.

When Siman expanded RPM to include a country label he launched the album with Maggie's first single I Ain't Your Mama.

But it closed after releasing her third single Girl in Your Truck.

Further info - http://iammaggierose.com/


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Barbara was admired for rising above losing her sight as a young woman and her country passion with annual trips to Waylon's birthplace in Littlefield, West Texas.

Waylon died at 64 on February 13, 2002, and is survived by singing spouse Jessi, now 78, and son Shooter, 42.


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