North Carolina outlaw and 54 th CMA Awards Entertainer of the Year Eric Church headlines the Nu Country TV Series #46 Premiere on Saturday November 28 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Dual Grammy winner and prolific hit writer Lori McKenna also returns to the show repeated Wednesday at 10.30 pm.

Texan Pentecostal preacher's son John Rich and Florida born veteran John Anderson return in a Behind Bars double shot on the program filmed and edited by our multi-talented lockdown host Laith Graham.

Fellow Texan Sara Jarosz and Wollongong singer-actor James Stewart Keene also appear in a drinking double shot.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Eric Church and fellow North Carolina outlaw protégé Luke Combs won a triple shot of major 54 th CMA Awards in Nashville on November 11.

Church performed new song Hell Of A View live on the awards and headlines Nu Country TV this week with a lockdown video for Bad Mother Trucker featuring singer Joanna Cotten.

Eric, 43, celebrated his first Entertainer of the Year award with an emotional speech that praised peers for survival during lockdown.

“This year, at least for me, has been about loss,” Church said while accepting Entertainer of the Year trophy.

“Loss of life, loss of playing shows, loss of freedom, loss of kids being in school. And you know what the win is? The win is we all were here tonight, together as country music - in person, live, not on zoom and I believe this, I really believe this. It's gonna be music that brings us out of this. That is the one thing that's gonna save the entire world. Politicians are about division - music is about unity.”

His Stick That in Your Country Song video appeared on Nu Country before he filmed iso videos including Hell Of A View , Never Break Heart, Bad Mother Trucker and Does To Me with Combs during lockdown.

Combs thanked wife Nicole as he accepted his album and male vocalist of the year awards.

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Prolific hit writer and dual Grammy winner Lori McKenna proves a true survivor on her return.

Lori is joined live in the studio by fellow writers Hilary Lindsay and Liz Rose on their tune When You're My Age from Lori's 14th album The Balladeer.

McKenna, 51 and mother of five, has written hits for major artists diverse as singing actor Tim McGraw and expat Australasian superstar Keith Urban.

Lori won Grammys for writing McGraw hit Humble & Kind and Little Big Town smash Girl Crush.

She and McGraw also wrote Gravity for movie Free Solo about Alex Honnold's pursuit to free solo climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

The Massachusetts minstrel illustrated her life story in her Balladeer title track video and depicted time travel in Young And Angry Again - one of 11 songs on her Dave Cobb produced 12th album The Tree .

They included The Lot Behind St Marys and People Get Old - about her father.

Previous video The Bird & The Rifle was title of Lori's Cobb produced 11th album.

McKenna and Brandy Clark, 42, wrote Three Kids No Husband for Lori's eighth album Numbered Doors in 2014 after meeting a woman with five children and no husband.

It also appeared on Clark's second album Big Day In A Small Town and was inspired by a YouTube video Clark created to introduce Pray to Jesus from her 2013 album 12 Stories.

Lori and Texan troubadour Sunny Sweeney wrote recent Sweeney hits Bottle By My Bed and Nothing Wrong With Texas.

Further info - http://www.lorimckenna.com/


Big & Rich co-founder John Rich emulated his Pentecostal preacher father's messages in live new video The Good Lord And The Man.

Rich, 46, performed his inspirational song - on his third solo album Son Of A Preacher Man - at Larry's Country Diner in Nashville.

Big & Rich played the Melbourne Billboard club in 2015 with Chris Young and released health hint video Stay Home during our Dandemic.

Stay Home followed six albums for the band formed in 1998 after Rich - former Lone Star band singer - and Big Kenny Alphin made their names as songwriters.

Singing actor, Rhodes Scholar and former Army pilot Kris Kristofferson had a cameo in a previous video of evocative Vietnam War song 8th Of November.

Big & Rich also fronted Nu Country with California from sixth album Did It For The Party.

Tim McGraw played a bartender in another Big & Rich video for Loving Lately - written by Big Kenny, Rich and Tim who has toured here twice - for their fifth album Gravity.

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Florida born John Anderson visited Rich's bar of choice, Larry's Country Diner, for his live revival of Seminole Wind - title track of his 1992 album.

It was also on his 40-track album 40 Years and Still Swinging.

The 65-year-old recently released his 23rd album Years that featured Oklahoma singer-actor and TV host Blake Shelton.

Shelton guested in Anderson 's video Tuesday I'll Be Gone from Years , produced by Dan Auerbach and David Ferguson and released on April 10.

Anderson fronted Nu Country with his video for aptly titled single I'm Still Hanging On - one of his 10 new original songs on Years.

“We went in the studio, and I remember saying, I'm going to do this like it might be my last,” Anderson revealed.

“It still could be, but now the chances of that are getting slimmer and slimmer every day. I'm doing better so I'm not hardly thinking that way anymore. There's a few things that I came out of this whole deal better with. Part of it is my love for music and part of it is my appreciation for my family. But the biggest part is knowing that I might die here any minute, for who knows what reason, but I know that the good Lord already came down and touched me. There's not a doubt in my mind.”

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Texan banjo ace-mandolinist and triple Grammy winner Sarah Jarosz returns with Johnny - highlight of her fifth solo album World On The Ground.

It was produced by John Leventhal - second singing spouse of Rosanne Cash - in his Manhattan studio.

She sings of a young man dreaming while drinking red wine on his back porch.

Sarah, 29, grew up in Austin and Texas hill country town Wimberley (population 2,626) where she learned music from her proud Polish parents - both teachers.

She visited Australia in 2019 for Bluesfest with her all-female, acoustic roots supergroup I'm With Her.

World On The Ground is a collection of stories real and imagined exploring tension and inertia of small-town living by sensitive souls, aimless wanderers, and back-porch daydreamers.

With the scope of a novel inspired by classic Texas songwriting, World On The Ground paints a portrait that exists outside of time.

The album was preceded by three singles including Maggie , inspired by Sarah's recent return to Wimberley for her ten-year high school reunion, Orange and Blue and Johnny .

Further info - https://www.sarahjarosz.com/


Wollongong singer-actor James Stewart Keene debuts with the second drinking double shot to close our show.

Keene's vast cast of characters ignite his take on two temptations in his humorous romp on Gambling While You're Drinking live at the Soul Trap bar in Sydney suburb Surry Hills.

He wrote the bluegrass song with former Blue Mountains and latter day Gold Coast singer and Golden Guitarist Allan Caswell

It was inspired by new movie Sherbrooke Down - a cautionary tale about our traditional pastime two-up - that Keene scripted and produced.

Sherbrooke Down is a personal story about his family and forgotten place where they once lived.

Set in early 20th century Australia, the movie features folk, bluegrass and Celtic folk.

James collaborated with country music legends The Bushwackers on their 2019 Top 10 radio hit Stroke Of The Governments' Pen.

Further info - https://www.jamesstewartkeene.com/


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