Tennessean singer-songwriter Michell Tenpenny headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday December 14 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/ Digital 44 on the eve of his appearance at the 13 th CMC Rocks Queensland festival in March at Ipswich .

Georgian Billy Currington, also an Ipswich festival artist, returns to the show, repeated Monday at 7.30 am.

Mississippi wild man Hardy and Arkansas traveller Erin Enderlin boomerang to Behind Bars on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Gippsland born twin sisters Lee and Paula Bowman and Jetty Road trio pal Julian Sammut and fellow Brisbane Golden Guitarist Brad Butcher also appear on the eve of their return to the annual Tamworth festival.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Tennessee singer-songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny kicks off our CMC festival preview with a timely warning and punny play on words.

His advice is simple and direct - ditch your mobile phone when you hit the booze.

Or take Kev Bloody Wilson suppository advice on where to stick phones.

Mitchell, now 30, chose buxom belles - not a bearded Perth comedian - to illustrate Alcohol You Later on his second album Telling All My Secrets.

He also appeared on Nu Country with Black Crow - title track of his debut CD - and with famed bluegrass band Steel Drivers in his video for Cane's Creek.

Nashville born Mitchell - grandson of famed Sony Music publisher Donna Hilley - and multi-award winning guitarist and former Steel Drivers singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton are enjoying solo careers.

Tenpenny is a fan of the group who enlisted Jason Isbell to produce two songs on their new album.

"I have so much respect for every musician in that band and I love their song-writing as well," Tenpenny said. "When I heard they were going to play on Cane's Creek , I was nervous honestly, because I think they are so amazing. I'm not worthy but I am grateful.

“That was really cool on how that came to be. I remember when I wrote that song and when I played it for the producer, he thought it'd be a great bluegrass song.

“And I thought, who could we get to play on it and he mentioned Tammy Rogers, who plays fiddle, to play on it and I loved that idea because I've been a fan of that band for a long time, from Chris Stapleton to Gary Nichols.”

More info - http://mitchell10penny.com/


Georgian Billy Currington returns to Australia and Nu Country TV after celebrating his 46th birthday earlier this month.

He revived his 2009 hit People Are Crazy for his seventh album to be released before he joins Miranda Lambert, Tenpenny, fellow Georgian Kip Moore and many more artists at CMC Rocks Queensland festival at Ipswich.

People Are Crazy was penned by Blake Shelton's mentor Bobby Braddock and originally appeared on his third album Little Bit Of Everything .

"God is great, beer is good, people are crazy," sets the tone for a hedonistic song that appealed to Billy who once lived on an island off the Georgian coast.

Currington has scored four #1 hits in a career begun by Walk A Little Straighter - a passionate parable he wrote at 12 about his alcoholic stepfather who abused him.

His smash That's How Country Boys Roll was his first #1 hit as a songwriter.

Click here for a Currington feature in the Diary on May 12, 2004.


Prolific Mississippi born hit writer Hardy, plays CMC Rocks Queensland , and performs live in Behind Bars.

The comedic creator, born Michael Hardy, has written hits for artists diverse as Blake Shelton, Morgan Wallen and Florida Georgia Line.

Hardy, now 31, also teamed with March tourist Devin Dawson's twin brother Jacob on writing other hits.

This week he performs the title track of new EP Where To Find Me.

The singer warned of the perils of straight liquor in Sober You on his Nu Country debut on August 17.

Hardy told of his humorous hangover from evils of alcohol as drinking doubles can lead to being single.

He sang how the note on the fridge and the cold pizza left in the kitchen was a frigid reminder of his character's sins.

Sober You was a novel singalong on his debut EP This Ole Boy that features his hit Rednecker.

Further info - http://hardyofficial.com/


Arkansas traveller Erin Enderlin returns to Behind Bars with sound advice for bar-room roses - drink wine not whiskey - to ease the pain of one night stands.

Erin , now 37, performs Tonight, I Don't Give A Damn - title track of her EP, Chapter 1 , that follows second album Whiskeytown Crier that was produced by Jamey Johnson.

Erin released her third album Faulkner County on November 1.

She celebrated the release in Nashville with an album signing and acoustic show at The Ernest Tubb Record Shop and concert on The Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman .

The 14 track album was produced by Jim “Moose” Brown and Jamey Johnson.

It features a stellar cast including Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, Terri Clark, Dillon Carmichael, Cody Jinks and other songwriters.

Enderlin toured Europe earlier this year before returning to Nashville for Americana fest showcases.

Her 2019 songwriting clients include Reba McEntire, Terri Clark, Rodney Crowell and Rhonda Vincent.

She was on Nu Country on November 2 with Broken - a highlight of her second album Whiskeytown Crier.

Erin also appeared Behind Bars in March with Ain't It Just Like a Cowboy and World Without Willie with Tara Thompson.

Erin toured with Shotgun Willie Nelson on his Country Throwdown tour and fellow outlaw Jamey Johnson.

Further info - https://www.erinenderlin.com/


Dual Golden Guitarists Jetty Road return with another new video on the eve of their return to the annual Tamworth festival in January.

They show how to jump hurdles from footy injuries, motherhood and bullying in Bumps And Bruises from their sixth album Because We Can.

Their family magic ensured a 50-year marriage was a happy life sentence.

It's their 23rd video in a 15-year career and great way to ignite their high profile and success here and in Canada , the U.S. and Europe.

Paula and Lee left Nungurner in the picturesque Gippsland lakes more than 14 years ago for Melbourne and way beyond after starting as Tamworth street buskers.

They performed concerts and festivals on rolling prairies of Canada and the peaks and valleys of Switzerland , Germany , Belgium , Norway , France , Denmark , Austria and honky-tonks of Lower Broadway in Nashville .

The band recorded fourth album Far Away Places in Vancouver in Canada .

Their 23 video clips on Nu Country include No Heartbreaks, Because We Can, You Need To Run and Shakedown.

CLICK HERE for a Jetty Road CD review in The Diary on December 13, 2010


Former Mackay coalminer and crane operator Brad Butcher was a late bloomer as a singer-songwriter.

Brad, now 36, won best new talent Golden Guitar at the age of 34.

But he returns live to Nu Country with a brassy country-soul blend in Brisbane .

Brad wrote the song's chorus as he cruised New England highway from Brisbane to Tamworth - hopefully as a passenger.

I'm All In is on his fourth album Travelling Salesman.

Brad grew up fishing the Pioneer river and playing Rugby League in Mackay while working in coal mines as a crane operator and rigger.

He has toured the world as an inspirational musician with concerts at iconic Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and New York City 's The Bitter End in Greenwich Village in 2016.

Butcher took a trip down a Mackay memory lane with an historic bicycle, belle and Delta airline ticket stubs on his Nu Country debut on December 16, 2017.

They ignited evocative imagery in Well Dressed Man - a song he wrote for his grandfather Norman - on his third album From The Bottom Of A Well .

Norman was one of 13 siblings raised in a cane cutter's cottage on the Pioneer River south of Mackay.

He was a beacon of hope and resilience to the large family during the tough post-depression era and World War 2.

“It takes a unique strength and character to raise a family, create your own future and leave behind a lasting legacy from the most unlikely of beginnings, and it feels like the perfect fit to dedicate this album to my Pop, Norman George Butcher,” Brad revealed.

“There's no greater source of motivation than survival and Pop was determined to make sure his family had a future.

“He was far from the eldest in the family but he and his brothers were more like father figures, working local cane fields and fishing the Pioneer River to live. He taught me that there is no substitute for hard work”.

Further info - http://bradbutcher.com/


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