Treble Grammy winning Georgian Zac Brown band headline Nu Country TV on Saturday March 30 at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44 after several Australian tours.

Berwick singer-songwriter and dual Golden Guitarist Andrew Swift returns to the program repeated Monday 7.30 am and Thursday 12 am with a tribute to his late uncle.

Sydney singer-songwriter actor Andy Penkow debuts on the show filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Virginian quintet Old Dominion , Texan troubadour Kyle Park and Alabama TV host and singer-songwriter Riley Green also return.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

Further info - https://www.c31.org.au/


The Zac Brown Band return with a graphic tale of a soldier who survives war before battles with the bottle.

It traced his journey from far flung football and war battlefields to home.

Luckily, his post-traumatic stress ends on a high note with help from family and friends.

The Someone That I Used To Know video illustrates a story of hope, healing and importance of asking for help during difficult times.

It depicts a young man growing up.

He plays gridiron, enlists in the military and survives active duty overseas.

Back home, he becomes isolated in the trauma of war and the trappings of stereotypical masculinity and toughness, plugging his grief with a beer bottle instead of reaching out for help.

But at the end of the video, he gets by with aid of others, and by learning to lean on his friends, family and girlfriend.

Someone I Used to Know is a touch-point to remind people that they don't have to be alone in what they feel," Brown explains at the video end.

He added he has a personal connection to the song's theme of moving on from the person you used to be in favor of becoming the person that you are or want to become.

"They're not alone, because pain and depression doesn't discriminate,” Brown explained.

“This song is me facing that part of myself, of where I want to go and not where I've been.

"I would encourage people that when they feel they have a need, or they have a voice that's telling them to face something, it's a sign of strength to ask for help and to face the things that are really hard. That's what defines you - overcoming those things."

Someone That I Used To Know is on 40-year-old Brown's tenth album out this year as his band continue their Down the Rabbit Hole Live Tour.

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Berwick singer Andrew Swift returns with a vivid video inspired by the death of his pilot uncle in a plane crash.

Swift was a child when his uncle died - his song was written about the feelings and emotions of losing a loved one in a tragic accident.

He honoured his uncle with King of the Sky from second album Call Out For The Cavalry that won two Golden Guitars in Tamworth in January for best new talent and alt country album.

“I was very close to my uncle when I was a kid, he filled the role of my Dad once my folks split,” Swift revealed.

“He was a pilot and passed away in a crash when I was nine. This song is written around the memory of finding out the news, my reaction, and the haze or fog that comes over you during something like that.”

Swift took breaks from his caravan repairman day job at Seaford firm Jayco Page Bros for previous videos Fire & Ice , Reckless Desires and Runaway Train .

He also conducts caravan park tours with Kiewa Valley born singer-songwriter Gretta Ziller.

Further info - https://www.andrewswift.com.au/


Former child prodigy Andy Penkow makes his debut after a career that began as a songwriter at 12.

Andy was born in Sydney and raised on the NSW south coast before he joined the SBS choir and appeared in a Mel Gibson TV movie.

He performs his video for Drowning In The Whiskey on debut album Sad Love Songs that Rod Motbey produced at his Shellharbour studio Tracking Dog .

Andy studied music at JMC Academy , Sydney , and completed an advanced diploma of popular music and performance while lead singer for Inter-fear , the Thompson Gunners covers band and more recently Ionia and Mundy Bluze.

As an actor Andy appeared in TV movies including Mel Gibson's 2000 Three Stooges , Deck Dog's movie 2005, Deadly Woman series 11 (2017) and Sunday night Seven Network (2017).

Andy released a second single for the 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival

Further info - www.andypenkow.com


Virginian quintet Old Dominion headed to beaches, bays, mountains and way beyond on their return.

Their message ‘life is short - so make it sweet.'

Make It Sweet is on their third album - sequel to second album Happy Endings.

"We walked into the studio one day without discussing what we wanted the next step for our band to be,” lead singer Matthew Ramsey revealed.

“The plan was to write a song and record it on that same day. What happened was something we could never have planned. The words fell out, and the next thing we knew, we had recorded Make It Sweet . It's raw, natural and 100 percent us. We are so proud and grateful to have the opportunity to share such a meaningful moment for our band with the world."

The band formed in Nashville in 2007 after writing hits for diverse artists and perform and record as Old Dominion - nickname of its home state Virginia .

They appeared on Nu Country with Hotel Key, Written In The Sand, Be With Me, Song From Another Time, Shoe Shopping and No Such Thing As A Broken Heart .

Old Dominion performed at the 2018 CMC Rocks Queensland festival.

They are now touring with expat Novocastrian Morgan Evans, Jordan Davis and Mitchell Tenpenny.

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Texan Kyle Park enjoys a horse-riding homage on his return.

Four-time World National Finals Rodeo champion and professional rodeo rider Tuf Cooper took the reins in the video for Rio.

Kyle, now 33, wrote Rio with Arkansas singer-songwriter Erin Enderlin for his eighth album Don't Forget Where You Come From.

Park's video captures the sense of adventure and freedom synonymous with the American cowboy.

It depicts the bond between a horse and new owner as they travel across the open country.

Directed by Paul De La Cerda, it was filmed on a private ranch in Corona , New Mexico .

Park also appeared on Nu Country with videos Ain't Nobody Hotter with Ray Benson , Rednecks With Paychecks, Don't Forget Where You Come From, What Goes Around, Comes Around, Turn That Crown Upside Down, Long Distance Relationship and George Strait tribute Fit For the King.

Kyle was born in Austin and grew up north in small town Leander.

He often sang with Strait's Ace In The Hole band in college in San Marcos after starting on guitar at 14, writing his first song at 15 and debuting on KVET FM Austin at 17.

Park self-released first album, Big Time , in 2005 second album Anywhere in Texas in 2008, third album Make or Break Me in 2011 and Beggin' for More in 2013.

Further info - www.kylepark.com


Alabama singer-songwriter and TV host Riley Green returns with a love lament.

There Was This Girl on second album In A Truck Right Now.

The 30-year-old cut a batch of EPS including Outlaws Like Us that featured Bury Me In Dixie - not the tiny town north of Terang on our Shipwreck Coast.

Green is known for hunting deer and turkeys for supper on his hunting shows on Dirt Road TV after being a castaway on Redneck Island.

Riley also fishes in Ohatchee River , Orange Beach , Alabama , hunts turkey at his primitive camp in Arkansas and deer at his Back 40 Bash property.

Green was born into songwriting and performing, spending days and nights with grandfather, Bufford Green.

“My Paw-Paw opened a music hall in 2003, where he'd always say music goes from The Bar Room to The Pulpit and Back each Friday Night,” Green revealed.

“My Granddaddy Buford taught me a love for old traditional country, bluegrass, and southern gospel music.”

Further info - https://www.rileygreenmusic.com/


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