Multi-media personality Felicity Urquhart celebrates her 43 rd birthday this Saturday May 4 by headlining Nu Country TV at 9.30 pm on Channel 31/44 with the first single from her seventh solo album Frozen Rabbit .

Six-time Texan Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves returns to the show, hosted by Mid-Pacific Bob Olson, on the eve of her second Australian tour including St Kilda Palais on May 14.

Hunter Valley singer-songwriter Kirsty Lee Akers boomerangs to the program repeated Monday at 7.30 am and Thursday 12 am.

Expat Kiwi singer-songwriter Matt Joe Gow and Novocastrian Troy Kemp return to the show filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

North Georgia raised brothers Smith & Wesley also honour the late John Wayne and Jim Beam in their latest live video.

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Felicity Urquhart enriches our water theme in her birthday return after appearing with fellow award winners Kevin Bennett and Lyn Bowtell on Mountain of Pain from their second CD Weeds.

The ABC radio Saturday Night Country host since 2010, Sydney Weekender travel show presenter and guest Nu Country TV host has won eight Golden Guitars.

The mother of two daughters urges viewers to build a hole and swim for their pleasure in her video for Chain Of Joy from her seventh solo album Frozen Rabbit out on April 29.

Felicity and guitarist-producer-photographer-graphic artist husband Glen Hannah are parents of two daughters who have joined her in concert on stage.

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Texan Kacey Musgraves takes us on her world tour with a London pit-stop on her new video for Oh What A World Tour mini-documentary.

Kacey, now 30, won four of her six Grammys in February for her seventh album Golden Hour and was also a presenter on the Oscars.

It was voted all genre album of the year and won three country Grammys - best country song for Space Cowboy , solo performance for Butterflies and country album Golden Hour .

Golden, population 200, is Kacey's Texas hometown.

She might take us behind the scenes at St Kilda Palais on May 14 when she performs with Canadian artist Bahamas , born Afie Jurvanen, 37, who is touring to promote his fourth album Earthtones.

Musgraves has showcased several vibrant videos on Nu Country.

She wed fellow singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly on October 14, 2017, and credits him for her marital mood upswing in many new songs

Kacey also became an Uber driver to rescue Kelly when he was locked up in Nashville police cells for DUI in January, 2018.

Kelly made the most of time behind bars to write a new song for his second album that follows debut disc Dying Star recorded at Sonic Ranch way out west in El Paso .

Kacey and Kelly honoured the late Johnny Cash with their adaptation of the poem To June This Morning that started as an ode by the man-in-black to his second wife June Carter Cash from 2016 book Forever Words: The Unknown Poems.

Johnny died at 71 on September 12, 2003, and June died earlier that year on May 15 at 73 after many Australian tours.

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Kirsty Lee Akers has some good advice for dinner guests - wear masks.

She enjoys liberating skeletons from closets in her latest video clip in which she enlisted family and friends to act out sin and shame in the Hunter Valley where she was raised.

Kirsty's husband Jesse Anderson produced and directed Skeletons - third single from her fifth album Under My Skin.

The globe-trotting singer-songwriter has also harvested hay from heartbreak and sorrow in diverse families in the Hunter Valley.

So it wasn't hard for Akers to draw upon real life challenges to write about life on the edge on her album.

Akers tears pages from her own family challenges in Change The World and Chasing Ghosts but it was premature death of Hannah Rye, just 15, from cancer that fuelled House Full Of Flowers (Hannah's Song.)

Rye , diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma at 13, was a music student of Kirsty's when in remission and asked her to write a song for her funeral.

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Expat Kiwi singer Matt Joe Gow explores ruptured romances in his homeland in his return to our show.

His support acts included skaters at the Waterview park in Auckland where swimmers dived in a Mt Albert school pool.

His female lead was fellow Kiwi - Lara Liew - while other family members guested in the video for Break, Rattle & Roll - title track of his third album.

Gow, now 40, enlisted his sister to direct the video for his album title track he promotes on an Australasian tour that also included his birthplace Dunedin on the south-island.

“My sister Cat Jean filmed the video for Break, Rattle And Roll in New Zealand ,” Gow added.

“She also appears in it. The single is also being released.”

Gow exploits wry word play in the song.

“I liked the rattle and roll on the record but I was not really capturing the heartbreak so I added that,” Gow said.

“I initially wrote the song as a duet with Freya Josephine Hollick in mind as partner. There was a reference to Gram Parsons and Grievous Angel . I'm a music fan, I like putting my influences across.”

Gow filmed a previous video Ride On at Melbourne University with director Joanna Strong.

The song, like several others, stems from his train travels and observation of fellow travellers.

“There's references to trains on my previous records, it's hard not to use them,” Gow explained of Ride On that debuted on Nu Country on October 13.

It featured Highett bluegrass duo the Weeping Willows and Highett neighbour and Dead Livers pedal steel guitarist Brendan Mitchell who is now recovering from a stroke after being recipient of a liver transplant more than 20 years ago.

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Novocastrian Troy Kemp heads bush for fishing and picking with a little help from friends in his latest video clip.

Jayne Denham, Jasmine Rae, Luke O'Shea, Matt Cornell and many other peers helped out in A Little More Country from his third solo disc Against The Grain.

Blue Mountains refugee and trucking troubadour Denham recently appeared on Nu Country with Troy in their video for duet single Hung Up On You.

Their phone phobia in Koutetsu Bar in Newcastle and Woolworths in Warabrook - a Newcastle suburb - was rescued by a meeting in a lift.

Jayne moved from Hartley near Katoomba to the NSW Central Coast where she lives with husband Dave and is touring with Troy to promote Hung Up that follows her fourth album Calamity.

Troy made three albums with McAlister Kemp before his 2017 disc Against The Grain.

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North Georgian brothers Todd and Scott Smith return to Nu Country with their homage to the late John Wayne, Jim Beam and good old boys and girls.

They record and perform as Smith & Wesley and filmed A Little On The Redneck Side live in a honky-tonk on their second album For Better or Worse .

They were joined by country comedian Cletus T Judd in a previous video for Hook, Line & Sinker in which they employed boating and fishing metaphors.

Smith & Wesley recruited a briny belle on deck chairs for a food tasting of a difference on Chickamauga Lake outside Chattanooga , Tennessee .

They performed on a pontoon boat as professional bass angler Mike Del Visco guided his Texas Roadhouse fishing rig around the set.

Judd is famed for parodies Skoal, If Shania Was Mine, First Redneck on the Internet and I Love NASCAR.

Further info - http://www.smithandwesley.com/


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