Chart topping trio The Pistol Annies headline Nu Country TV on Saturday January 12 at 9 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44, with a humorous femme fatale celebration.

Californian Keb Mo and Rosanne Cash also showcase anthemic tune Put A Woman In Charge on the show repeated Wednesday 10.30 pm.

North Carolina nouveau outlaw Luke Combs and Appalachian singer-songwriter Tyler Childers appear live in Behind Bars on the eve of Childers Australian tour in March.

Geelong born trucking troubadour Adam Harvey and Melbourne bluegrass band Mustered Courage return to the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

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The Pistol Annies ignite humour in their court room invasion to formalise their name changes in their latest video.

Texan Miranda Lambert, 35, split with singing spouse Blake Shelton in 2015 after four years of marriage before she released her 7 th solo album The Weight Of These Wings.

Pistol pal Ashley Monroe, now 32, wed former Chicago White Sox pitcher John Danks and are about to become parents.

She released her fifth solo album Sparrow last year.

Third Pistol Annie - Kentucky Coalminer's daughter Angaleena Presley, now 42, hails from the quaint named town Beauty, is also happily married after a divorce.

She released her second album Wrangled after Hell On High Heels and Annie Up with the Pistol Annies.

Got My Name Changed Back is a highlight of their third album Interstate Gospel that topped charts on debut last year.

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Four time Grammy winners Keb Mo and Rosanne Cash drive their powerful women theme in their latest video.

Keb, 67 & young Rosanne Cash, just 63, trump old chumps with their universal advice in Put A Woman In Charge on Keb's 16 th album.

Frequent Aussie tourist Mo dedicated their anthem to Keb's mum who died recently at 91.

" Put a Women in Charge is about trying something else,” Keb revealed.

“There have been a lot of great achievements made by men or by the masculine, but maybe, just maybe, we've gotten too comfortable with the imbalance of men in power and have fallen short by not listening and embracing what women have to offer when they lead.

"I think the song should be heard and conversations need to be had. It's about empowering each and every one of us to contribute, and to be brave to step forward and speak up.”

Put a Woman in Charge was written by Keb, John Lewis Parker and Beth Nielsen Chapman, during a writing session for Mo's new album.

Rosanne released her 14th album She Remembers Everything late last year.

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Adam Harvey returns to the show with his tribute to young Willie Nelson, now 85.

Adam, 44, celebrated with Bill Chambers and special guests at Harvey's Bar on the NSW Central Coast.

They even found a Willie stage double for their climax in When Willie's Gone on Adam's 15th album Nashville Tapes.

The sibling song of Erin Enderlin's Life Without Willie was recorded at Sound Emporium Studios at 3100 Belmont Boulevard, Nashville.

Cowboy Jack Clement, who toured here with Johnny Cash, built the studio in 1969.

He graduated from Sun Records in Memphis where he produced Cash and the late Roy Orbison and wrote Cash hits Ballad of a Teenage Queen and Guess Things Happen That Way .

“The studio is exactly as it was back in the day - to see all the history, unchanged, I was like a kid in Disneyland,” Harvey revealed.

“It's one of those things that's been on my bucket list for probably 20-odd years, to actually go and record an album over there in Nashville.

“Forget country rock or country pop, I thought I'm going in the other direction. I followed my gut instinct and wrote and recorded a 70's country album.

“That was my favourite era of country music, nowadays these new country acts all look like catwalk models and spend their lives in the gym. The first song I wrote for the album was a co-write with Mike Carr, I told him I'd rather be a Highwayman than a Rolling Stone and that became the title of the first song on the album.”

Adam lives in the People's Republic of Batteau Bay on the NSW Central Coast.

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Kentuckian Tyler Childers returns to Behind Bars with another live song on the eve of his debut Australian tour in March with former Chicago postman and singer-songwriter John Prine.

Childers, just 27, lives in Kentucky where Loretta Lynn, Patty Loveless and Chris Stapleton were also coal miner's children.

Tyler and some pals perform Feathered Indians from his second album Purgatory, produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson.

“I tend to write in little stories just because of my background and where I'm from,” revealed Tyler who was born in Lawrence County and lives with his wife about an hour southeast of Lexington in Kentucky.

“Storytelling is rich in Appalachian culture - sitting down and spinning yarns and telling tall tales and trying to one-up the guy who just told one. It's the people I grew up with, the experiences, the things I grew up doing. Just the lifestyle, the everyday grind, the hardships, the values.”

Tyler won emerging artist of the year in September at the 2018 Americana Awards in Nashville that also honoured Jason Isbell and Prine.

Purgatory on Hickman Holler Records was released on August 4 after 2011 debut Bottles & Bibles and was recorded at Butcher Shoppe studio with Simpson on guitar-vocals, drummer-vocalist Miles Miller, fiddler Stuart Duncan and multi-instrumentalist Russ Paul.

"I'd already had two opportunities to record these songs on my own. So I stepped back and let it go where Sturgill thought it needed to," says Childers about working with Simpson.

Purgatory is about navigating roads and making choices that could just as easily lead to desolation and destruction as happiness and salvation.

"A lot of these songs were written in the time between leaving my mother and father's house and finding that middle ground," Childers explained.

"Getting into trouble and finding the way out of it, finding where you are supposed to be. Finding your place. Purgatory is hell, with hope. You have a fighting chance. I tend to write in little stories just because of my background and where I'm from. Storytelling is rich in Appalachian culture - sitting down and spinning yarns and telling tall tales and trying to one-up the guy who just told one. It's the people I grew up with, the experiences, the things I grew up doing. Just the lifestyle, the everyday grind, the hardships, the values.”

Childers scored exposure on Nu Country with his song Harlan Road performed by bluegrass state band Newtown, I Swear To God and Whitehouse Road.

Further info - https://tylerchildersmusic.com/


North Carolina nouveau outlaw also returns live to Behind Bars after winning best new talent at the 52 nd CMA Awards in Nashville in November.

Luke, 28, performs I Got Away With You from his big selling deluxe debut CD This One's For You Two.

Combs credits fellow North Carolina star Eric Church for his success.

“I went to a really small college in North Carolina, and my freshman year, a buddy of mine came into my room and said, 'hey, this guy's playing on campus tonight, and he went to school here. His name's Eric Church,'" Combs revealed.

But Combs - who hadn't picked up a guitar - wasn't interested at first.

"I didn't give his music a chance that day, to be honest with you," Combs added.

"But a couple weeks later, I had what were at the time illegal beverages - now legal beverages - and I said, 'You know what? I'm gonna give this guy's album a shot.'"

That was when everything changed for Combs.

"I listened to that album front to back, and it really changed my outlook. It changed a lot of things about country music for me."

Church inspired Combs but it wasn't until three years later he became a performer and artist.

"When I decided to pick the guitar up, I just said, 'you know what, if this guy went to college here, and he can be onstage at the CMAs, winning CMA Awards and getting No. 1 songs, I don't see why I can't do it,'" Combs explained.

"He really inspired me to have a tunnel vision-like approach to what I want to do. I'm very lucky to have run into his music, because I really don't think I would be here without it."

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Melbourne bluegrass band Mustered Courage showcase some hot picking on their return after an overseas tour.

The band also revisit Tamworth later this month for the annual country festival.

They perform When We Played With Fire - title track of their fourth album.

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