Texan Wade Bowen headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday February 9 at 9 pm on Channel 31/ Digital 44 with his tribute to late Lone Star State legend Guy Clark.

Fellow Texan Cory Morrow also returns to Behind Bars on the show repeated Monday 8.30 pm and Wednesday 10.30 pm.

Sundance Head - son of late legend Roy Head - and Jesse Raub Jr debut on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Bluegrass quintet Sister Sadie and Sydney singer-songwriter Karen Craigie also appear.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Waco born Wade Bowen celebrates his homage to late fellow Texan Guy Clark with his live culinary metaphor at the Next Waltz festival at Steamboat Springs in Colorado.

Prolific hit writer Guy died at 74 on May 17, 2016 after several Australian tours

Bowen honoured Guy in our Behind Bars segment in a funeral celebration that was food for thought

He performed Death, Dying & Devilled Eggs from 11th album Solid Ground.

Bowen hails from Waco - home town of Grammy winning bluegrass author-comedian-banjo ace Steve Martin - and latter-day digs of sharp shooter Billy Joe Shaver.

He previously appeared on Nu Country when he spiced music with a mariachi feel in Day of The Dead - also on Solid Ground that he produced with fellow Texan Keith Gattis with Lone Star State singers Jon Randall and Miranda Lambert as guests.

The Texas Tech University graduate also appeared with Say Anything, When I Woke Up Today and duet with Randy Rogers for Standards on their joint album Hold My Beer, Volume 1 .

Further info - http://wadebowen.com


Houston honky tonk hero Cory Morrow returns live to Behind Bars with his tale of love versus ego.

The identity of accuser and villain of the peace is reflected in a mirror behind the bar in the video by the 46-year-old outlaw.

It straddles the line of sermon and self-deprecation

Morrow performs Whiskey & Pride - title track of his 16th album - that pedal steel guitarist Lloyd Maines produced at The Zone in Dripping Springs.

Shotgun Willie Nelson, now 85, staged the first of his 44 July 4 picnics at Dripping Springs - now the home of award-winning trio Midland.

Whiskey & Pride features 10 Morrow originals including a duet with Jamie Lyn Wilson on Always And Forever - also on one of his four live albums.

Other originals include Restless, One Foot, Top Of My Heart, Your Smile, Revival, Blue Collar, Come On, Let's Take This Outside, Daisy Diane and Breath.

It also features covers of fellow Texans Rodney Crowell's Funny Feeling and Jerry Jeff Walker's classic Hill Country Rain .

Further info - https://corymorrow.com/


Soulful Texan country star Sundance Head debuts with an energetic video where the belle of his ball escapes on horse-back, bike and unlocked car for driving and diving dramas before joining him on stage.

Sundance, now 40, scored on American Idol and The Voice before he toured with Oklahoma born mentor Blake Shelton.

Head performs his anthemic debut single Leave Her Wild - an empowering song about loving someone unconditionally.

Leave Her Wild is on Head's album Stained Glass & Neon produced by singer-songwriter Dean Dillon whom he met at Houston Rodeo.

“Dean was in a hallway tuning his guitar,” Head recalled.

“I really didn't know anything about him, I just thought to myself, ‘this dude looks really cool and he has a bad-ass guitar and we are playing a show together.' It was fortunate for me to meet him this way I think, because I wasn't one of those people who wanted something from him. I think that's one of the reasons we became friends.”

Sundance's dad Roy Head had a huge pop hit with Treat Her Right in 1965.

Further info - http://sundancehead.com/


Texan Jesse Raub Jr debuts with his smoking gun saga - the moral of the tale is don't do a stick-up and then run to a pick-up.

Jesse lets his music smoke in his Biblical video at the famed Broken Spoke in Austin for Mistakes from his third album Sitting Here.

Raub was born in Houston and moved to Magnolia with his family when he was eight.

He learned guitar at 17 and his first heartbreak resulted in his first original song.

“I've always been musical,” Raub revealed.

“I just didn't know how musical I was or could be. Just staying with it and honing your craft. Everybody writes bad songs. As you get older and keep writing songs, you start writing better songs.”

Raub recorded with former rodeo rider and prison guard Cody Johnson on his 2013 album Blame It On The Music and graduated to bigger venues.

“We've kind of gotten away from playing the bars,” Raub explained.

“It's just hard for us to go in and play the bar scene because I don't drink. I quit drinking 10 years ago. For me, if it's going to be work then it's got to be where my family can come first.”

Further info - https://www.jesseraubjr.com/


Grammy nominee and five-time IBMA Female Vocalist of the year Dale Anne Bradley joins Sister Sadie for their live debut.

Bradley was born in southeastern Kentucky where her father was a coal-mining Baptist minister and has released 10 solo albums and others with the New Coon Creek Girls .

Sister Sadie took its name from Tony Rice song Little Sadie.

The bluegrass quintet has played with artists diverse as Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, Bob Seger and The Chieftains.

Sister Sadie also features mandolinist Tina Adair, fiddler Deanie Richardson , North Carolina banjo player Gena Britt and acoustic bassist Beth Lawrence.

No Smoky Mountains is on their second album Sister Sadie 11 on Pinecastle Records .

Further info - http://www.sistersadieband.com/


Sydney singer-songwriter and foster mother Karen Craigie musters gun fighters on horse-back and in bars in her trip back to the wild-west in her debut.

Craigie performs Lonely Town from her Matt Fell produced third album Mountains Of Gold on Buttercup Records.

Karen wrote Lonely Town on a Greyhound bus ride through Nevada as homage to classic American western movies conjuring imagery of long setting suns, shoots ups, and whisky.

It also features country sounds from of fiddle and backing vocals that emulate the singing of Native Americans.

“This record was born in such a creative and warm environment,” Karen revealed.

“I had these insanely talented musicians and songwriters around me whilst I was recording. Matt has an incredible collection of talented musicians and songwriters Josh Schuberth, Amber Rae Slade, Michael Carpenter all just hanging out and willing to help.”

Karen also keeps local kids from being lonely as a foster mother in support of charities - Prosper Project Australia , Welcome To My Yard and Prosper Children's Village for street kids.

She fostered more than 20 children over six years and being mum to her 10-year old co-writer.

“When I first started releasing music I was working in the industry and I wanted to keep those two parts very separate.” Karen explained.

“Writing songs has been the best way that I can find to stay connected to music amidst all of my other passions and commitments. I am a songwriter and occasional artist and that is enough. Some performers don't write songs and some songwriters don't perform. I am in the latter category. That fits nicely with my home, and busy work life and lets me keep doing everything that I love. If I attempted to add performing or anything else, I'd have to let go of something else that's important. “I am not a musician anyway, beyond playing enough to write the songs and get them ready for the studio. Songwriting and creating songs has continued to be part of music that I love most and want to be involved with. Over time that has allowed me to avoid the cycle that I have seen so many musicians wrestle with - work getting in the way of music getting in the way of work - and have a reasonably long-running career as a songwriter, alongside multiple professional paths, and a heap of other major personal projects. I plan to continue doing things this way for as long as it keeps working”.

Karen's songs have been in movies and TV shows.

Further info - https://www.karencraigie.com/


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