Seven time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday December 8 at 9 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Sydney band The April Family returns to the show repeated Sunday 11.30 pm.

Brisbane singer-songwriter Megan Cooper and Shellharbour singer Kora Naughton also debut on the program hosted by Mid Pacific Bob Olson.

Bluegrass artists We Banjo 3 and Bella Fleck and Abigail Washburn appear in Behind Bars on the show filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Oklahoma singing actor Carrie Underwood returns after her 11 th hosting of the 52 nd CMA Awards with West Virginian Brad Paisley.

Carrie, 35, headlined the 20th Deni Ute Muster in September after recovering from serious injuries in a fall at her Nashville home 12 months ago.

She broke her wrist and had about 50 stitches inserted in facial wounds.

Carrie's retired Nashville Predators ice hockey star husband Mike Fisher rushed home to stand by his woman and three year old son Isaiah after the accident.

She announced her pregnancy on the eve of the Ute Muster and topped U.S. charts with her sixth album title track Cry Pretty.

This week Carrie performs Love Wins - second single from Cry Pretty.

Love Wins sales soared when it was adopted by marriage equality and civil rights campaigners as an anthem.

She intended her song to provide a voice of reason in turbulent Trump times.

Carrie donned Native American-inspired garb for the video that expands on the song's message of building understanding and everyone moving forward together.

The Shane Drake directed video begins with a shot of a hopeless-looking group of people plodding along a lonely stretch of dirt road on foot with dark visual tones representing their grim fortunes.

But they brighten as they cross a bridge and enter a large clearing as Carrie delivers the inspirational chorus.

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Sydney singer Kylie Whitney proved she knew how to hold them and fold them as she held her nerve and beat shady characters in a poker game.

Kylie fronts Sydney alt-country band April Family, formed in 2015 , in their One Trick Pony video from their second album House Of Cards .

She wrote the song featuring guitarist Casey Atkins with band leader-producer Michael Carpenter.

It's the sequel to their debut disc What We Know Now.

The trio previously appeared on Nu Country with You Are Just The Blues, You're Someone That I Never Knew and 1943.

Whitney worked at Carpenter's Love Hz studio as a backing vocalist and released her debut album Something About Ghosts in early 2015.

Carpenter joined Atkins in bands for almost 15 years and recorded with The Cuban Heels and has released solo discs including The Big Radio .

Further info - http://www.mcarp.com


Brisbane singer-songwriter Megan Cooper debuts with a sporting parable as she gives sound advice on life after a sporting career.

Cooper was inspired to write her song by the newspaper story of a local footballer who was nearing the end of his career that had been his whole world.

Running with Ghosts tells the young athlete's story and carries a potent message - don't chase past glories, instead write your own history.

Megan had good reason to have deep sympathy for the star forced into early retirement in her video Running With Ghosts on second album Wild Mountain .

She also quit an early passion for flamenco dancing that was cut short by painful ankle injuries.

Instead she changed careers for singing, song-writing and performing that has taken her across the world since being a finalist in Tamworth Star Maker, Music Oz and Q Song quests.

I used to train to be a flamenco dancer until I injured my ankle so I ended doing plays instead, Cooper recalled.

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Shellharbour singer-songwriter Kora Naughton debuts with a double murder mystery.

Kora, just 17, ignited vivid dreams in her cheating song acted out behind closed doors with shock homicides and suicide in her video for Ravenswood Lane from debut album Ride Or Die.

She began writing stories at primary school in note books in Albion Park west of Shellharbour in Illawarra.

But in 2015 doctors told Kora a serious spinal cord condition meant she would have to stop another passion of cheerleading - a sport she loved since she was 7 years old.

The condition resulted in two surgeries in 12 months so she turned to music.

Kora taught herself to play guitar, write songs and sing and gave freedom to channel her emotions through music.

In January 2017 she busked at Tamworth Country Music Festival for ten days before performing live with Tania Kernaghan, Amber Lawrence and Bill Chambers.

Further info - https://www.koranaughton.com.au/


Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn explore hazards for coal miners in Harlan County - a familiar saga for coalminer's wives and families.

But the duo proved dancing and picking banjos are preferable to mining in their video with a happy ending.

Come All You Coalminers/Take Me To Harlan is on their second duo album Echo In The Valley.

Illinois born Abigail, 41, recorded with Uncle Earl , then The Sparrow Quartet before her 2014 duo debut with husband Bela who has made 16 solo albums and 10 with the Flecktones who began in 1989.

Clawhammer banjo player Abigail and New York born 16 time Grammy winner Béla, now 60, met at a square dance in Nashville.

She was dancing. He was playing.

Fifteen years later they built joint careers and a family touring as a Grammy-winning, husband-and-wife folk duo.

Fleck's banjo provides the soundtrack for his wife's clogging in their Take Me To Harlan video.

She stomps, jumps and drags her feet against the ground, underscoring her vocal melody with an old-world Appalachian rhythm.

Members of dance troupe Pilobolus headlamps cast stark, startling spotlights upon Washburn's face during the video intro - a cover of Depression-era union song Come All You Coal Miners .

The result is a modern-day spin on age-old traditions, merging original roots music with classic choreography.

Further info - http://www.abigailwashburn.com/

Further info - https://www.belafleck.com/


Celtgrass quartet We Banjo 3 find true joy by heading to mountain tops in their debut.

Brothers Enda and Fergal Scahill and Martin and David Howley climbed majestic peaks to film their joyous video for Light In The Sky on their fifth album Haven.

The music is a vibrant vehicle for their scenic locales for the band formed in Galway , Ireland , in 2011.

Further info - http://webanjo3.com/band/


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