Prolific ARIA Award winner singer-songwriter Troy Cassar-Daley headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday November 24 at 9 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44, on the eve of his national tour.

Arkansas outlaw Ashley McBryde previews her debut Australian visit on her return to the show hosted by Mid Pacific Bob Olson and repeated Sunday at 11.30 pm and Monday 3 pm.

Alabama born Adam Hood and Georgian Brent Cobb appear in Behind Bars on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Fellow Alabama born Coco O'Connor and The Band Steele debut as former Virginian Marine and Fortune 500 banker Tony Jackson returns.

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It's no surprise Troy Cassar-Daley is taking his daughter Jem, 17, on his national tour to promote his 42 track Greatest Hits double disc.

The 49-year-old father of two is a true survivor in a career embracing six ARIA Awards and 36 Golden Guitars.

Troy sings how he grew up in two different homes with divorced parents during his childhood in new video Wouldn't Change A Thing.

He was born in Sydney where his dad lived before moving to Grafton with his mother for most of his childhood and adolescence.

Troy then found true love with his Brisbane radio DJ and singing spouse Laurel Edwards.

Wouldn't Change A Thing and Shadows On The Hill from the ABC-TV series Mystery Road are the album's two new songs.

The latter was inspired by a family gathering in Grafton last year when his cousin Matt Carter had terminal cancer.

Troy invited his uncles and cousins on a trip to a bush camp to their traditional Gumbaynggirr land where they cooked fish and turtles from the nearby river - site of massacre of a local community in the 19 th century.

“One of the uncles asked us if we ever wondered why our grandmother wouldn't let us cross the river up there,” Troy revealed.

“She would always sing out to all of us ‘come back here, don't go over there, stay over this side, there's plenty of fish and turtles here.' That was apparently where the massacre finished upriver. Just not a good place, didn't feel good to her or anyone who went over there.

“This is no bullshit and I'm not trying to get all airy fairy on you but I'm spiritual and when we sat down and began to talk about that particular incident the wind came up. It was as still as anything and it came up and was going through these funny little pine trees there and it makes a noise, whispering all these funny noises.

“We all looked at each other and the hairs were coming up. OK, these old people know we are here, they know who we are, they know we are here with respect and they know we belong here. This is our country, this is where we came as kids and this is where all our ancestors have all come.

“We started talking about the only reason someone would have found out about that incident was that someone escaped and came and told people about it. Someone must have gone to the other camps and told them to escape before this happened to them. This story has been handed down orally for a long, long time.”

Troy 's song came to him as he drove to Brisbane with voices, words, chants and hand claps singing to him as he tried to concentrate on driving with the heavy emotions of paying tribute to his cousin forcing tears.

On Troy 's arrival home his mother Irene handed him a letter written by his cousin before he died.

“The letter was scribble about the song, just about the song,” Troy explained.

“He said ‘I can't stop playing it. I don't want to spoil it by over playing it because I'll get sick of it but every time I start it, I'm right back there at the fire again.'”

His album also features duets with Tommy Emmanuel, Paul Kelly, Shane Howard, Jimmy Barnes and Kasey Chambers.

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Arkansas singer-songwriter Ashley McBryde performs live at the Stardust Drive-In at Watertown near Nashville on her Nu Country return.

Ashley, 33, thanked her dad - a Mammoth Springs farmer who sired eight children - in the title track of her fifth album Girl Going Nowhere.

Outlaw Ashley wrote it the day after Texan mentor Guy Clark died at 74 on May 17, 2016.

Ashley performs at the sold-out 12th CMC Rocks Queensland festival at Ipswich in March.

She previously appeared on Nu Country with Radio Land , American Scandal and A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega.

She released her debut EP in 2006 before four indie albums led to her latest produced by Jay Joyce.

“This CD is a collection of loose ends and lullabies,” Ashley explained.

“Each tune is a tiny little confession. Call it an occupational hazard. My dirty laundry is sometimes your entertainment and sometimes yours is mine.”

Further info - http://www.ashleymcbryde.com/


Former Virginian Marine and Fortune 500 banker Tony Jackson chases lost love deposits in his humorous new video.

Jackson , now 40, became a bank executive after being a Marine for four years.

He found a new career but no tech tool to revive a romance in Ain't No App For That after his self-titled debut album

Jackson debuted on Nu Country with Drink By Drink from his self-titled solo CD that featured Old Porch Swing, She's Taking Me Home and guests Vince Gill and Steve Cropper.

It includes Bill Anderson tune I Didn't Wake Up This Morning and homages to Hank Williams Jr, Willie Nelson and late Merle Haggard in They Lived It Up , penned by Bill and Bobby Tomberlin.

When he was a pre-teen, there was also a lucky encounter with a country superstar.

“My dad was stationed in Rota , Spain , and we kids kind of had the run of the base. One day this guy comes up to us and starts asking us questions about what it's like to live on a military base in Spain . Real nice guy, and of course we started eating it up, this man talking to us and asking us questions like it was important.”

The stranger was North Carolina born Randy Travis, who was performing on the base that night.

“I didn't realise it until I saw him on the stage. It turned me on to his music.”

Jackson also sang in Richmond band Jackson Ward who released 2107 debut CD Goodbye Trouble .

Further info - https://www.tonyjacksonmusic.com/


Alabama duo Band Steele - Bo Steele & Ben Rubino - debut on patriotic paean Sit Awhile - a tribute to service men and women and their families on their 2017 album Moon In A Mason Jar.

Bo sang another of their songs Good Times in John Travolta-Sharon Stone movie Life on The Line.

The duo went to high school in Winston County and began playing music together at 14.

They supported their music with jobs including spraying insulation in chicken houses, working at a moving company and building sidewalls for mobile homes.

In 2016 they released debut EP Tan Lines & Moonshine that featured Tan Lines and Sit Awhile - also on their album.

Bo's a capela performance of Victory In Jesus was filmed in a hospital waiting room and went viral on YouTube and landed them a contract with New York City-based Fire River Records .

They have released five videos and four singles Tan Lines, 195, Sit A While and Victory In Jesus.

“Ben's vision, focus and motivation kept me going and dedication got us to this place,” Bo says.

“We are both so grateful to be here together.”

“When I first heard Bo sing, his vocals just hit me in the face,” Ben added.

“He still blows me away every time he opens his mouth to sing.”

Further info - https://thebandsteele.com/


Alabama born Adam Hood was not buried for long in his graphic video for She Don't Love Me on his fourth album Somewhere in Between, released on October 12 .

“She stole my heart, killed my pride, but she can't put me in the ground,” Hood sings in the chorus - a prophetic line for the video.

Hood takes a sunny drive through the country with his girlfriend, who lures him out to a spot in the woods where she's been digging a large pit.

One swift blow to the skull from her shovel and he's in the ground and she's on her merry way.

But like the bride in Kill Bill , this makeshift grave can't hold Hood down so he stumbles back to civilization for a drink with a bemused Cobb.

Hood and Cobb, who co-wrote King of Alabama and .30-06 for Cobb's 2018 album Providence Canyon , wrote She Don't Love Me with Texan star Josh Abbott.

Adam penned 10 of the 11 songs on his album and has written hits with Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert, Anderson East, Lee Ann Womack, Little Big Town and Cobb.

It follows his 2014 album Welcome To The Big World.

“I've been blessed to have my name listed among my friends and heroes albums but nobody's going to deliver my music like I do,” Hood revealed.

“These songs probably wouldn't be suited for anyone else but me. I'm so thankful I still have the desire to write them and get them out there to whomever will listen.”

Hood was raised in Opelika , Alabama , and played shows at 16 before a three year tour stint with Leon Russell.

Further info - https://www.adamhood.com/


Alabama born belle Coco O'Connor fights love battles in This Old War - title track of her second album that followed debut album Turquoise.

“I wanted to write a song that expressed my frustration with the battles that go on in a relationship,” Coco revealed.

“You have arguments and they are essentially the same old fight or war just a different topic. These battles can be within ourselves and in the personal relationships that we may have between our parents, lovers, children, jobs and even the Creator.”

Coco was born near Muscle Shoals in Alabama and lives on 10 acres on a mountain side at Santa Fe , New Mexico.

“My husband and I bought the cheapest place we could find,” Coco added.

“It had no running water or electricity when we got it. It had an outhouse and yes, we used that for about a year. We almost died from pneumonia because we had to take a bath on the front porch with tarps around to keep the elements out. We fixed it up over 6 or 7 years and it's really something special now. Because of that experience I like to say ‘I am a country girl who became a frontier woman.”

Further info - https://cocooconnor.com/


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