Melbourne quintet The Mason Boys headline Nu Country TV on their return on Saturday November 17 at 9 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Adelaide born Melody Moko debuts on the show hosted by Mid Pacific Bob Olson and repeated Sunday at 11.30 pm and Monday 3 pm.

Texans Madelyn Victoria and Paul Cauthen appear in Behind Bars on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Boston belle Sarah Borges and Ohio born former busker Chelsea Williams debut with their latest videos.

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When Victorian quintet The Mason Boys filmed their video for nostalgia fuelled album title track Feels Like Home they didn't have to look far.

They chose historic rural retreat - Uncle Nev's Trail Rides north of Melbourne at Upper Plenty - with its rustic charm.

The popular equestrian ranch - replete with post rail gate way, milk cans and long line of cypress trees entrance - has been in lead singer Clint Stubbs family for three generations.

As gateway to the Peachey patriarch's property at 1115 Wallan-Whittlesea road, it's hard to miss with scenic views of Mount Disappointment State Forest.

Not all of the 60 horses stabled at the trail ride HQ are featured in the vivid video but the historic still shots of the pioneer and family add to the charm of a farm with closest neighbours - freedom loving kangaroos, wombats, wallabies and echidnas.

Feels Like Home - penned by guitarist vocalist Huc Richards - is an accessible entrée to a septet of radio friendly roots country narratives.

The quintet hang their hats in Gisborne, Seymour, King Lake, Upper Plenty and Erica when not on the road.

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Melody Moko performs to a backdrop collage of painful memories in broken picture frames in the title track of her debut album - The Wreckage.

Novocastrian Catherine Britt and Melody's husband Michael Muchow produced her album that follows her EP Walk That Wire.

"Spinning records on my dad's record player and dancing around the living room made me the artist I am today,” said Melody who was named after a Rolling Stones song.

“It gave me the solidest of roots in so many different genres, I wanted to sing like Linda Ronstadt, and write songs like Bob Dylan, I had some pretty big aims right from the get go."

She grew up in an Adelaide house with over 7,000 records and went on the road with her dad in his car with a guitar and old cassette tapes and played small festivals.

Melody moved to NSW Central coast after U.S. tours that included concerts at famed Bluebird Café and Tootsie's Orchid lounge venues in Nashville and Continental Club in Austin, Texas.

The finalist in the Telstra Road To Discovery and Toyota Star Maker quests, joined peers in the Americana genre on overseas sojourns.

“I love artists like Brandi Carlile and Tift Merritt, that early 2000's Americana vibe is really obvious,” Moko revealed.

“But we also wanted to have a fresh pop element to the record, so there is some loops and programming within the record too, and obviously with me growing up singing country, Catherine Britt being as country as they come, and my husband having his feet firmly in the country world, that country influence runs through the whole record”.

Moko has since released Secondhand Heart - also on The Wreckage .

“I don't shy away from writing how I feel and I wrote this just after the birth of my first son and before I married my husband, as adults we all come with a lot of baggage and it's that baggage that makes us who we are,” Moko explained.

“ Secondhand Heart is about loving someone because of that and not in spite of it! This song is my favourite from my record, production wise. Catherine and Michael really captured that pop/ Americana cross over perfectly with lush and clever production".

Further info - https://www.melodymoko.com/


Texan troubadour Madelyn Victoria was born into the country genre as she was delivered 28 years ago in Harlingen near San Benito in south Texas.

“My obstetrician Doctor Hughston had country music playing throughout the operating room while he delivered me,” Madelyn revealed

“I think that's the coolest thing, and one of the many reasons why I love country music so much.”

The rodeo queen and singer now lives in San Antonio.

That's where she filmed He Only Loves Me On The Dance Floor for her second album.

At 13 Madelyn joined her church choir and, with Pastor Dr. Dwayne Spearman, was lead vocalist and wrote her first song.

Influences from nature, family, faith, hope, love, and life time experiences led Madelyn to start writing.

“I hope to have my music playing in the background at backyard BBQ's and at honkytonks, at weddings and parties and hope my music and songs are able to show people the love of Jesus Christ,” Madelyn says.

Madelyn is earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business to prepare for when she starts her own record label.

Her latest singles I Can Be Your Senorita and Right Here With You were released earlier this year.

Further info - https://madelyn-victoria.com/


Another Texan outlaw Paul Cauthen pleads for mercy in his live debut on Behind Bars .

Cauthen was born at Tyler in east Texas and was mentored by his grandfather - a songwriter in Lubbock in the Buddy Holly era.

After a brief stint in jail for marijuana possession and getting kicked out of college, Cauthen turned to songwriting to stabilise himself.

Paul fronted his band Sons Of Fathers on their 2011 debut album with producer Lloyd Maines and his second album Burning Days in 2013.

Cauthen roamed Texas and settled in Dallas and wrote and recorded solo album My Gospel in 2016 on Lightning Rod Records.

"I really found my voice on this album,” Cauthen revealed.

“It's got a lot to do with my upbringing. You've gotta sing real loud in the Church of Christ , because there's no mics. You've gotta learn to belt. And that's what I did with My Gospel . I didn't want to be timid. I wanted to pour my heart out and be honest. I wanted to put some genuine music out into the air, because that's the stuff I love. When you can get to know someone, just from listening to their songs, they're doing their job well."

He recorded seven originals on Have Mercy On Me in Dallas with Texas Gentlemen in June 2018 and headed north to Paste studios in New York to perform the title track.

“I'm a singer not a preacher, but these songs are my sermon,” Cauthen, 32, explained.

“We're ripping each other apart out there, and forgiveness and mercy are what's going to get us through. I want to use my voice the best I can to spread that message while I'm here on this Earth.”

Further info - http://www.paulcauthenmusic.com/


Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles reach back to an historic house in their Nu Country debut.

Sarah, 40 and a mother, hails from Taunton south of Boston and pined for a lost lover and the home they once shared.

It had swings, deserted sports car and precious memories.

House on a Hill is on her sixth album Love's Middle Name released on October 12.

Sarah has been married, divorced and a sober mother.

She had Americana Music Award nominations multiple Boston Music Awards and song credits on TV shows Sons of Anarchy and The Night Shift .

Sarah toured with Los Strait Jackets , Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys , Steve Berlin and Dave Alvin.

“I'm not slowing down,” Borges says.

“I'm gonna keep on seeking the next sound, the next song, the next chapter of who I am.”

Further info - https://www.sarahborges.com/


Former busker Chelsea Williams takes to the streets on a bike to find a missing person in her debut.

The singer, born in Columbus, Ohio, was rewarded at the end of her search in Fool's Gold from her fourth album Boomerang.

Chelsea, now 31, once busked on Santa Monica's mean streets when she arrived in California.

“I have met so many characters while busking,” Williams revealed.

“It is inevitable that some of them end up in my lyrics. Whether it's a lady that reads tea leaves on the corner, or an old man with a cane and sailors cap that sings Frank Sinatra to me as he passes by, there are an endless amount of stories to be told there.”

In 2007 she released her self-titled debut album and mini-LP Decoration Aisle in 2008.

She also released a 2012 cover of Bruno Mars/Travie McCoy's Billionaire for a Chevrolet Cruze campaign and worked with the Salty Suites .

Chelsea released 2016 album Dreamcatcher before Boomerang in August 2017.

Further info - http://chelseawilliams.com/


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