Geelong born trucking troubadour Adam Harvey headlines Nu Country TV with his Highwaymen homage on Saturday November 3 at 9 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Harvey is joined by fellow Victorian Bushwackers and Mareeba born singer-songwriter Jade Holland on the show repeated Sunday at 11.30 pm and Monday 3 pm.

Kentucky coalminer's son Tyler Childers also appears in Behind Bars on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Floridian Jake Owen and Brothers Osborne return with their latest videos.

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Eight time Golden Guitarist Adam Harvey performs a tribute to Highwaymen mentors on Behind Bars.

Harvey , now 43, sang of life on the world stage and road but not in the truck he once drove down Highway 1 from Geelong to Terang and beyond.

Adam toured here with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and the late Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings on several of their visits.

He prefers Highwaymen to Rolling Stones so he performs I'd Rather Be A Highwayman from his 15th album the Nashville Tapes.

Harvey recorded his album at Sound Emporium Studios at 3100 Belmont Boulevard , Nashville.

Cowboy Jack Clement, who toured here with Johnny Cash, built the studio in 1969.

He graduated from Sun Records in Memphis where he produced Cash and the late Roy Orbison and wrote Cash hits Ballad of a Teenage Queen and Guess Things Happen That Way .

“The studio is exactly as it was back in the day - to see all the history, unchanged, I was like a kid in Disneyland,” Harvey revealed.

“It's one of those things that's been on my bucket list for probably 20-odd years, to actually go and record an album over there in Nashville .

“Forget country rock or country pop, I thought I'm going in the other direction. I followed my gut instinct and wrote and recorded a 70's country album.

“That was my favourite era of country music, nowadays these new country acts all look like catwalk models and spend their lives in the gym. The first song I wrote for the album was a co-write with Mike Carr, I told him I'd rather be a Highwayman than a Rolling Stone and that became the title of the first song on the album.”

Adam, who lives in the People's Republic of Batteau Bay on the NSW Central Coast , is touring with Judah Kelly to promote it.

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Veteran country folk icons The Bushwackers plough their colourful past in a video filmed in Melbourne .

They perform Oh, How The Memories Have Flown from their 24th album The Hungry Mile.

Mornington Peninsula raised video director and singer-songwriter Lachlan Bryan shot evocative memorabilia collected by the band that began 48 years ago.

Northcote singer Dobe Newton recounts stories of generations of families who have enjoyed The Bushwackers.

“After every show, we get people telling us how their parents brought them to our shows and now they are bringing their children and grandchildren,” Dobe said.

“We are a band that has always appealed to multi-generational audiences, so it's lovely when people tell us their stories of listening to The Bushwackers since they were young.

“It's been a privilege to play to three generations of fans, although it's absolute proof that we're actually getting old!”

Roger Corbett penned the song after listening to many stories and having a five-year-old boy tell him he'd learned all the words to Beneath The Southern Cross .

“The boy's parents had brought him to our shows when he was young and he'd enjoyed the show so much that he had gone home and learned all the words and then sung them back to me,” he said.

“It is amazing that the band has touched so many people's lives over the years and this song and the video was a way of celebrating that.”

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Mareeba born Jade Holland left Townsville for Newcastle to pursue her career including overseas performing and songwriting.

She burnt memories of a former beau in Castle Hill in Townsville in her video for Drive Through on her second album Dream Wild that she recorded in Nashville with expat co-writer Phil Barton and Brad Winters.

She wrote Drive Through with Barton, fellow expat Australian Sinead Burgess and Bruce Wallace.

“We wrote this song in Nashville after I had come up with a chorus when I was upset and running up Castle Hill in Townsville after a breakup with the guy I had been seeing for over a year,” Jade, now 30, revealed.

“I had felt like I had been this his muse for quite some time and the line ‘this ain't no drive thru' just came to me so naturally as it was so relevant. This song was my letting go and acknowledgment song. I think it's a song that many will relate to. I feel like I've completely uncovered myself. I'm a stronger singer and I'm an improved songwriter. I'm a changed artist, and I've never felt this good about my music before.”

Barton is also co-writer on seven of 10 songs including That's The Wine with Jade and Sinead but not If I Don't Love You featuring guest vocalist Ben Earle of The Shires.

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Kentucky coal miner's son Tyler Childers proved his true grit in his return to Behind Bars on the eve of his Australian tour with John Prine at St Kilda Palais on March 7.

Tyler , now 27, grew up in the same area as Chris Stapleton, Octogenarian Loretta Lynn and Patty Loveless.

He performs I Swear To God with riffs on a gospel standard with anecdotes about drinking, drugs and trying to find redemption.

It's on his second album Purgatory , produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson.

“I tend to write in little stories just because of my background and where I'm from,” revealed Tyler who was born in Lawrence County and lives with his wife about an hour southeast of Lexington in Kentucky .
“Storytelling is rich in Appalachian culture - sitting down and spinning yarns and telling tall tales and trying to one-up the guy who just told one. It's the people I grew up with, the experiences, the things I grew up doing. Just the lifestyle, the everyday grind, the hardships, the values.”

Tyler won emerging artist of the year in September at the 2018 Americana Awards in Nashville that also honoured Jason Isbell and Prine.

Purgatory on Hickman Holler Records was released on August 4 after 2011 debut Bottles & Bibles.

Tyler recorded Purgatory at Butcher Shoppe studio with Simpson on guitar-vocals, drummer-vocalist Miles Miller, fiddler Stuart Duncan and multi-instrumentalist Russ Paul.

"I'd already had two opportunities to record these songs on my own. So I stepped back and let it go where Sturgill thought it needed to," says Childers about working with Simpson.

"I didn't come into the studio with a lot of expectations: 'This is going to be this way, this is going to be that way.' I obviously wouldn't have needed him if I was going to be like that. On Whitehouse Road he suggested we slow it down and get it into this groovy pocket, and I said, 'Alright, let's see what it sounds like.'"

Purgatory is about navigating roads and making choices that could just as easily lead to desolation and destruction as happiness and salvation.

"A lot of these songs were written in the time between leaving my mother and father's house and finding that middle ground," Childers explained.

"Getting into trouble and finding the way out of it, finding where you are supposed to be. Finding your place. Purgatory is hell, with hope. You have a fighting chance. I tend to write in little stories just because of my background and where I'm from. Storytelling is rich in Appalachian culture - sitting down and spinning yarns and telling tall tales and trying to one-up the guy who just told one. It's the people I grew up with, the experiences, the things I grew up doing. Just the lifestyle, the everyday grind, the hardships, the values.”

Childers scored exposure on Nu Country with his song Harlan Road performed by bluegrass state band Newtown and Whitehouse Road that he wrote six years ago

Further info - https://tylerchildersmusic.com/


Brothers Osborne return with a humorous homily about making of video clips and their plots.

The video, directed by Wes Edwards and Ryan Silver, opens as TJ and John Osborne reject music video ideas presented by their directors.

They range from a bunch of girls in a cornfield to an intergalactic-inspired treatment called Space Force.

The directors grow tired of the brothers not cooperating and force them into filming a video.

The directors and cast - a wacky team of secret agents - trap the Osbornes in a room backstage to get them to film Shoot Me Straight.

“This idea genuinely spawned out of us not being able to come to agreement on what we wanted the video to be about,” says TJ Osborne, 32.

Brother John, 35, added “after weeks of back and forth emails, conference calls, treatment pitches, etc., we came to the conclusion that we needed to make a video about, well, not making a video. It turned out to be so damn fun.”

They played the 12th CMC Rocks Queensland festival in March.

Shoot Me Straight is on second album Port St Joe recorded in the town of that name in Florida .

Brothers Osborne recently performed Weed, Whiskey & Willie and 21 Summer from debut album Pawn Shop on Nu Country .

Further info - http://www.brothersosborne.com/


Florida singer Jake Owen returns with I Was Jack You Were Diane from sixth album Down To The Honky Tonk.

It's his homage to John Mellencamp 1982 hit Jack & Diane and credits Mellencamp as co-writer for incorporating that song's guitar riff.

The other writers are David Ray, Tommy Cecil, Jody Stevens and Craig Wiseman.

Owen's video, directed by Justin Clough, features a small-town couple due to graduate high school in 1982 - the same year John Mellencamp (performing as John Cougar) released rock smash Jack and Diane.

Owen's single samples heavily from the iconic hit in both sound and theme.

Played by Nashville actor Jake Etheridge and Travelers actress Mackenzie Porter, their story echoes the original song as they reach a crossroads and head in different directions.

“Life goes on,” as the original lyrics go, and the couple reconnects 10 years later with a little help from a server played by Owen.

Owen, now 37, hails from Vero Beach and gave up golf for music after a wake boarding accident.

Jake was born 15 minutes after fraternal twin Jarrod and after high school graduation they drove to Tallahassee where Jarrod played tennis.

A water skiing accident altered Jake's course.

"I had to have reconstructive surgery," Owen recalled.

"I was so depressed. I didn't have a Plan B."

Owen recently sold his 4,918-square-foot mansion at Kingston Springs on the outskirts of Nashville for $1.5 million.

It once belonged to Loretta Lynn.

Owen married model Lacey Buchanan on May 7, 2012, in Vero Beach after proposing on stage but divorced in August, 2015, after three years.

He performed his single Don't Think I Can't Love You prior to proposing.

Owen's hits Barefoot Blue Jean Night and Anywhere With You are on a greatest hits disc for release on Black Friday November 24.

Further info - www.jakeowen.net


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