Missouri minstrel Chris Janson headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday July 7 at 9 pm on Channel 31/ Digital 44 with a social comment chivalry song

Octogenarian Texan singing actor Willie Nelson also sings how he hopes heaven is still closed to him in his latest video on the show repeated on Sunday at 11.30 pm and Monday at 3 pm.

Rosanne Cash returns to Behind Bars with her adaptation of a poem penned by late dad Johnny Cash who toured here with Willie in The Highwaymen .

Pistols Annies singer Ashley Monroe debuts a new video from her fifth solo album Sparrow on a program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Sydney singer-songwriter Imogen Clark and Seattle saddle-tramps Western Centuries also perform their latest videos.

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Chris Janson and his video director Jeff Venable closed up the honky tonks on Lower Broadway in Nashville to drive home their chivalry anthem.

Janson, 31, played a baby grand piano after midnight on the popular music mecca as he gave advice to pub, club and bar patrons who see women becoming victims of booze.

The neon lights of the street bars are all lit up but he's all alone.

“I shut down those bars, playing them my first year in town," Janson recalls, "and then to shut down the whole street, it was just very humbling."

Through flashbacks viewers discover that, as a young girl, the woman in the video watched her mother be abused.

And, when she was a little bit older, she was sexually assaulted at a party.

The Janson message is pro-active protection of women after dark.

Both situations make the ending of the Drunk Girl video feel especially important.

“I don't cry very easily. But man, this one broke me down quick,” Janson revealed after seeing the finished video.

"Sometimes these things get swept under the rug. Sometimes they get pushed so far back in the closet, nobody wants to look at it. Well guess what? It happens every day and it's something to be thought about.”

Drunk Girl encourages young men to help intoxicated women get home safely instead of trying to sleep with them - a song about importance of consent.

Janson, father of two sons, hopes that daughters in a situation like the song describes, be helped home safely.

“We don't ever want to offend anybody,” Janson says, “but man, it's almost a disservice if you don't just bring light to some subjects that are so important and that don't get talked about nearly as much as they should.”

Drunk Girl is one of 12 songs he wrote for his second album Everybody that includes five from his Fix A Drink EP that followed debut disc Buy Me A Boat.

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Shotgun Willie exudes his wry humour again in his video clip for Heaven Is Closed from his 67th album Last Man Standing.

The message from 85-year-old survivor Willie is simple - his movie town Luck is always open.

But heaven is closed and hell is over-crowded.

So Willie's staying in Luck.

Especially when the Red Headed Stranger has July 4 picnics, Farm Aid and tours to enjoy.

This Wednesday's 44th July 4 picnic in Austin features Ray Wylie Hubbard, David Allan Coe, Johnny Bush, Asleep At The Wheel, Folk Uke, Jamestown Revival , Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real , Margo Price, Particle Kid , Raelyn Nelson Band, Ryan Bingham, Sturgill Simpson, The Head & The Heart and The Wild Feathers.

Willie, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews also host the 2018 Farm Aid concert in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday September 22.

Artists include Tim Reynolds, Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Kacey Musgraves, Margo Price, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats , Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real and Particle Kid .

"Family farmers are the backbone of our country," Willie explained.

"But today they are endangered. Whether we live in cities like Hartford or rural areas of New England each of us has the power to create positive, lasting change in our farm and food system and strengthen farm families to help them stay on the land for generations to come."

Willie and sons Micah and Lukas and The Promise Of The Real join Neil Young in new movie Paradox directed by Neil's actress partner Daryl Hanna.

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Singer-songwriter actor and author Rosanne Cash returned to her late dad Johnny's childhood home in Dyess, Arkansas, to film her video for Walking Wounded.

The song was adapted from a Cash poem published in Forever Words: The Unknown Poems .

It was produced by John Carter Cash - only son of Johnny and June Carter Cash who both died in 2003.

That powerful video came out on March 29 - Vietnam Veterans Day.

Cash said his dad wrote the words for The Walking Wounded when suffering his own physical pain and had immersed himself in literature about the Vietnam War and the PTSD suffered by veterans of that war.

Rosanne, a 1985 Grammy winner, set the moving lyrics to a slow and tender melody.

“There's so much pain in these lyrics, and they're unrelentingly dark,” Rosanne revealed.

“I really tried to feel what my father would have thought about it, and it felt like a collaboration. I think he'd be proud of it. I am.”

The scenes shift from Cash as she plays and sings to a glimpse of people from all walks of life, who are the walking wounded.

Grammy winner-author Rosanne now 63, has toured here three times

Her nineties touring trio with fellow singer-songwriters Mary Chapin Carpenter and Lucinda Williams was dubbed The Highwaywomen.

Rosanne recovered from 2007 brain surgery and has released 16 albums.

She appeared on Nu Country with former husband-Texan singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell in It Ain't Over Yet from Crowell's eighth album Close Ties .

Crowell produced and sang with Cash in their 13 year marriage from 1979-92 but it was the first time they appeared on a record together since Rosanne's Interiors album in 1990.

Since 1991 Rosanne has released six albums, written two books and essays for New York Times, Rolling Stone, Oxford American and New York Magazine.

But within two years, Rosanne lost mother Vivian, father Johnny and stepmother June Carter Cash.

Rosanne explored her family history on 2006 album Black Cadillac and her 2009 disc The List - an album of covers of her father's favourite songs.

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Knoxville girl and coalminer's daughter Ashley Monroe performed two gigs with the Pistol Annies on Miranda Lambert's latest tour.

They included Ashley's hometown Knoxville and Cleveland, Ohio.

Ashley, 31, wed Atlanta Braves pitcher Jon Danks in 2013 when he was with the Chicago White Sox.

Voice judge-mentor Blake Shelton hosted their wedding and his former singing spouse and Pistol Annies pal Miranda Lambert was maid of honour

Ashley has since given birth to a son Dalton and Jon has quit baseball for parenting.

Monroe showcases her new video for Paying Attention from her fifth solo album Sparrow that was produced by video guest Dave Cobb.

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Sydney singer-songwriter Imogen Clark returns with Your Anything At All from her second album Collide.

Imogen, just 22, delivers a defiant rebuke to a former flame in the video directed by Jeremy Dylan - son of our late benefactor Rob Potts.

Dylan also filmed and directed her previous videos Drawing Hearts , Collide, You'll Only Break My Heart and Take Me For A Ride.

The album was produced by Mark Lizotte, aka Diesel.

“Mark and I recorded most of Collide live in the studio with our excellent drummer Lee Moloney,” Imogen, 22, revealed.

“I love the energetic, soulful vibe created when musicians record live. Mark's a truly brilliant producer who could hear things I never imagined but once they were added, it was as if they were always crying out to be there. I really enjoyed working with him on this song and the entire record.

Imogen has toured for five years with acts diverse as Shane Nicholson and Lizotte.

She also wrote two songs on Dragonfly - the 11th album by Kasey Chambers that earned her 27th Golden Guitar in January.

Clark co-wrote four songs - including Careless Hearts - on Mornington Peninsula singer-songwriter Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes fourth album Some Girls Quite Like Country Music .

Imogen guested in Bryan's Careless Hearts video and is touring Europe with him in July.

Further info - http://www.imogenclark.com.au/


Seattle saddle tramps Western Centuries return with How Many More Miles To Babylon from their second album Songs From The Deluge, released on Free Dirt Records on April 6.

The band is Seattle-based Cahalen Morrison, jam band veteran Jim Miller, co-founder of Donna the Buffalo , R&B-bluegrass songwriter Ethan Lawton, pedal steel player Rusty Blake and bassist Dan Lowinger.

This time the quintet is joined by upright bassist Nokosee Fields on tunes including Own Private Honky Tonk, Far From Home , Warm Guns and Rocks And Flame.

Grammy-awarded Creole legend Joel Savoy co-produced Songs from the Deluge.

Earthly Justice is half parable, half experience for me,” Morrison revealed of the first single.

“It's a story based on a teacher I had growing up, and the story of what happened, mostly true, just got tied up in my head with a broader theme about life, and what may or may not come after.”

Western Centuries honoured pure country in previous video for debut album title track Weight Of The World.

They drove deep into rural roots in a song sharing sentiments and melody with late Waylon Jennings smash hit Good Hearted Woman .

Weight Of The World was produced by Bill Reynolds in his Nashville studio and released on June 3, 2017, and featured three songwriters-lead vocalists - Morrison, Miller and Lawton.

Further info - http://www.westerncenturies.com/


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