Georgian autumn tourist Kip Moore headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday April 7 at 9 pm on Channel 31/ Digital 44.

Brothers Osborne , who performed at CMC Rocks Queensland last month, also return to the show hosted by Mid Pacific Bob Olson and repeated Monday at 3 pm.

The late John Wayne's grand-daughter Jennifer and her new band Runaway June appear on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Former New Mexico highway cop Frank Ray also debuts on the show featuring Sunraysia raised Paul Costa and Hunter Valley singer-songwriter Tori Forsyth.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Georgian Kip Moore performs an evocative video about mortality as his characters create their lasting memory for a sick friend.

They bring the lights of Paris as solace in her suffering in Last Shot on Moore 's third album Slowheart.

"When we first talked about the video for this song, I felt like I wanted to tap into the deeper meaning behind it," Moore , 37, revealed.

"How that feeling of desperation and realization that every second matters, can sometimes be the motivation you need to really take action. I've always been a big believer of living in the moment and I hope people are inspired in some way by this video to do the same."

Moore and South Carolina singer-songwriter Lee Brice play Melbourne Forum on April 25 after headlining Way Out West festival at rebuilt Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton , Queensland , from April 19-22.

The festival celebrates rebirth of the historic $23 million centre destroyed in a 2015 fire.

Kip wrote 11 songs on Slowheart, released on September 8.

Moore, one of six children, debuted at the Snowy Mountains country festival at Thredbo and CMC Rocks Queensland in 2016.

He also released 33-minute documentary The Journey to Slowheart that exposes the man behind the music.

Moore gives a personal tour of places that directly impacted his life and songs.

Viewers meet his family in hometown Tifton, Georgia, a surfer and cancer patient named Pete in Costa Rica, Moore's friend, Jeremy, as they adventure through Iceland and lifelong hero - his sister, Jennifer.

“The journey it took to get to the place of recording these songs and writing these songs it was all a gradual, organic process,” Moore said of Slowheart .

“I think about the power of places like Iceland and Costa Rica - these places that have had such an impact on the way I see the world and the way I see myself, the way I feel about music.”

Toward the end of the documentary, Moore reveals his definition of success has been redefined.

“My goals are different now,” Moore said. “I'm not basing my success off accolades. I'm doing it the way I want to do it. I get to wake up every day and do what I love. And that is success to me.”

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Brothers Osborne - John & T.J. Osborne - left Maryland for Nashville as songwriters to follow their dreams that brought them to CMC Rocks Queensland at Ipswich last month.

T.J. Osborne, 32, and John, 35, perform a live version of Shoot Me Straight from second album Port Saint Joe, released on April 20.

It's named after a small Florida Coast town where they recorded the album and video.

Shoot Me Straight is a breakup anthem co-written with Lee Thomas Miller.

T.J. said the song started as a ballad but they added guitar licks that completely changed the song's direction.

“We thought the song was good, but we didn't think it would have anything super unique about it or memorable,” T J revealed.

“And there was this lick that we were throwing around at several writes that John had the idea of marrying these two ideas. And then instantly we knew right there that it would be a song that we would record.”

The ballad turned into a six-and-a-half-minute long barn-burner that ends a fiery guitar breakdown that lasts more than half the song.

“We thought it would be one of the riskiest singles to lead the album,” added T J, “which I don't know why we're attracted to the hard road. I don't know why that happens. Maybe it's because I'm a fan of an underdog. But we decided to lead with that knowing it would be difficult considering that the full version is six-and-a-half minutes long.

“We knew it was us, and we knew it was different. We knew that we liked it, and we like stirring up the pot.”

They also appeared on Nu Country with 21 Summer from debut album Pawn Shop , released in January, 2017, that reached #3 on Billboard.

The duo was nominated at the 60 th Grammy Awards for best country duo/group performance for It Ain't My Fault - final single from Pawn Shop .

Further info - http://www.brothersosborne.com/


California trio Runaway June cut loose like their ancestors as they deliver summary justice in their video for their second single Wild West.

Singer Jennifer Wayne - grand-daughter of late western movies star John Wayne - formed the trio with Naomi Cooke and Hannah Mulholland.

She gave up a pro tennis career, first recorded with Stealing Angels and wrote Eric Paslay hit She Don't Love You.

Mulholland grew up in Los Angeles and Cooke is from Cedar Key, Florida .

Cooke is lead vocalist, with Mulholland on low harmony and mandolin, and Wayne on high harmony

They met in Nashville and wrote debut single Lipstick with Rebecca Lynn Howard, Caroline Hobby (a former member of Stealing Angels ), and Elisha Hoffman.

Both Jennifer's grandmother and one of Naomi's sisters are named June.

“We've always had a Western feel to the music in some way, and kind of a cowboy feel,” Jennifer says.

“But not rhinestone-y rough and leather-y.”

“Our brand of music is tied to country's roots in that it's all real instruments and real sounds,” Hannah added.

“But I feel like we have a modern take on it lyrically.”

As strong women who are not afraid to take risks in achieving their goals, empowerment is a recurring theme for Runaway June - and not just female empowerment.

“We want to be including,” says Naomi.

“We want to sing to everybody, so we steer away from being super negative to either gender.”

“We don't do man-bashing songs,” Jennifer clarified.

Runaway June is signed to the Wheelhouse Records imprint of Broken Bow Records .

Further info - https://www.runawayjune.com/


New Mexico singer and former cop Frank Ray hits the road in Every Time You Run - emotional tale of a man who finds his woman slipping away from him.

Frank armed himself with his guitar and chased his belle on the open road in his video.

It's on his debut EP Different Kind Of Country produced by Tony Ardoin - the man who discovered Hunter Hayes - at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios in Tornillo, Texas.

Ray, real name Gomez, quit a 10 year career as a cop in Las Cruces - same hometown as Bri Bagwell - to follow his music

He was lead singer of country band Border Avenue for three years and opened for major artists including Keith Urban, A Thousand Horses , Eli Young Band, Craig Campbell and many others.

In his song Different Kind of Country he sings about the Hispanic immigrant experience in the United States .

"I wanted it to be a message to say, 'Hey, we're different but we're very much the same,'" Ray revealed.

"But also from a logistical standpoint, we can't deport every single illegal immigrant - United States agriculture highly relies on that labor. We have to find a way to make it work."

Further info - https://www.facebook.com/frankraymusic/


Sunraysia orchard export Paul Costa returns with his historical homage video for Whisper In The Crowd - title track of his fifth album.

Costa and Drew McAlister wrote Whisper In The Crowd - a tribute to the heroes throughout history, who without fear, told it like it was.

"Even though it wasn't popular at the time and they knew there would be backlash - they stood brave and held their ground. These are the people who changed the world and continue to inspire us today”, Costa revealed.

The powerful video features many icons including Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, John Lennon & Yoko Ono with inspiring Australians Peter Cosgrove, Weary Dunlop, Eddie Mabo and Gough Whitlam.

Whisper In The Crowd is second single on his Matt Fell produced album that featured debut Off The Grid.

Paul, now 46, and his three brothers sang for their supper on their Robinvale family orchard before it was sold many moons ago.

The Murray River orchard belt town is also home to T-Bones founders Charlie Wilde and Andrew Pupillo.

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Hunter Valley singer-songwriter Tori Forsyth returns with Grave Robber's Daughter from debut album Dawn Of The Dark, to be released in May.

The video was filmed in Swanhaven on the NSW south coast,

It's set in the 1950's, following the story of a day in the life of young housewife stuck in a mundane routine of obsessive cleaning, house chores and perfecting her appearance.

The married couple struggled to communicate as their relationship survives by material possession and social standards with divorce frowned upon in their community.

It portrays breakdown of a relationship with issues running deep despite outward appearance of normality.

Tori, now 22, grew up first on a rural property on the NSW Central Coast and then a 62 acre spread near Congewai - a tiny Hunter Valley village where “literally the town is a street”.

She mixed poetry and songwriting at school with encouragement of a grade 5 English teacher who “was the only teacher in the school who made poetry a thing, and it was really cool”.

Tori didn't rate her writing - “I always just fluked English”.

But her original tune Johnny And June appeared on her debut 2014 EP Black Bird that she worked multiple jobs to pay for.

“I tried to co-write, I did a lot of them, but I didn't feel they were a reflection of me and I wouldn't be comfortable putting them out,” recalled Tori who played the 2018 South by South West Festival in Austin , Texas .

“If I was to have an album full of love songs that would be dumb, it wouldn't make sense. If I was making an album about drinking and having a good time on a Friday, that wouldn't make sense either.”

Further info - http://www.toriforsythmusic.com/


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