Missouri minstrel Chris Janson opens Nu Country TV on Saturday August 5 at 9 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44, with the first of a six-pack of drinking songs.

Texan band Midland exudes wry word play in its Drinking Problem debut on the program, hosted by Mid Pacific Bob Olson and repeated Sunday 1 am and Monday 8 am.

Oxfordshire outlaw Ags Connolly loses in love in his local bar in Behind Bars on the show, filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Late Georgian country comedian and author Tim Wilson returns with liquid humour.

Expat New Zealand professor's son Matt Joe Gow uses a drinking metaphor in his latest video and Albury born and Sale raised singer-songwriter Bill Jackson and Pete Fiddler end the show with a double shot.

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Chart topper Chris Janson cures the woes of the world as he spread his spirits and beer cheer with a vast cast in his new video.

Janson, now 30, shows how to deal with bad news - shoot the TV or toss it in the drink.

Fix A Drink - title track of his new EP - follows The Power Of Positive Drinkin' and Back in My Drinking Days on his debut album Buy Me A Boat.

The sting was in the tail of this tale - Janson is now a Teetotaller.

Janson releases his second album Everybody on September 22 with all the songs from the Fix A Drink EP.

"I decided to title this album Everybody because that's exactly who inspired it," Janson revealed.

"Real songs, real stories and songs that I believe people from every walk of life can relate to. It's Everybody and it's all on this record."

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Texan band Midland moved to Dripping Springs - locale of the first of Willie Nelson's 44 July 4 picnics - to enrich its music.

But the trio took its name from Kentuckian singing actor Dwight Yoakam's song Fair To Midland.

They turned their cash flow into lucrative liquidity with wry word play in Top 10 hit Drinking Problem - one of 15 songs they wrote at Sonic Ranch nea r El Paso in West Texas.

Lead singer Mark Wystrach was an actor and underwear model before meeting band bassist-video director Cameron Duddy and lead guitarist Jess Carson at Jess's wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Cameron and Jess formed a musical and personal bond while picking songs together on Jess's cabin's front porch.

Their connection strengthened when they jammed with Cameron onstage that week at his rehearsal dinner.

The trio signed to Big Machine Records and released a five-song EP that features Drinking Problem.

They wrote the song with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally who also produced it before they opened for superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their tour.

"We write with a very visual storytelling approach. We paint that big picture and go to that place," Arizona native Mark revealed.

"Where is this story going? Let's paint it. But, by the end, we knew the three of us had amazing chemistry.”

Newly wed Carson added to the embryo.

"It was this serendipitous chain of events and it was the best week ever," Carson explained.

"All of us playing together happened only because Mark and I both showed up in Jackson Hole a week before the wedding with time to kill. We are a band. That's a big part of the spirit of what we do, that group experience and camaraderie. And it is ever-evolving."

The songwriting cemented the trio's unity.

"When we went to the Sonic Ranch we became a band,” Mark added.

“We walked away believing in what had happened. All of our souls, our imaginations, were wrapped up in these 15 songs. We went all-in. And then we all moved out to Texas ."

Cameron elaborated.

" Midland isn't manufactured," says Cameron.

"We are three real friends who stumbled upon making music together."

Further info - http://midlandofficial.com/


English outlaw singer Ags Connolly serves up some vitriol in his latest video in Behind Bars

He proved that mobile phones in bars do not heal broken hearts, especially if it's his local - Fat Lil's - in Witney in the old country.

His ruptured romance requiem I Hope You're Unhappy is on his second album Nothing Unexpected that also features his song Neon Jail.

Ags paid homage to heroes including Texan Willie Nelson and former convicts David Allan Coe and the late Merle Haggard and Johnny Paycheck in his previous video for When Country Was Proud from debut album How About Now.

Connolly toured England in April and May with The Ponderosa Aces from California and UK and Ireland with Nashville songwriter Pat Reedy.

His writing developed after attending a workshop with Nashville legend Darrell Scott - he played major festivals and southern-states US tour with his band.

His mentors include David Allan Coe, Dale Watson, Loudon Wainwright III, Chris Knight and the late Guy Clark and Paycheck.

Further info - http://agsconnolly.com/


Matt Joe Gow joins famous movie stars in the snow and surf in a historic flashback to Tim Wilson's home state.

Gow rode a mystery train from Lawrenceville in Georgia as he transplanted scenes from famous 1967 movie Valley Of The Dolls .

Video director Chris Elliott resurrected actors Barbara Parkins and Paul Burke to illustrate Bottle It Up, Pass It On - a highlight of Matt's debut album Seven Years.

“The idea was that we could take a movie and create our own storyline to the video,” Gow told Nu Country.

“Chris also engineers on my project, including Seven Years.”

Patty Duke and late Manson family murder victim Sharon Tate also appeared in the movie with Jacqueline Susann - writer of the book on which it was based.

Dionne Warwick performed the theme song for the movie - story of three girls who visit Hollywood to make it big, but find only sex, drugs and sleaze.

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Bill Jackson and seasoned sidekick Pete Fidler return to the show with their live version of Double Shot from Bill's sixth solo album Wayside Ballads Volume 2 .

Bill made his name with seventies country band The Lamington Brothers.

They appeared on the famed Dead Livers EP I'd Love To Have A Joint With Willie that featured expat Kiwi Peter Caulton and late former Queensland rodeo rider and opal miner A.P. Johnson on I'd Love To Have A Smoke With Malcolm.

It was produced by another expat Kiwi and latter day Nashville publisher and manager Barry Coburn at his Southbank Studio.

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Late Georgian comedian Tim Wilson punctuates our six pack of drinking songs with a humorous homily about a dysfunctional family.

Daddy Worked is on one of 17 albums the baritone released before he died at 52 in 2014.

Tim and Roger Keiss wrote 2009 detective book Happy New Year Ted , about serial killer Ted Bundy.

He also penned 1996 hit The Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas with Jeff Foxworthy and is renowned for tunes diverse as Garth Brooks Has Ruined My Life and Sumo Wrestler Santa Claus.

Wilson was born in Columbus to school teacher parents and attended Presbyterian College as an English major in Clinton , South Carolina.

Tim wrote the theme song of Wimmera born Presbyterian David Heard's popular show Acid Country on 3PBS-FM in Easey Street , Collingwood.

The former Columbus Ledger sports writer's 15 albums include Church League Softball Fight, I Should Have Married My Father-In-Law, Low-Class Love Affair, Hillbilly Homeboy and finale Caffeine Wired, Nervous & Pale in 2013 .

Wilson, a self-described libertarian, wrote several parodies for 1980s comedy duo Pinkard & Bowden and began recording in Atlanta , Georgia , on Southern Tracks label with music publisher Bill Lowery.

Atlanta Rhythm Section members played on his early recordings with keyboardist Dean Daughtry producing.

Wilson later recorded with Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section at their famed Alabama studio.

He produced Allnight Allstars with Muscle Shoals engineer Steve Melton with rock luminaries Jimmy Hall, Bobby Whitlock, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and the late Gregg Allman and Levon Helm.

Further info - http://www.timwilsonamerica.com/


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