Five time Grammy winning multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Marty Stuart headlines Nu Country TV Saturday April 29 in our travel themed show at 9 pm on Channel 31/Digital 44.

Stuart heads way out west to the home state of our show host - expat Californian academic Mid-Pacific Bob Olson - fresh from his two week Tasmanian trek through the island's mountain ranges and gorges.

South Carolina singer Nikki Lane debuts on the show, repeated Sunday at 1 am and Monday at 8 am, with her Highway Queen video.

And Gippsland born bluegrass duo The Davidson Brothers take their band and fans north on a bus trip from Brunswick to Heathcote in the show filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Rowville singer-songwriter Rick Hart drives south to Flinders in his return and West Virginian coal-miner's son Billy Payne revamps a song penned by seven times wed frequent Australian tourist Steve Earle.

Canadian chanteuse Whitney Rose and South Dakota born singer-songwriter Sam Outlaw fly north to Vancouver for a live performance in a leather goods boutique.

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Internationally acclaimed troubadour Marty Stuart returns to our show with a timely travelogue featuring circus metaphors and crazy characters in his warning about the dangers of pill popping.

Substance abuse is a peril shared by entertainers in music, high wire walkers and others living on the edge.

Stuart and his band The Fabulous Superlatives illustrate it graphically in their video for the title track of his 18th album Way Out West , released in March.

It was a fate suffered by both the late Johnny Cash and fellow Highwaymen outlaw Waylon Jennings.

Marty found fertile song sources on the road - especially when he was busted for DUI in July, 2004.

Stuart spent two days in jail in Sumner County, Tennessee, after pleading guilty to DUI.

His sentence of 11 months and 29 days was suspended, except for the two days in jail, and was also fined $350.

In April 2002, Stuart was arrested and charged with operating under the influence, but a judge threw out the charges.

Marty became the second singing spouse of Cindy Cash - one of Johnny's daughters - after he toured Australian in the man-in-black's band with Cowboy Jack Clement in 1981.

Stuart toured with Cash for six years and released his debut solo disc Busy Bee Cafe in 1982.

He split with Cyndi in 1988 and became the fourth husband of celebrated country chanteuse Connie Smith, now a sprite 75 year old, when he married her in 1997.

Earlier Stuart recordings With A Little Help From My Friends from 1978 were re-released in 1992 at the Slim Richey Sessions.

The singer found fame after releasing his self-titled breakthrough album in 1986 and combining with Travis Tritt.

Marty and Connie live in the recently renovated former Hendersonville home of the late Roy Orbison and his widow Barbara.

The Philadelphia born former child prodigy made his first professional appearance at 13 with Carl and Pearl Butler.

Marty performed with gospel group The Sullivans at weekends and at 14 made his Grand Ole Opry in an eight-year stint with Lester Flatt and The Nashville Grass .

When Flatt died in 1979 Stuart stayed in Nashville and worked sessions and toured with Vassar Clements, Doc and Merle Watson and Bob Dylan before joining Cash's band in 1980.

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South Carolina chanteuse Nikki Lane proved she's an outlaw on bikes, cars and trucks in Highway Queen - title track of her third album released in February.

Lane wanted the video to make it clear who's behind the wheel (both physically and metaphorically), so she commissioned a massive white truck with monster wheels with the words Highway Queen emblazoned on its side.

Flanked by her mother and sister (with an appearance from her father in a Frady Asphalt shirt, she gives a nod to her birth name, Nicole Lane Frady.

Lane ploughs over cars in a gold helmet, cape and black-and-white mini-romper, leaving cheers and chaos in her wake.

But life almost imitated art for Lane, 33, recently during a treacherous drive home from 30th Music Fest in Steamboat Springs , Colorado.

She was in the drivers' seat of a rental Durango with no chains on the tyres navigating home in a snow storm - a white-out with little to no visibility.

The only way to stay in the right direction was by following poles on the side of the road but 70-mile-an-hour wind gusts on the mountainside proved hazardous.

Fortunately, they missed the avalanche that stranded many acts trying to leave the event.

Texas rocker Jonathan Tyler, her album's co-producer and boyfriend, was in the passenger seat and thought they were all going to die.

Her 2014 Australian tour with her band the Delines was less stressful.

Nikki's concerts included Meeniyan Hall in Gippsland, Northcote Social Club and The Toff In Town in the CBD.

She also played Newtown Social Club, Sydney , and Out On The Weekend Festival in Brisbane .

Lane was born in Greenville , South Carolina , dropped out of high school and worked as a fashion designer before moving to Los Angeles in 2006 and New York City .

She began writing country songs after breaking up with a country musician, who left her to record an album in Alabama .

Lane now lives in Nashville and owns and operates a Gallatin Pike clothing store called High Class Hillbilly.

Further info - https://www.nikkilane.com/


The Davidson Brothers - Hamish and Lachlan - have suffered a hunger hazard for the launch of their eighth album All You Need Is Music at the Longhorn Saloon in Carlton on Friday April 28.

Neighbouring apartment residents caused closure of the Longhorn kitchen after complaining to Melbourne City Council about the fragrance of the barbecued meat drifting through their balcony windows.

It's not clear if the complainants were vegetarians or merely sensitive suburbanites, allergic to steak scents.

The Longhorn is the latest pit-stop on the duo's long international journey that began in the coal mining and dairying belt at Yinnar in Gippsland.

They have played the famed Bill Monroe bluegrass festival in the U.S. and other major musical meccas.

But on this week's Nu Country show they embark on a musical road trip from Lachlan Davidson's Melbourne home to the green grass of a Heathcote farm in Central Victoria .

They stop at the famed Retreat Hotel on the mean streets in Brunswick to pick up band members and other music buffs.

The band then performs Take A Little Drive on the farm that is not far from expat Texan Doug Bruce's recording studio and duo south of where Hamish cracks backs in his day job as a chiropractor in Bendigo

They released All You Need Is Music on Hamish's 33 rd birthday - April 7 - before the official launch at the Longhorn.

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Rick Hart keeps our travel theme spinning on his journey from Rowville to Flinders beach and beyond.

Rick performs Driver Alone from his new album Let Me In , out later this year.

His most recent appearance on Nu Country with clever use of a Levon Helm metaphor in his video for the title track of EP.

Rick became Biblical in his angst anthem about a victim of the demon drink.

There were two victims there - singing actor Levon seems the innocent party.

The late singing-drummer for the famed Bob Dylan discovery The Band also played Loretta Lynn's dad in the Coal-Miner's Daughter movie.

Further info - www.rickhartmusic.com


South Dakota born Sam Outlaw joined expat Canadian Whitney Rose north of the border in Vancouver for their live rendition of Kind To Me.

They filmed it live at the B.B. Gun boutique leather store in Vancouver.

Whitney, just 31, was born on Prince Edward Island , off the coast of Novia Scotia, and was raised on classic country at her grandparents' bar in Charlottetown.

She was discovered by Mavericks star Raul Malo who produced her second album Heartbreaker Of The Year in just four days in Toronto.

Whitney later moved south to Texas and recorded her recent South Texas Suite EP at Dale Watson's studio in Austin.

Rose previously appeared on Nu Country with her live version of Chivalry Is Dead at the Grand Ole Cameron House from her 2012 debut album.

Further info - http://whitneyrosemusic.com/


Outlaw, a latter day Californian, recently released his second album Tenderhearts on Six Shooter Records - the same label as Whitney.

Sam has spent much of his life on the road since leaving his South Dakota home where he was born Sam Morgan.

He changed his name to Outlaw - his mother's maiden name - and followed his musical dreams west and to Australia in 2015.

Sam played Meeniyan Town Hall , Northcote Social Club and Out On The Weekend festival at Williamstown on his tour here.

Sam had a successful advertising career until his 30th birthday when he experienced "an existential crisis moment" and realised that music was his saviour.

He self-released a 2014 EP and played the major Stagecoach Festival in California and Americana Festival in Nashville .

“The music I play, I call 'SoCal country,'” says Outlaw who has toured with Kentucky born singing actor Dwight Yoakam and Texan Clint Black.

“It's country music but with a Southern California spirit to it. What is it about Southern California that gives it that spirit, I don't exactly know. But there's an idea that I like that says every song, even happy songs, are written from a place of sadness.”

His debut album's 12 tracks includes Ghost Town, accompanied by a video, Who Do You Think You Are, I'm Not Jealous , Love Her For A While, Old Fashioned and Jesus Take The Wheel And Drive Me To A Bar .

Further info - http://www.samoutlaw.com


Billy Payne returns to Nu Country with his revamp of Steve Earle tune Sometimes She Forgets.

It's on Billy's fifth album Genuine Leather recorded with late Texan outlaw king Waylon Jennings' band, The Waylors.

His previous appearances on Nu Country include his album title track - inspired by the leather on his mother's bible and childhood car seats.

Billy learned guitar at 12 and released several albums featuring production and musical skills of Waylon's band and producers.

During 1991 he joined Country Tradition and Bandolero before forming his own band Sidewinder.

He recorded debut disc No Limit On Love in Nashville in 2000 and second CD Back To The Simple Life in 2005, Country Till I Die and Spirit of An Outlaw.

Further info - https://www.facebook.com/billypaynecountry


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