Expat Canadian chanteuse Tracy McNeil and her band The Good Life headline Nu Country TV on Channel 31/Digital 44 on Saturday October 8 at 9.30 p.m.

Fellow singer-songwriters Brandy Clark and Margo Price perform original songs in Behind Bars in the show repeated Monday at 2.30 a.m.

Shotgun Willie Nelson, 83 and host of Clark's church video at Luck, Texas, returns to the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice also exhibit a little luck in their new video and Darwin bred singer-songwriter Josh Goodrem debuts on Nu Country with one of his original tunes.

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Tracy McNeill and The Good Life test their motor and musical skills at the famed Winton speedway and on back roads near Benalla.

That is due south of Beechworth and Wangaratta where Tracy's singing spouse Luke Sinclair excelled in another sport.

Former footy star and Raised by Eagles guitarist singer Luke had a key role in Tracy's band The Good Life and her video for Paradise from her fourth album Thieves .

They strut their stuff in Williamstown on Saturday October 15 at Seaworks for the annual Out At The Weekend music festival.

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Washington-state logging town raised singer-songwriter Brandy Clark returns with her evocative tale of a proud working single mother.

Brandy, 40, and Lori McKenna wrote Three Kids No Husband for McKenna's eighth album Numbered Doors in 2014 after meeting a woman with five children and no husband.

The sibling sequel of sorts of John Prine's Unwed Fathers is a highlight of Clark's second album Big Day In A Small Town.

This single mother reaches her 40 hour working week by Tuesday as she awaits child support that never arrives and last month's rent that is already two weeks late.

The victim, a waitress by circumstances - not choice - endures her customers' tales of woe and demand as she seeks solace in a cigarette in the loading dock.

Clark and McKenna mined the song title from a YouTube video Clark created to introduce Pray to Jesus from her 2013 album 12 Stories.

“I was talking about the woman who inspired that song, and I said that she had five kids and no husband,” Clark explained.

“There's always a line that somebody else in the room says that really pulls me in. It's usually a line that I wouldn't say because it's not in my vernacular, but it's in theirs.”

Massachusetts born Lori, 47, has since released 11 TH album The Bird & The Rifle and wrote new Tim McGraw hit Humble And Kind.

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Margo Price took time off from her major role at Willie Nelson's July 4 picnic to visit his movie town Luck and perform in his church of choice.

Margo, now 33, performed a live version of her song It's Not Drink Driving If You Are Riding a Horse

Price and her band filmed three special acoustic performances with a single microphone in the Luck Chapel at Spicewood near Austin.

Price was joined by guitarist husband Jeremy Ivey, Jamie Davis on harmonica, Micah Hulscher on accordion and pedal steel guitarist Luke Schneider on resonator.

They also performed Price tune Desperate and Depressed and How the Mighty Have Fallen from her debut solo album Mid-West Farmer's Daughter on Third Man Records.

Margo previously appeared on Nu Country with Hurting On The Bottle.

Price was discovered by Jack White who also produced octogenarian Kentucky Coal-Miner's daughter Loretta Lynn's Grammy winning CD Van Lear Rose.

She cut the album at famed Sun Studios in Memphis where the late Johnny Cash, his Australian touring partner Cowboy Jack Clement, Jerry Lee Lewis and a young Elvis Presley made their recording debut.

Price grew up in small town Aledo where she played piano, sang in a church choir, studied dance and theatre and moved to Nashville at 20.

Margo started Buffalo Clover with Ivey and released three albums and fronted Margo & The Price - Tags whose members included Sturgill Simpson and Kenny Vaughan.

Midwest Farmer's Daughter graphically depicts her 12 years of living hard in Nashville.

"I used to write story-songs, about a couple robbing a bank or whatever," says Price whose dad worked as a prison guard after having to sell the family farm when she was two.

"But I decided I'm going to go ahead and lay it all out on the line here. And it felt really good, really therapeutic."

Price, who spent a weekend in gaol on drink driving charges and hocked her car and wedding ring to pay for her Sun sessions, says the late Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings are her biggest heroes.

"A lot of times, people say, 'You're so much like Loretta or Tammy Wynette,'" says Price.

"But I feel kind of like one of the men. I'm like David Allan Coe. I've been to prison, man! I think that's what separated me from the Kacey Musgraves, stuff like that. There's not a lot of glitter or girly bows and stuff."

The Luck recordings are classic.

As Willie says to all visitors - you are either in Luck or out of Luck.

We'll run a feature on the CD when it's available in Australia.

Further info - http://margoprice.net/


Luck host Willie Nelson, now 83, reached back to his youth for the joys of Summertime

It's the title track of recent album - Willie Sings Gershwin .

When Willie was victim of numerous on-line hoaxes that claimed he had died at the ripe young age of 82 he came out swinging.

The Red-Headed Stranger lampooned his faux fate and premature death stories by recording Still Not Dead Again Today , replete with video, to dispel the Neanderthal naysayers.

Willie says he wants to die on the stage but not now during his string of albums on the Sony Legacy classics label dating back to 2012.

His parody was perfect timing but not included on Gershwin tribute disc - Summertime - released here on the eve of his 83rd birthday on April 29 or his new Ray Price tribute disc.

Willie revamps 11 George and Ira Gershwin classics aided by producers Buddy Cannon and Matt Rollings who adds piano, B3 organ and Wurlitzer, elder sister Bobbie, 84, on B-3 organ and piano, and of course, his trusty guitar Trigger.

Nelson's band - bassists Kevin Smith and David Pitch, pedal steel guitarist Paul Franklin, guitarist Dean Parks and his long-time harmonica ace Mickey Raphael - also enrich his time travel back to the thirties.

The singer lowers the demographic by including two younger duet partners Cyndi Lauper, 62, and Sheryl Crow, 54, on Let's Call The Whole Thing Off and Embraceable You .

It's no surprise the album, described as cowboy cocktail jazz, reached #1 on jazz charts after its February 26 release.

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Kansas singer Jerrod Niemann and South Carolina born Lee Brice, both 37, spread their newfound riches around town after proving their sands are truly golden in their video for A Little More Love.

It's on Jerrod's sixth album - his sequel to High Noon.

Niemann joined Brice on Curb Records and they co-wrote A Little More Love.

“Lee is so incredibly passionate about music,” Niemann revealed.

“We're always sending each other songs for no other reason but just to say, ‘Hey, check out this song I wrote' – not to pitch music to him or him pitch music to me. It's just to share an excitement for music. It feels good to be around healthy and passionate people.

“I love turning people onto other music, bands and songwriters. I know when we were growing up, it felt like the best way to discover new music was word-of-mouth because everybody is excited to turn somebody onto something else that made them feel something inside.”

Niemann also has another new collaborator on his sixth album.

“There's this new guy in town,” Niemann says.

“His name is Luke Dick. I think he's a secret weapon. I can tell we listen to similar things on our own time,” he says. “He records in his garage and I record in my basement. I just really love his music. Two out of the four songs I recorded yesterday were his.”

Dick is among co-writers on Eric Church single Kill a Word , Magic on Kip Moore album Wild Ones , Graffiti on Cadillac Three disc Bury Me in My Boots , Still Yours on Ryan Beaver's Rx and All the Way to Me and Roses and a Time Machine on Dierks Bentley's 10 th album Black.

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Darwin raised artist Josh Goodrem emulates Willie Nelson with his amazing guitar and vocal skills on his Nu Country debut.

Goodrem won wide acclaim in Darwin before he headed south to Melbourne.

He performs a live version of All We Understand - one of his originals.

Deakin University student and club DJ Jordan Taylor discovered Josh for us.

In early 2013 Josh won the solo division of the Battle of the Bands and played Darwin's largest music event, Bass In The Grass.

Further info - https://www.gigger.rocks/joshgoodremmusic


We need your support as we celebrate Nu Country TV's 31st series with Australian record companies and artists teaming to ensure our survival.

Warner Brothers promo wizard Tony Midolo has given us Blake Shelton's 12 TH CD If I'm Honest and Sony has donated the latest CD and DVD by Georgian star Jason Aldean.

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