Legendary Miami band The Mavericks headline Nu Country TV this Saturday January 23 on Channel 31/ Digital 44 at 9.30 pm on the eve of a planned third Australian tour.

Missouri minstrel Chris Janson debuts the title track of his first album on the show repeated Monday 2.30 pm, Wednesday 7.30 am and Thursday 3 am.

Novocastrian Catherine Britt and Grafton raised singer-songwriter Troy Cassar-Daley also return with the title tracks of their latest albums on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Glen Waverley singer-songwriter Henry Wagons debut in Behind Bars with his recipe for disaster - cold cuts in a Nashville fridge.

And Florida moonshiner's daughter Elizabeth Cook joins Henry in Behind Bars with spiritual sustenance.

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Florida exports The Mavericks sing of joys and hardships of life in one night stands on the lost highway and way beyond their Miami roots in their latest video.

The unique stars have toured for more than 20 years despite a nine year hiatus from 2004 in which lead singer Raul Malo's six solo albums won them a larger audience.

Pardon Me is on their eight album Mono that may bring them back to Australia late in 2016.

The Mavericks were founded in 1989 in Miami.

From 1991-2003 they recorded six studio albums with 14 hits including 1996's All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down - a collaboration with accordionist Flaco Jiménez.

They won a 2006 Grammy for Here Comes the Rain but split in 2004.

In 2012 they reformed and released reunion album In Time in February 2013 and Mono on February 17, 2015.

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Missouri minstrel Chris Janson acts out dreams of being rich and famous - not Big & Rich - in his breakthrough video.

Janson name checks billionaire Warren Buffett - not singing sailor Jimmy Buffett - in his breakthrough hit.

It soared charts after being played repeatedly by syndicated DJ Bobby Bones - similar saga to Californian Cam who is touring here in March to promote her huge hit Burning House and second album Untamed.

Buy Me A Boat is title track of the 29-year-old singer's debut album on which he wrote all 11 songs including a duet with singing actor Tim McGraw.

Janson says he and DuBois, who penned Brad Paisley's #1 hits Mud on the Tires and Water , wrote Boat during an inspired writing appointment.

The finished product included Warren Buffett name-check, biblical verse, shout-out to the popular Yeti coolers and a hook baited for radio programmers.

"Chris DuBois ties things together so well as a songwriter," Janson confessed.

"He brought up Warren Buffett and the 'can't fit a camel through the eye of a needle' line, and I brought up 'redneck, white trash and blue collar.' We threw Yeti in there because I carry a big Yeti cooler in the back of my truck. We wanted to write a lifestyle piece that not only us, but other people can identify with. We tried to write it to people who live normal lifestyles."

While the lyrics flirt with some buzzwords of country radio the writers steered it away from generic gunk.

"Lord knows I've written my fair share of those," confessed Janson who recently released new single The Power Of Positive Drinking.

"But this one, we sat down with an 'I don't give a crap' mindset and tried to write something fun. To me, it's the perfect feel-good song."

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Catherine Britt takes us on a bone shaking ride through the forest in her latest video.

Catherine's character escaped from her spooky stalker who chased her through trees and rivers in the vivid video.

Boneshaker is title track of her 11 song sixth album recorded in Seattle at Hadlock's Bear Creek Studio with producer Ryan Hadlock.

She fires with relish from the title track entrée to her final duet with seven times wed Texan Steve Earle on You And Me Against The World.

“We made it in a backwoods barn, on a farm, so it was still really country,” Britt, now 31 and recovering from breast cancer, revealed.

“Ryan was very involved, very passionate about it - he really cared. He suggested musicians, and I chose them with him through a rigorous process before recording the album, but we were on the same page about everything, which I'll admit was a big relief. We used a lot of the same musicians he had used with Vance Joy and Lumineers . I basically got both their bands, combined, which is pretty amazing.”

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Troy Cassar-Daley relives freedoms gained by the late Charles Perkins on his famous 1965 anti-racism bus ride in his latest video clip.

Freedom Ride is the second single and title track of Troy's ninth album.

“The Freedom Ride took place in 1965, I was not born until 1969,” Troy recalled of the bus trip by Sydney students led by indigenous leader Charles Perkins that climaxed when Aboriginals were banned from swimming at Moree pool in western NSW.

“Later I was 13 or 14 doing indigenous studies. I had a whole list of people that I wanted to do Lionel Rose, Jimmy Little, people I loved. My teacher said ‘everyone else is doing them and Eve Goolagong. Why don't you pick someone else? What about Freedom Ride in 1965? As I read about it I learned a few interesting things. At the time my mother and grandparents couldn't vote. That was not until the referendum in 1967. It was pretty confronting to me. I thought we got a fair go as kids but our grandparents broke a lot of cycles for us. I'm glad it's changed for the better.”

Troy recruited a vast cast for the video of the song he wrote with Paul Kelly.

“We released Freedom Ride for the 50 year re-enactment last year,” Troy revealed.

“We used a bunch of footage of Paul Kelly and me singing on stage. There's also vintage footage from Rachel Perkins - Charles daughter. We also have a simple little hero shot. I want to make sure it's literal. I said to video director Duncan Toombs ‘it's not about me. It's about Charlie and the ride and re-enactment.'”

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Henry Wagons sings about what he found in his Nashville fridge far from the mean streets of birthplace Glen Waverley in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Cold Burgers & Cold Fries is on his new album After What I Did Last Night , out in February.

Henry kindly illustrated his video, shot and directed in Nashville by Third Man Records and NME photographer Jo McCaughey, with lyrics for our singalong.

Wagons food metaphor is sated when he's reunited with his morning after belle who rings true with fresh fries and burgers.

“In the hazy world of the morning after, nothing makes sense, but everything is all too clear. You laugh, you cry and eat whatever is left. “Cold burger, cold fries, it's all I deserve”.

Henry is best known as leader of country-rock band Wagons who released five albums in Australia and made their U.S. debut with 2011's Rumble, Shake and Tumble.

Wagons embarked on a solo career that year when the band completed its tour for that album.

Upon returning to Melbourne Wagons fell ill, and instead of resting, he wrote songs.

After recording most of the music in his own studio, he recruited guest vocalists, including Kills' Alison Mosshart, Jenn Grant and Go-Betweens' Robert Forster, to sing with him.

The results became the mini-album Expecting Company in 2013.

Further Info - http://www.wagonsmusic.com/


Floridian Elizabeth Cook performs live at the famed Loveless Café near Nashville in our Behind Bars segment.

Bones Hillman of Midnight Oil played double bass on 2012 EP title track Gospel Plow for the 43-year-old who has also written with Nu Country TV host Melinda Schneider.

Cook and Schneider, both daughters of country music artists, had a Sydney reunion on her 2013 Aussie tour.

Elizabeth and former singing spouse Tim Carroll played Northcote Social Club on Beer Can Hill to promote her fifth album Welder after Tamworth gigs with Jim Lauderdale.

The singer, now 43, is youngest of 11 children of late dad Tom - a moonshiner who learned to play double bass during a 10 year gaol term.

Tom and her mum Joyce played in aptly named duo - Medicare - into his 80's.

Elizabeth introduced Melinda and famed yodeller mum Mary to the Medicare family duo backstage at the Grand Ole Opry where they performed as an impromptu trio.

That was after Cook and Schneider wrote Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman - title track of Cook's fourth album.

They both recorded their Balls anthem and Rest Your Weary Mind .

Another of their 12 collaborations I Like Men in Trucks also surfaced on Melinda's fourth album Stronger .

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