Georgian star Jason Aldean and fellow March tourists Florida Georgia Line headline Nu Country TV this Saturday February 6 on Channel 31/ Digital 44 at 9.30 pm on the eve of their debut Australian tour.

Pistol Annies singer Ashley Monroe returns as a solo artist on the show repeated Monday 2.30 pm, Wednesday 7.30 am and Thursday 3 am.

West Virginia coal-miner's son Billy Payne re-appears live in Behind Bars on the program filmed and edited by Laith Graham.

Californian chanteuse Leslie Cours Mather and Gympie singer Caitlin Shadbolt also debut this week with their latest video clips.

Nu Country TV is a highlight of C 31 streaming list on Digital 44.

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Georgian star Jason Aldean turns 39 on the eve of his debut Australian tour that opens at Margaret Court Arena on Tuesday March 8 with Florida Georgia Line .

Aldean showcases his live dynamics with his concert video for Gonna Know We Were Here from sixth album Old Boots, New Dirt that is accompanied by a live concert DVD Night Train To Georgia .

Aldean's video acting was enhanced by a role in historic Sweetwater movie with Ed Harris and January Jones.

Sweetwater , released as Sweet Vengeance in the UK , is a 2013 American thriller western film directed by Logan Miller and co-written with Andrew McKenzie and Noah Miller.

It also stars Jason Isaacs, Eduardo Noriega and Stephen Root.

The movie is set in the late 1800s with a beautiful ex-prostitute trying to build an honest life with her husband in the rugged plains of New Mexico .

Aldean also performs a Sydney concert en route to CMC Rocks Queensland in Ipswich after a U.S. tour with Thomas Rhett and A Thousand Horses .

Aldean and childhood sweetheart wife Jessica Ussery - mother of his two daughters - split on April 26, 2013.

On March 21, 2015, he wed American Idol singer Brittany Kerr.

Aldean owns hunting company Buck Commander and 1300 acres of land outside Nashville - Black Jack Ridge .

Jason's new record company Sony has also released his entire recording catalogue from a decade long career on indie label Broken Bow .

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Florida Georgia Line returns with its video for Confession that progresses from childhood home movies to sinning at an abandoned church.

It's ignited by burning candles, shots of fires and a confessional.

Florida born Tyler Hubbard and Georgian Brian Kelley met in 2010 as Nashville university church youth group worship leaders in 2008 and precede all concerts with prayers.

The duo formed in 2010 - Confession is on second album Anything Goes .

Kelley, star high school baseball pitcher from Ormond Beach , Florida , won a Florida State University scholarship and transferred to Belmont University .

He began writing music inspired by Christian rock group Casting Crowns .

Hubbard, a native of Monroe , Georgia , formed hip hop group, Ingenious Circuit in his teens.

Hubbard and Kelley got their start as joint worship leaders at college.

“That's basically how we learned how to play guitar and connect with a crowd, at church,” Hubbard revealed.

“We used to lead worship for a little youth group outside of Nashville . It was great. It was a little side money at the time, which we really needed, but it was also time for us to get away from the house for a little bit and lead worship. It was something for us that was very rewarding on a lot of different levels.”

They're now performing in front of crowds of thousands - and singing lines like, “and all I wanna do is lace my Js and lay some Jack in my Coke,” and, “girl, you melt me like ice and whiskey” - but the duo are not far, spiritually and personally speaking, from their days as worship leaders.

“I think our faith comes through in a lot of different ways, if not directly in our music,” confessed Hubbard.

“But it's really starting to, as well, come out in our writing and our music. The biggest thing for BK and myself is, we've always taken pride in being transparent and being who we are, and letting our fans in on our lives. I think that's one reason they connect so well to our music and who we are.

“We like to have a good time. We like to throw a party. We like to, on Friday and Saturday nights, see how many people we can get together and see how many people can forget their worries and just have a great time. We get a lot of joy out of that,” he continues. “But also, putting the Man first and making sure our priorities are straight, making sure our fans know where our hearts are at and where our blessings do come from.”

Hubbard and Kelley are working on a third album to follow Anything Goes .

“We've been writing quite a bit,” Hubbard reveals.

“We've got a ton of songs we can't wait for people to hear. We just got back into the studio with Joey Moi, our producer, and are starting to bring those songs to life. It's a fun process for us.”

Although Hubbard and Kelly are prolific songwriters, they won't insist on writing their entire album.

“We've written most of them but we're never opposed to outside songs,” Hubbard says.

“We're always listening to songs. We always say, ‘better is better.' If a song comes in that we didn't write, but we feel like we would have wrote it, we'll cut it. We've fallen in love and singled songs that we haven't written several times. We try not to put ourselves in any kind of box and say, ‘We have to write the whole album,' but we definitely write the majority of it.”

Further info - http://floridageorgialine.com/


Knoxville girl Ashley Monroe ponders the best time to deliver shock news in her new video for Bombshell from her third solo CD The Blade.

Ashley, who also made two albums with Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley as the Pistol Annies, is joined in her video a vast cast with diverse decisions.

Monroe is singing in an abandoned structure while looking out destroyed windows.

While she is singing, a group of people climb to the roof of the building, where they pick up what look to be vases but are actually Molotov cocktails, write messages and throw them off the edge.

When the Molotov cocktails hit the ground, they explode in a burst of flames - the literal interpretation of what a news bombshell feels like.

The video ends with Monroe writing her own message and throwing it off the roof.

Bombshell is a slower, acoustic song about those moments in life that hit you hard and leave you shaken.

“When you first hear the song, your mind automatically goes to a relationship, like you're leaving somebody, but I just think it's interesting in life how many different types of bombshells we have to drop,” Monroe revealed.

“There are so many. When my dad had cancer, my uncle came into a room to tell me he died. That's a bombshell. And the older you get, the more you have to start doing them yourself, which is hard.”

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Singing actor Leslie Cours Mather, daughter of an American Army Lieutenant Colonel, filmed her video for Hell Hath No Fury on California 's Sierra Highway .

In the woman-empowered scenes she sets the screen on fire in the video filmed at a VFW Hall in Canyon Country and the Halfway House Café in L.A. County

Hell Hath No Fury is on her debut album Countrified.

"The concept centred on a 'Quentin Tarantino meets Patsy Cline-esque' scenario," Leslie, mother of two, revealed of the Shane Drake directed video.

"I was drawn to his treatment for two reasons: it was so cinematic and the character was very different from who I really am."

The Kelly Lang penned anthemic tale of a woman scorned carries a stern warning for cheaters.

The single, produced by Denny Diante, features Mather's whiskey-soaked vocal, a full-blown contingent of horns on the chorus and a Southern Blues feel.

"I love this song," said Mather who was born in Singapore and travelled the world with her Army officer father to Indonesia , Virginia , Orlando , New Jersey , St. Louis , Pittsburgh , South Carolina , Nashville and Los Angeles .

"And working with Shane to transition from song to video was incredible. There are dark aspects of the lyric that he highlighted simply by working with the play of light in the bar; close-ups where he captured real emotion. It was a great experience for me."

Further info - http://www.lesliecoursmather.com/


West Virginia coal-miner's son Billy Payne returns with a Biblical tale born in genuine leather

Payne recalled leather on his mother's bible and childhood car seats to illustrate his video for Genuine Leather - title track of his fifth album.

He yearned another woman with the same stamina and qualities

Billy made his name with the late Waylon Jennings band The Waylors.

He learned guitar at 12 and released several albums, utilising production and musical skills of Waylon's band and producers.

During 1991 he joined Country Tradition and Bandolero before forming his own band Sidewinder.


He recorded debut disc No Limit On Love in Nashville in 2000 and second CD Back To The Simple Life in 2005, Country Till I Die and Spirit of An Outlaw.

Payne co-wrote all songs on the latter with producer-manager Jerry Bridges and recorded another project with The Waylors - Carter Robertson, Jeff Hale, Kevin Madill and Reggie Young

Further info - https://www.facebook.com/billypaynecountry


Gympie singer Caitlyn Shadbolt debuts on Nu Country on the eve of her appearance with Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Lee Brice and many more at CMC Rocks Queensland at Gympie in March.

She performs in her video for Shoot Out The Lights from her debut ABC-Universal EP that she launched at Gympie Muster in August.

Produced by Andrew Cochrane, it's a hooky upbeat country anthem, reminiscent of long hot summer nights and sure to appeal to the wild, free and young at heart.

“I really love this next single!” said Caitlyn - 2014 X-Factor finalist and Youth Ambassador for Gympie Region.

“I think everyone has felt like this at some stage in their life - it reminds people to live young!”

She has shared stages with Lee Kernaghan, Adam Brand, The Wolfe Brothers and Jasmine Rae.

Further info - http://caitlynshadbolt.com/


We need your support as we celebrate the 29th series of Nu Country TV with Australian record companies and artists who teamed to ensure our survival.

Sony has given us the latest CD and DVD by Georgian star Jason Aldean on the eve of his debut Australian tour in March.

We also have Angels And Alcohol - 20th album by fellow Georgian superstar Alan Jackson and Adam Harvey's 12th album Harvey's Bar - The Backyard Sessions .

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