Thrice wed Louisiana singer Trace Adkins and Hunter Valley vamp Kirsty Lee Akers add a dash of humour to Nu Country TV this Saturday - July 11 - at 9.30 p m on C 31.

Adkins and a vast cast of celebrities illustrate the pitfalls of marrying for money while Akers fires new lead into the historic shotgun wedding.

Arizona born chart-topper Dierks Bentley, who toured here with Brooks & Dunn, is front and centre of his latest hit Sideways.

And, unlike his recent appearance at the CMT awards with his faithful dog Jake, is joined by humans.

Kellie Pickler also returns to Nu Country without pets - a Marmoset monkey, cat, dog and python.

And Grampians raised sisters Sophie and Celeste Clabburn dance on a different river - The Darling - in the Sunny Cowgirls new video.


Trace Adkins, father of five daughters, is the perfect vehicle for politically incorrect video for new single Marry For Money.

Adkins' second ex-wife shot him in the heart and lung on the last day of their torrid marriage.

Marry For Money is the antithesis of the sugar daddy stereotype.

It's a humorous homily about a man who, after an ugly divorce, sets out to marry a rich woman, whether he loves her or not.

Thrice wed Adkins character suffers a painful ending when his geriatric sugar mama springs him on the dining table with the maid.

The video climax finds the maid decamping and the gardener squiring the lady of the house.

"That's what I love about this song. The jokes are endless," Adkins, now 47, revealed.

"I'm really looking forward to reaction to this video. It's going to be controversial and politically incorrect; it's going to hurt peoples' feelings and make people mad, and I love that! Let's do it!"

Marry For Money is on Adkins 10th album, not so cryptically titled X.

"Somebody said, 'This might make some people uncomfortable.' And I said, 'Listen to the song! Let's start from there, OK!," Adkins added.

"It's not the most sensitive piece I've ever recorded.'"

Akins recently appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice, sang You're Gonna Miss This in The Young And The Restless and acted in spoof movie An American Carol.

Trace appeared previously as a Satanic character in independent movie Trailer Park Of Terror and released his autobiography A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck.

Adkins, like Billy Joe Shaver, suffered a digit injury in his pre-music career - he was a roughneck on an oilrig in the Gulf Of Mexico.

"When I cut if off I knew immediately my guitar-playing days were over," Adkins recalled.

"But I had the doctor reattach it so it was curved so that I could at least suspend a D chord, I think that's the way I put it. He fused the joints together and pinned it together so I can do that but I can't reach up the neck with it anymore, but luckily I don't make a living being a great guitar player."

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Hunter Valley singer Kirsty Lee Akers emulated Adkins in her video for new single Knocked Up.

She utilised her band and friends to illustrate the video for the song, also on the debut CD by former Trick Pony singer Heidi Newfield.

Akers cronies turn a once taboo subject - parodied by Chad Morgan four decades ago - into one of the most hilarious local clips.

Kirsty's character falls for a guitarist with a wig, is married by an Elvis impersonator celebrant and given away by a granny on a motorised cart.

The climax, so to speak, is the celebrant dancing with the granny who has arisen from her cart.

And the diminutive diva, star of the 2008 Geelong Stampede, is credible in her acting role - her mother gave birth to her when she was 16.

The song, penned by Angaleena Presley, is on the singer's second album Better Days.

Presley, a writer for the Nashville publishing company of expat Australasian Barry Coburn and singing spouse Jewel Blanch Coburn, also wrote songs for Akers debut disc Little Things.

Kirsty, now 21, also performed at the 2009 CMA Festival in Nashville with a brace of other Australian artists.

She performs Tara Festival of Culture and Camel Races - August 1 - and Deniliquin Ute Muster on October 2-3.

Akers, 2007 Tamworth Starmaker Quest winner at 18, and 2008 new talent Golden Guitarist, penned four songs on her new album.

Her collaborators included Trey Bruce - son of Ed and Patsy Bruce who wrote Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys - and Sydney singer Mike Carr.

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Arizona born Dierks Bentley proves why he scored wide acclaim for his Australian tour with Brooks & Dunn in May.

Bentley, 33, performs in a semi-concert setting for the video for seventh #1 hit single Sideways from his fifth album Feel That Fire.

The singer, raised on outlaws and bluegrass music in Phoenix, once lived in hotels when in Nashville because he was on the road so often.

Now the singer lives with his wife Cassidy, their baby daughter and two dogs in a three-story home in the suburbs of Guitar Town.

But it was Bentley's elder dog Jake - not his wife - who accompanied him to the recent CMT Awards.

And he has one distinct memory of his Australian tour.

"One thing that got cemented for me is that Ronnie Dunn is one of the best singers of all time, in any genre of music," Bentley said. "The fact that he can stay out and drink tequila until 4 or 5 in the morning and then sing that way, that's incredible."

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North Carolina chanteuse Kellie Pickler performs the video for Don't You Know You Are Beautiful from self-titled second album on Nu Country.

Her album also includes the Catherine Britt song Lucky Girl that was also on Britt's third album Little Wildflower.

It's a welcome change of karma for Pickler from tiny town Albemarle whose mother abandoned her at the age of two and her father Bo spent time in gaol.

That inspired a previous song I Wonder.

Pickler's cyberspace identity was also stolen after she recently adopted a Marmoset monkey.

But the singer has some solace at home - her menagerie includes a Chihuahua Moo, Moo - a cat Pickles and a python she adopted last year.

But her luck changed at the recent CMT Awards in Nashville.

"Did y'all see my earrings fly off?" she asked backstage.

"My earrings flew off, but the fans gave them back to me!"

Kellie's left earring wound up in the front row at the Sommet Centre but was returned to her by her performance's end.

Pickler may have lost her lunge at American Idol but earned healthy writing royalties with Taylor Swift on The Best Days Of Your Life.

Since topping charts Kellie has been reunited with her mum and dad Bo who did time in a Florida prison for some illegal knife tricks.

Pickler, an American Idol loser, Kellie battled depression because of family problems and split with hockey star Jordin Tootoo.

More info - www.kelliepickler.com


The Sunny Cowgirls return to the show with their aquatic video for Dancing On The Darling.

It's a far cry from where Sophie and Celeste Clabburn were raised on a farm near Dunkeld in the shadows of the majestic Grampians in northwest Victoria.

The sisters made a documentary, released to coincide with third CD Dust Will Settle.

It includes interviews, footage of the girls as children, excerpts from video clips, and chats with manager Mark Donohue and label boss Graham Thompson.

It has been has been aired on CMC and will be released later in the year.

The girls began performing as small children, forming a band with the name of Big Dick and the Strokers (their father's name is Richard), and jamming for friends and family.

The family moved farming operations to West Australia and the sisters chose NSW as their musical launch pad.

The sisters penned all 14 tracks on the album - there are nine from Sophie and five from Celeste.

Further info - www.sunnycowgirls.com


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Brooks & Dunn have sold more than 30 million album since releasing their debut disc in 1991.


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