Expatriate Australasian country superstar Keith Urban and touring Nashville star Jim Lauderdale headline Nu Country TV this Saturday - February 16 - at 8 pm on C 31.

Urban performs his new hit Everybody on the eve of his headlining role at the Point Nepean and Byron Bay festivals at Easter.

And Lauderdale revives his classic I Met Jesus In A Bar as he is added to the stellar cast of the CMC Rocks The Snowy Country festival at Thredbo on March 14 and 15.

Other major artists performing on this week's show, hosted by Heather Rutherford, are Texan singer-songwriter Terri Hendrix and Oklahoma superstar Toby Keith.

The Noll Brothers from Condoblin in NSW and South Australian band The Beggars also make their debut on Nu Country - repeated on Thursday at 9 am.

Urban, 40 and about to become a father, shares top billing at Point Nepean with John Fogerty and later day Austin singer-songwriter Patty Griffin, now making her second Australian tour in less than five six months.

Garrulous guitarslinger Urban and band perform in Everybody - the latest #5 hit from his huge selling sixth album Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing.

Keith's first Greatest Hits disc also reached #4 on U.S. charts and he won a Grammy this week for best male vocal for his song Stupid Boy.

And he duets with bluegrass queen Rhonda Vincent on traditional tune The Water Is Wide on her big selling 13th album Good Thing Going - just released in Australia.

Urban is now on his 24-city Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Carnival Ride tour with fellow superstar Carrie Underwood who sold more than eight million albums since winning American Idol.

Keith recently enjoyed a U.S. tour with fellow March tourist Gary Allan and has sold more than 10 million albums since fleeing here in 1993 to pursue his art in Nashville.

Since 2001, Urban has notched nine #1 Billboard Country singles.

He also punctuated touring with frequent visits home to see spouse Nicole Kidman, while she was making Baz Luhrman movie Australia with Hugh Jackman.

Keith soared to #5 on the BRW Magazine biggest Australian earners list at $26 million behind spouse Nicole at #3 with $35 million.

The celebrity couple revealed they have used pet names for each other - Hank & Evie - for their Hank Evie clothing label.

They have trademarked the phrase in both Australia and the U.S. - a move that allows them to sell everything from belt buckles to clothing, shoes, bags, boxer shorts and pyjamas.

Until now the only items sold under the label were concert T-shirts, but few knew it was owned by Urban and was based on the couple's noms de plume.

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jim Lauderdale returns to Nu Country with the video for I Met Jesus In A Bar.

Lauderdale, now 51, wrote the tune with Leslie Satcher, born in Paris, Texas, after the death of his dad - a Presbyterian minister - in 2004.

It was from Country Super Hits Vol 1 - one of two albums he released in 2006.

Lauderdale, a prolific writer, debuted here in the summer of 2002 with Kim Richey, Canadians Fred Eaglesmith and Jason McCoy and Audrey Auld Mezera.

Since then has released a brace of eclectic country and bluegrass discs.

Lauderdale's most recent album The Bluegrass Diaries won a Grammy this week for best bluegrass release.

Jim returns here in March for his third tour - he joins Gary Allan, Sugarland, Patty Griffin, Catherine Britt, Adam Harvey, Mia Dyson, John Butler, The McClymonts and many more on the CMC Rocks the Snowy Mountains Country Music festival on March 14 and 15.

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Texan troubadour Terri Hendrix debuts on Nu Country TV with Life's A Song from her 10th album The Spiritual Kind on her indie label Wilory Records.

The San Antonio-bred singer lives in a four bedroom stone house on the outskirts of San Marcos in the Texas Hill Country with her two dogs Caroline and Jesse.

Hendrix bought her historic home with royalties from Lil' Jack Slade - the song she co-wrote for the Dixie Chicks' multi-platinum Home album.

So it's no surprise she turns the new album title track into a cute singalong.

"I'm a little bit Catholic, and a little bit Jew/I'm a little bit Baptist and Episcopal, too," Hendrix, now 40, sings on the title track.

Lloyd Maines - father of Dixie Chicks singer Natalie - produced the album and played guitar, mandolin, dobro, dulcimer, banjo, pedal steel, papoose and harmonium.

"Lloyd is fun to work with, challenging to work with, but fun to work with," Hendrix says.

"Even if it's 110 degrees out there he wants that guitar in tune. You have to always remember you're playing with a producer. Sometimes out of time and out of tune is cool.

Not for Lloyd. But he's also the best musician going. He's at the top."

Hendrix, who speaks openly about her battles with epilepsy, also conducts Life's A Song workshops.

"I feel I have had epilepsy my whole life but was diagnosed with it in 1993," Terri revealed.

"I kept it hidden till 2003. It was then that I faced the music and began a life-long plan to keep myself healthy and face the illness."

She is equally candid about the theme of her new album.

"The concept is it's about the journey,' Hendrix says of The Spiritual Kind.

"There's a great quote I heard, "We are all spiritual beings going through a human experience." The last election divided friends. The song Things Change is about the chorus, not the verses. It's about staying friends and staying in each other's lives because we are all spiritually connected. I love Jesse Taylor's guitar playing. Clifford Antone was one of the first people to book me. They're in the song The Spiritual Kind."

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Oklahoma singing actor Toby Keith returns to Nu Country with Love Me If You Can from 15th studio disc Big Dog Daddy.

Toby has hired Willie Nelson to appear in his new movie Beer For My Horses - the duo had a #1 hit with the title track.

Keith's 2003 album Shock'n Y'all featured his Weed With Willie - successor of sorts to the Dead Livers 1981 hit I'd Love To Have A Joint With Willie.

That album also featured social comment tunes American Soldier and The Taliban Song.

Keith recently released a double Christmas CD on his own label - Big Dog Daddy debuted at #1 on the rock and country charts early last year.

Despite 27 nominations after his self-titled disc in 1993 he has only won two CMA awards - male vocalist (2001) and video of the year (2005).

Although Keith has sold more than 24 albums and financed the Broken Bridges movie and soundtrack on his indie label Show Dog he still considers himself an underdog.

"In this community I am," said Keith who produced Big Dog Daddy - successor to his Lari White produced 2006 disc White Trash With Money.

White, a songwriter and long time recording artist, is also the wife of frequent Keith co-writer Chuck Cannon.

Toby has been named Academy of Country Music's entertainer of the year twice and recently was honoured by BMI for having his songs aired 50 million times.

"The very same two years I swept through the ACMs and had entertainer of the year twice, I was sitting on the front of the CMAs getting zero," he said.

He said he doesn't know why. "You tell me," he said. Is it because he's not liked? "I don't care; it never mattered."

Toby also covered Fred Eaglesmith song White Rose on his new disc.

Keith played singer Bo Price in his first movie Broken Bridges with Kelly Preston, Lindsey Haun, Willie, Burt Reynolds, Tess Harper and Anna Maria Horsford.

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The Noll Brothers - Adam and Damian - showcase their single Shining Star from debut disc A Country Heart.

Kasey Chambers ex partner Cori Hopper filmed the video at Old Sydney Town for the single released on Emporium Records, distributed by Shock.

The Noll Brothers have plenty of fertile song fodder - they lost their Condoblin family farm Yapoona in a drought foreclosure.

"I was trying to hold on to show that we were still in it," Damian confessed.

"But in hindsight, it's what might have tipped the scales on me. We're spending money to keep going, but not making it back. I'm not walking from the land, I'm jumping."

Damian said their decision to quit was heartbreaking.

"It's a heavy burden to know that, after five generations, you are the generation that let it slip," he said. "I look at it and think, 'I haven't quite held my end up'."

Adam revealed he instigated plans to sell the farm in an emotional showdown with his brothers and their mother, Sharon.

"It was the most difficult decision three sons have ever had to make," he said. "But after seeing five years of consistent drought, I know we've done the right thing."

He said their father, Neil, who died in a farming accident six years ago, hid the financial strain from his family.

"He was trapped and he never showed it," Damian said. "He worked hard and never flinched."

But Shannon, Adam and Damian knew the reality - drought, fuel costs and machinery debt.
"We couldn't afford to carry on - it was that simple," Adam says.

"It was going to cause stress, fractures and cracks. We said, 'Let's be mates for the rest of our lives. Let's be brothers and not fall apart over this'."

The duo still lives in Condoblin - population 3,000 - and wrote nine of the 12 songs on their album.

Adam, Damian and young brother Shannon penned the title track - a reflection of the family's farming roots.

Family friend Dave Wilkins also wrote another song Alright For You about the rural suicide epidemic ravaging farming families.

Adam and Damian spent three years playing in Shannon's band during his era as an Australian Idol star.

They launched their CD in Tamworth.

Meanwhile Shannon, fresh from an international sojourn, performs at the CMC Rocks the Snowy Mountains Country music festival on March 14 and 15.

Further info - http://www.nollbrothers.com/ - www.emporiummusic.biz


South Australian trio The Beggars debut on Nu Country with their video for their humorous tune Preacher I Have Sinned.

The Beggars, formed in 2005, hail from Belair near Adelaide and have scored major success in Europe.

They have graced charts in The Netherlands, U.K., Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Belgium And beyond.

The Beggars released their debut CD in 2006 - an eclectic hybrid of country and folk with three part harmonies.

Members are double bassist Quinton Dunne and guitarist Renee Donaghey - both Bachelors of Music - and multi-instrumentalist-producer Stuart Day.

The trio are also active session musicians with diverse stage roles and credits on TV series and major festivals.

Further info - http://beggarsthe

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