Expatriate Scot country singer-songwriter Karl Broadie has a glamorous support cast when he headlines Nu Country TV this Saturday - August 18 - on C 31.

ABC TV Heartbreak High actress Tasneem Roc plays his love interest in the video for Sleepyhead from his third album One Million Emeralds.

The show, hosted by Heather Rutherford, airs at 8 p m and is repeated at 6.30 am on Monday and 2 am on Thursday.

Broadie, 37, was born in Edinburgh and raised in London before coming to Australia as a backpacker.

He is touring nationally with James Blundell and Nik Phillips to promote Sleepyhead - one of two train songs on his new disc.

Karl and Tasneem performed in his video in an aircraft hangar in a railway workshop in Sydney suburb Redfern.

She is not the first the Heartbreak High actor to appear in a Broadie video.

"Abi Tucker was in the clip for Long, Long Way and she was also in Heartbreak High," Broadie revealed.

"I'll keep going there for actors for my videos until we eventually get down to the extras."

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Alabama University graduate Darryl Worley has made the most of his biology degree in changes of his imagery from singer of war songs to lover.

The Tennessee preacher's son recently posed naked for Playgirl.

That was before he courted a sultry model named Magdalena in the video for Nothing But A Love Thang from his fifth album Here And Now.

"I'm gonna be honest with you," Worley revealed recently, "it's an exciting thought to know you're gonna be rolling around in bed with a supermodel chick. But both of us are married. It's kind of an uncomfortable position."

Quite so - but not the reason Worley split with wife Beverley who ran the Worleybird café in his hometown.

Worley once topped charts for seven weeks in 2003 with Have You Forgotten and I Just Came Back From A War.

The singer did a series of shows in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan with fellow country artist Mark Wills from December 13-24, 2006.

It was his fourth tour of Iraq.

The singer has long ago broadened his musical palate from analysing military battles to affairs of the heart.

Worley, 42 and 6 ft 6 in, acts out passion - not pain - in his video.

The singer lost his deal in the collapse of DreamWorks Records and surfaced on much smaller 903 Music.

The label, owned by singer Neal McCoy, also collapsed in May this year after having hits with McCoy song Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On and Worley tune I Just Came Back From A War.

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Danielle Peck, daughter of a U.S. Marine, shares charts but not themes with Worley.

Peck, 28, performs in a video for her reality rooted original Isn't That Everything - one of four hits from her first self-titled album.

The North Carolina-born, Ohio-raised Peck wrote 8 of the 11 songs on her debut disc.

She previously released several singles on DreamWorks Nashville, but an album was shelved.

"Isn't That Everything really speaks very clearly to who I am, where I came from and who I'll always be," Peck revealed recently.
"It's a feel good song. It talks about what matters most in life to me, the little things, the roof over your head, the food on your table, the friends around you, good family, just the smallest things in life that mean the biggest things to someone who's very grateful. I am very grateful, and this song really captures it. It's upbeat, it's tempo, it's a whole lot of fun to listen to and it really captures who I am.

When I finished writing this song with Tommy Lee James and Blair Daily, I was so excited! We wrote this song about three and a half years ago and I've held onto it for quite a while. I'm so glad it's on the record because it really means a lot to me, and if you're wondering who I am, if you'll just listen to this song, you'll get a really good idea."

Peck praises the song's simple message.

"The lyrics are really clean and simple, and it's the type of a song that's easy to listen to," she added.

"You understand when you hear it. It comes out like "I don't have a million dollars in the bank (well I don't) but I've got food on my table and gas in my tank sometimes!" When people say less is more, I think that's true. It's the little things in life that mean the most."

Further info - www.daniellepeck.com


Luke O'Shea has also learned about heartbreak and heroes in his teaching career.

He performs in the video for Ragged Bloody Heroes from his second album Listen To The Words.

O'Shea and his band Medicine Wheel performed in the first series of Nu Country TV in concerts at the Buckin' Bull in Tottenham and the Armadale Hotel.

Luke was discovered on ABC TV show Live At The Basement and named his band after the Native American medicine wheel.

O'Shea wrote all 12 tunes on his debut disc No Day Like Today and exploited the raw material unearthed from his travels on Indian reservations in the U.S.

Sydney based O'Shea has toured and taught in Japan, Korea, Ireland, North America as well as Far North Queensland in the Torres Strait.

Further info - www.lukeoshea.com


Andre Camilleri debuts on Nu Country TV with a video clip for his song Leaving On My Mind from his CD One Fine Day & Other Songs.

Andre was born in Germany and learned the ropes in Streight Street on the fringes of the red light district of Valletta - capitol of his ancestral home Malta.

His road and studio band, featuring pedal steel guitarist Brendan Mitchell, support him in the clip.

Brendan, who has long recovered from a liver transplant, also wrote the Dead Livers signature song Ballad Of A Dead Liver.

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Mitchell also performs with the Original Snakeskins on their live rendition of Near The Bottle Is Me.

The song is from the band's live DVD recorded at Wesley Anne Hall at the top of Beer Can Hill in the inner northern Melbourne suburb Northcote.

Original Snakeskins made the DVD after releasing its third album We Got Trouble.

Bassist Steve Hyde wrote six of the nine originals on the album that features Undone - penned by guitarist Andrew Langton-Joy who adds dobro, banjo and mandolin - and singer Anne Unger.

Langton-Joy is a Canterbury dentist by day and multi-instrumentalist at night.

Further info - www.myspace.com/theoriginalsnakeskins


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