Canadian country star-pilot Jason McCoy and his trucking band The Road Hammers headline Nu Country TV this week - Saturday 9th September.

And another Jason - Queensland country singer Jason Kemp debuts on Nu Country as a prelude to his appearance on our Hotel Kew showcase on Saturday October 7.

The Jasons join Travis Collins and Steve Forde in this week's episode hosted by Mid Pacific Bob Olson on C 31 at 8.30 pm.

McCoy formed his trucking band during a short hiatus from his solo recording career that brought him to Australia for several tours.

The singer first scored widespread exposure in Australia on a 2002 summer tour with fellow Canadian Fred Eaglesmith, prolific hit writer Jim Lauderdale, Kim Richey and Audrey Auld Mezera.

McCoy, winner of many awards in his homeland, later returned with Adam Harvey for a joint tour and plans to return here in 2007.

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Queensland singer-songwriter Jason Kemp has primed the pump for his career with a brace of innovative indie videos to promote his original songs.

The Roma born singer-songwriter won acclaim when he performed with Billy Wyatt at the 2005 Nu Country TV Christmas party at the Hotel Kew.

Kemp performs a video for his song Roadtrip that he filmed in the majestic beauty of Queensland.

The prolific songwriter has had songs recorded by peers diverse as Tanya Self, Josh Arnold, Nellie Donovan, Robert Keith and Gemma Doyle.

Donovan, raised on a Conondale dairy farm released Kemp's song Cruisin' as the second single from her debut album Steppin' Out.

The video clip for Cruisin' was shot by award winning director Ross Wood at Berry in NSW - it followed the video for her debut single Sing Me An Angel.

Kemp released two singles from his debut album This Dance and is recording a new album in Melbourne in spring.

He made video clips for five of his original songs - Country Train, Roadtrip, No-one Loves This Truck Like Me, Conformity and Ballad Of Adrian Peddemore.

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Travis Collins used his 2004 Tamworth Star Maker victory as his springboard after emerging as a teenage busker on the mean streets of Campbelltown as a teenager.

The second youngest boy of six children performs a video for I Was Wrong - one of four original songs on debut CD Start The Car - on Nu Country.

Herm Kovac produced Collins album, that has been re-released with bonus tracks, and a duet with 2005 Starmaker winner Samantha McClymont on A Fool Like Me.

Collins, 22, also covered Jeff Bates rarity My In-Laws Are Outlaws.

Another creative choice was revered Texan troubadour Guy Clark's song Step Inside This House - title track of a Lyle Lovett disc.

Viewers may recall Collins as Kasey Chambers love interest in the video of he smash hit Not Pretty Enough.

Further info - www.traviscollins.com.au


Former rodeo rider and latter day country singer Steve Forde is a good example of an artist chancing his dreams on overseas missions.

He suffered broken arms and bruises in his riding passion but wrote songs on visits to Texas and Canada as a rodeo rider in 1998.

Forde, just 29, grew up in Cowra and works a family farm at Grenfell when not on the road.

The singer reached wider audiences when he opened on the 2005 Australian tour by for California born surfing cowboy and chart topper Gary Allan.

Forde performs in the video clip of his song No Wrong from his third album Rowdy on Sydney label Vital.

He recorded the album in Dallas and Arlington, Texas, Nashville and Australia.

Steve previously released Livin' Right in 2002 and Wild Ride in 2004.

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Westernport band Silver String Outlaws, famed for their lavish touring bus and rigs, debut on Nu Country TV this week.

The band performs a video clip of Hit The Highway, penned by bassist Noel Goard, as preview for its appearance at the Hotel Kew showcase on Saturday October 7.

Silver String Outlaws was formed by Steve Latham in 2001 and released an EP in 2005 that featured the single Looking For The Good Life.

Since then it has recorded an album with a brace of originals.

They include oft-recorded Holy Mary - penned by Dead Livers singer and latter day Portland resident Marty Atchison who wrote the popular Nu Country TV theme song Up And Down The Line.

Further info - http://silverstringoutlaws.com/


Queensland singer Jason Kemp is flying into Melbourne to appear at the Nu Country TV showcase at Hotel Kew on Saturday October 7.

Kemp joins Ruckus, Cyndi Boste, British born Phil Younger & Country Brew, Silver String Outlaws and other special guests on the concert that starts at 6 p m.

The showcase is free to Nu Country members or viewers who renew membership or join on the night.

All financial members will be eligible for the draw of the Lee Kernaghan Akubra at the showcase that will be filmed for Nu Country TV Series #7 over summer.

CLICK HERE for details of membership offers.

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