Californian country comedienne Kacey Jones presents Nu Country TV this week - Saturday September 16 - on C 31 at 8.30 pm.

Associate producer Carol Taylor filmed Jones hosting role in Texas live music capital Austin during the annual Mickey Newbury memorial festival in June.

The singer, who scored airplay with Ethel & The Shameless Hussies in 1988, is also a prolific songwriter and producer.
< photo by Carol Taylor

But this time she has swapped satire for her Newbury paean - her 15-song tribute disc San Francisco Mabel Joy.

Newbury toured here in 1983 but died at 62 in 2002, leaving behind a rich 550-song treasure trove that fuelled artists diverse as Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings and David Allan Coe.

We have the Australian premiere of the video for San Francisco Mabel Joy featuring Texan born singing actors Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Payne.

New Mexico born singer-songwriter-video director Stacy Dean Campbell, who toured here with Texan troubadour Hugh Moffatt in 1993, directed the clip.

Jones reveals in our interview how she lured Kristofferson and Payne to appear in the clip.

She also traces her career from her birth in Gilroy - garlic capital of the world - and hit writing to her solo career that featured memorable songs such as Every Man I Love Is Either Married, Gay Or Dead.

Jones also produced Pearls In The Snow - the celebrated all star 1998 tribute disc to singing Texan crime novelist and Gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman.

Four of those songs have been resurrected on the new Kinky tribute disc Why The Hell Not - The Songs Of Kinky Friedman.

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Jones also reveals how she and another Texan legend Delbert McClinton collaborated on their humorous hit single, You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly.

The duo play the lead roles in the video for the song - a seventies hit for Coalminer's Daughter Loretta Lynn and her late duet partner Conway Twitty.

Jones reveals how she hooked up with thrice wed Delbert, now 65, who debuted as Mac Clinton in 1960 and has since made two duet discs with Glen Clark and 21 solo albums.

The Lubbock born, Fort Worth raised singer is best known for 1980 #10 hit Giving It Up For Your Love.

McClinton is also internationally renowned for teaching John Lennon harmonica for Love Me Do when The Beatles opened for Delbert's mate Bruce Channel who scored a 1962 hit Hey Baby.

Delbert also performed Kinky Friedman song Autograph on the Kinkster tribute disc Pearls In The Snow that also featured fellow Texans Lee Roy Parnell, Asleep At The Wheel, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett, The Geezinslaws and Willie Nelson.

Delbert previously won acclaim on Nu Country TV for his video clip of his evocative hit When Rita Leaves.

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We also have rare, exclusive archival footage of Kinky Friedman and Willie Nelson performing a duet of The Kinkster's song Marilyn & Joe.

The song, originally on Friedman's 1983 disc Under The Double Ego, was reprised on Pearls In The Snow.

Producer Kacey was Kinky's duet partner on a disc that included Dwight Yoakam, Marty Stuart, Tom Waits and one time Texas Jewboy Billy Swan who performed in Australia with Kinky when he toured as actor Harry Dean Stanton's bandleader.

This time Kinky is captured teaching the lyrics to Willie who performed Ride 'Em Jewboy on Pearls In The Snow.

Willie, subject of Kinky's hilarious 10th crime novel Road Kill, is a major backer of the Kinkster in his challenge to unseat Rick Perry as Texas Governor.

We also interviewed Kinky, 61, at a major country music festival on July 3 at Carl's Corner - the HQ of the Red Headed Stranger's alternate fuel Bio-Willie.

BioWillie - made from vegetable oils, mainly soybeans - is a key policy in Kinky's bid to be first Jewish Governor of Texas and first independent since Sam Houston.

Willie, 73, and Kinky are renowned for their duet on Texan Ned Sublette's 1981 tune Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other) - a reject from the Brokeback Mountain movie.

But we don't have video footage of that epic performance.

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Singing actor Dean Miller makes his Nu Country TV debut with a video clip of Hard Love - one of the highlights of his third album Platinum.

Ironically, Dean wrote four songs on his self-titled 1997 debut disc with host Kacey's video director Campbell.

Miller and Campbell were both born and raised in New Mexico.

Dean, son of the late, great singer-songwriter Roger, was one of seven children from his famous father three marriages.

Miller honoured his father by revamping his little known 1966 hit I've Been A Long Time Leavin (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone) on Platinum.

Melbourne residents might recognise Dean - at one stage he lived in Altona Meadows when he was engaged to local country singer Renee Stewart.

Miller has written with Australians diverse as Rick Price, Melinda Schneider, Adam Brand, Felicity and Brooke McClymont here and in Nashville.

But the singer chose New York City as the locale of his Hard Love video.

"We didn't go to radio with a single. I know it sounds strange but we did a video for the lead off track Hard Love for CMT," Miller told Nu Country.

"We filmed the clip in New York City. It was shot all over the place - Times Square and Radio City Music Hall. We had a ball. There is a female lead in the video. She does a lot of standing around looking beautiful which I know is a challenge. She would like to be known as an actress and a model but not so far."

Miller's last movie role was in Nashville with Robert Redford and James Gandolfino in The Last Castle.

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Host Kacey Jones has donated autographed copies of her Mickey Newbury tribute CD San Francisco Mabel Joy to Nu Country TV.

Kacey also autographed tee shirts, posters, San Francisco Mabel Joy DVD video and her album Men Are Some Of My Favourite People for Nu Country TV.

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