Expatriate Australian country starlet Catherine Britt resumes her love affair with Nu Country TV by headlining the Valentine's Day edition at 9 p m on Tuesday February 14 on C 31.

The show, hosted by former Git and latter day Junes singer Sarah Carroll, is repeated on Friday at 3.30 p m and Sunday at 2 a m.

Britt, who turned 21in her hometown of Newcastle on New Year's Eve, performs her first U.S. Top #34 hit The Upside Of Being Town.
The singer returned here to promote second album Too Far Gone before it's launch in the U.S.

Britt beat the Australian corporate commercial radio chains country music boycott by doing a blitz of TV shows.

The singer also recorded an interview with Nu Country TV for future episodes - we'll screen her new clips Poor Man's Pride - penned with Guy Clark and Jerry Salley - and Too Far Gone.

Britt will release a different single Swinging Doors in the U.S. to preview her belated album release.

She performed Tamworth, Tweed Heads, Sydney, Newcastle, Van Diemens Land and Traralgon on this tour but plans to include Melbourne on her return visit in winter.

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Host Sarah, daughter of famed writer Des Carroll and singing spouse of blues singer and harp player Chris Wilson, has dipped into the Dwight Yoakam songbook for his tune It Only Hurts When I Cry.

The singing actor, who toured here in 1996, recently released his 18th album Blame The Vain on (New West-Shock.)

Dwight, 48, produced his new disc after a vitriolic split and legal dispute with former producer and guitarist Pete Anderson.

Texan guitarist Keith Gattis plays guitar on the disc and in Dwight's road band.

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Nu Country TV producer Sofie B ventured south to the Queenscliff festival to find a country oasis in the bayside rock desert.

Sofie filmed eastern suburbs country rock band The Wagons performing their tune Jerry.

The band, formed by baritone Henry Krips and four Glen Waverley schoolmates, has released two albums and two EPS since the late nineties.

Their latest CD Draw Blood is on Spunk through Inertia.

Further info - www.wagonsmusic.com


Tennessee thrashgrass band HayseedDixie, fresh from their second Australian tour, perform a video for their tune Whole Lotta Rosie from fifth CD A Hot Piece Of Grass.

The band has released four albums of covers and also an album of originals as the Kerosene Brothers.

The band is famed for bluegrass covers of AC-DC, Queen, Kiss and other rock acts.

Hayseed Dixie toured Australia last year and featured in a documentary last year on Nu Country.

Further info on Hayseed Dixie at www.hayseed-dixie.com


Geelong raised blues singer and guitarist Jeff Lang also performs his song The Save from his ninth album Whatever Makes You Happy.

Lang wrote The Save, using an Indian Pacific metaphor, when he was living in the west Sydney suburb of Summer Hill.

"It was as song of hope, futile or otherwise," says Lang, who recently released his 10th album You Have To Dig Deep To Bury Daddy.

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Melbourne singer-songwriter Dan Kelly performs his political parody Drunk On Election Night.

Kelly was born in the Barossa Valley and raised in Brisbane.

He arrived on the music scene after stints as a farmhand and a cook before he formed the band The Alpha Males.

Dan recorded on one of his uncle Paul Kelly's albums and collaborated with him on the music for the new ABC TV series Fireflies.

He released his debut album Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males Sing the Tabloid Blues.

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