Rural reared Australian country stars Kasey Chambers and Felicity have good reason to celebrate their return to Nu Country TV this Tuesday - January 24.

Chambers has a new husband - singer-songwriter Shane Nicholson.

Kasey and Shane enjoyed a barefoot backyard BBQ wedding at their Avoca beach home on the NSW Central Coast.

The couple had impeccable timing - they wed a couple of weeks before bushfires hit the popular beach resort.

"Dad sang a beautiful version of James Taylor's You Can Close Your Eyes in the middle of the ceremony, which we sprung on him five minutes before, as not even the closest of our family members knew what we had planned," Chambers revealed.

Kasey has been writing for her fourth solo disc after earning healthy royalties from re-release of her Dead Ringer Band discs.

Jerry Lee Lewis's oft wed sister Linda Gail Lewis is helping raise Kasey's son Talon by including covers of You Got The Car and Last Hard Bible on new album Boogie Woogie Country Gal.

Kasey, now 30, performs her breakthrough solo hit Cry Like A Baby on Nu Country.

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And Felicity performs new indie single The Flood - a finalist in the 34th Australian Country Music Awards in Tamworth on Saturday - on Nu Country.

The single is from Felicity's belated fifth album My Life that she launched at the festival in her thriving hometown.

She increased her national profile between albums with the EP - Turn Out The Light and single The Flood - and hosting roles on TV travel shows Sydney Weekender and Mike Whitney's Walkabout.

The Golden Guitar winner also joined peers in regular songwriting sojourns in music mecca Nashville.

She teamed with seasoned songsmiths Randy Scruggs, Robert Lee Castleman, Al Anderson and Jennifer Kimball to write for My Life.

And she also included songs penned with Flood singer Kevin Bennett and guitarist partner Glenn Hannah - a staple in Chambers band.

Felicity hosts a future episode of Nu Country TV in which she interviews Wagga touring mate Darren Coggan about his latest album The Balancing Act featuring Amazing Rhythm Aces singer Russell Smith.

The Nash Chambers produced disc also has a duet with Kasey on Power Windows.

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Nu Country TV editor Justin Rudge steps out from behind the scenes to host this week's episode with fellow Austin Floyd guitarist and singer Murray Floyd.

Floyd hails from near Highway 31 at Wangaratta - hometown of former Nu Country TV host and DJ Paul Hicks, former lead singer of Broken Spoke.

Austin Floyd performs High In The Saddle - one of 15 original songs on its debut album Month Of Sundays. (Hothouse.)

Rudge and Floyd - writer of all the band's material - formed their group at Fitzroy landmark The Standard Hotel.

Debut single Greatest Hit was a kindred spirit with the late Fitzroy outlaw singer A P Johnson's Greatest Hits And Ex-Misses.

The Fitzroy band tills similar terrain to Johnson with songs such as Numb The Pain, Cocaine Dealer, Beg, Borrow Or Steal, Gypsy Highway and Belly Full Of Beer.

Special guest on the album on mandolin is Marco C Halstead who recorded Johnson song Change Partners on his album Before And After Love.

Further info - www.austinfloyd.com


Urban cowboys The Wagons also debut on Nu Country TV this week.

The band, formed by baritone Henry Kripps and four Glen Waverley schoolmates, has released two albums and two EPS since the late nineties.

Wagons perform This Is What Death Looks Like from second album Draw Blood on Spunk through Inertia.

The quintet plays the city and suburbs and was one of the few country acts on the 2005 Queenscliff Music festival.

Further info - www.wagonsmusic.com


Fellow Melbourne quartet Clinkerfield also debuts on Nu Country this week.

The lads, whom met at TAFE studying music, perform Gravel Road.

Further info - www.clinkerfield.com

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