Famed singer-songwriter and actor Kris Kristofferson headlines Nu Country TV on Saturday night - August 20 - to promote his sixth Australian tour.

The Rhodes Scholar will be limbering up backstage at the historic, near extinct St Kilda Palais as he performs his classic oft covered hit Me And Bobby McGee on the seventh episode of Series #4 of Nu Country on C 31.

Kristofferson, 69 and father of eight, last toured here with The Highwaymen in 1995 - he has since recovered from heart by-pass surgery in 1999.

The singer has made 82 movies since his debut with Harry Dean Stanton in 1971 in The Last Movie and was cast as a pot dealer in Cisco Pike with Gene Hackman and Karen Black.

Other early films were Blume In Love, Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (with Dylan), Star Is Born, Convoy and Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea.

He had roles with fellow Highwaymen in Gospel Road (1973), Hank Williams - The Man And His Music (1980) Songwriter (1984), The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James (1986) and Another Pair of Aces (1991).

Kristofferson stars in new movie The Jacket and Be Here To Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt at recent Melbourne Film Festival.

Queensland born singer James Blundell supports Kris on this national acoustic tour.

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David Dawson, Billy Wyatt & Dianne Grant
Billy Wyatt hails from Apache Junction - the historic Arizona city made famous in the Billy Bob Thornton movie Bad Santa.

Billy also won a vast galaxy of fans when he performed at the Nu Country Christmas party at the famed Bush Inn, West Toorak, and the East Burwood recovery party on the Sabbath.

Wyatt, 55, returns to Australia in spring and y'all have a chance to see him perform again for Nu Country in the wilds of a footy free Carringbush locale.

Billy cut a brace of videos for us at Superstition Skies Restaurant in Apache Junction on June 14.

The clips - a collage of live footage and Arizona desert scapes featuring Billy's truck driving spouse - are authentic Americana.

Wyatt's evocative homage to his wife, Working Man's Girl, premieres on Nu Country on Saturday.

Please let us know if you want to see Billy and his hot Aussie band - featuring Dead Livers guitarist and Nu Country technician Rodger Delfos - in Melbourne.

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When Melbourne academic Graeme Smith began writing his country and folk music encyclopedia he had no idea of the historic war between the two genres.

But by the time he finished Singing Australian - A History of Folk And Country Music (Pluto Press) - he was fully versed on the fiddles at 20 paces fracas over the years.

Smith also examined the uncivil war of the country music factions that erupted during the seventies and eighties.

The author quoted Nu Country TV interviewer David Dawson's song Hillbillies Hate Change - prompted by Dawson's country music columns in the Sydney Daily Mirror from 1980-5.

Dawson's song was a reaction to the hillbillies' open warfare on the progressives in Sydney, Melbourne, Tamworth and beyond.

Co-writer Darcy LeYear (latter day singer for The Wolverines) and former Melbourne singer B J McKay both recorded the song at the peak of the war.

We feature a snippet of LeYear's video version on Simon Townsend's national TV show Wonderworld.

You could win Smith's book, courtesy of Pluto Press, by watching our show Saturday and emailing our web page.

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Bluegrass superstar Alison Krauss performs a video for her latest hit Goodbye Is All We Have from her 11th album Lonely Runs Both Ways (Rounder-Shock.)

Krauss, 34 and winner of Grammy Awards, and band Union Station have long been the most successful artists of her genre.

The singer has won wide acclaim for her music that embraces bluegrass and acoustic and prompted many offers to tour Australia.

Sydney promoter Rob Potts has been chasing Krauss to tour after fellow bluegrass star Ricky Skaggs cancelled at the 11th hour.

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Former Melbourne musician Simon Bruce busked the streets of London at 13 and cut his second EP in Nashville at 15 with Tommy Emmanuel producing and Keith Urban guesting.

Bruce also toured the U.S. with John Hiatt at 19 and worked the Texas kicker circuit with revered peers Slaid Cleaves and Nathan Hamilton.

Now, at the ripe old age of 20, he has released an acclaimed album Restless Thoughts produced by Nash Chambers on the NSW Central Coast.

The album is on the indie Essence label set up Nash - brother of Kasey and son of Bill and Dianne.

Bruce performs a video clip for his single The Holy Grail on Nu Country.

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Orange born singer-songwriter Sam Hawksley won international credit for writing with peers diverse as Ohio born Nashville singer Kim Richey and Jesse Harris - guitarist for a then unknown Nora Jones.

Hawksley, 36, has also written with a brace of leading Australians including Felicity, Melinda Schneider and Russell Morris.

The singer opened for expatriate Australasian superstar Keith Urban on his 2005 tour to promote his second album Anything You Want on Roadshow Music.

Hawksley also performs with expatriates Catherine Britt and The Greencards on an Aussie expo in Nashville in September.

He performs on his video for new single Only Crying on Nu Country on Saturday.

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Queensland born Josh Arnold has made three albums after bursting from the Brigalow way out west of Toowoomba last decade.

The prolific singer-songwriter, just 30 and renowned for dynamic shows, launched his new CD Fire In The Sun in Melbourne early this year.

Hotshot Texan guitarist Charlie Sexton was hired for Arnold single Ripple On The Tide and One Night The Storm.

Michael Flanders, producer of Sprint Car Superstar singer Tony Eales, also helmed the new disc featuring 12 original songs by Arnold.

Josh performs in a video clip for Ripple On The Tide on Nu Country on Saturday.

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