Stone country chanteuse Chely Wright returns to Nu Country TV this Saturday - September 10 - with an original song about two of her school friends who drowned.

The Missouri born chart topper filmed her video for The River about the tragedies a decade apart in the same Kansas stream.
"Both were fellow students, girls I grew up with in Wellsville," Wright, 34, told Nu Country.

"There were about 1,000 people in the town. My class had 38 kids in it and we had 12 classes in one building.

Everyone knew each other so well. I was baptised in Marais Des Cygnes River- the same river where my girlfriend Christine Thuro drowned, the same river where my girlfriend Laurie Mabrey was killed in a car wreck. It was where you got baptised. And it's ironic. I mean it's tragic. That's where their lives ended and my spiritual life began, so that song has been a real gift to me."

Wright is currently playing for troops in killing fields of Iraq - launch pad of recent hit Bumper Of My S.U.V. from acclaimed self produced sixth album Metropolitan Hotel.

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Oklahoma born singing actress Reba McEntire has toured here twice and hosts her own TV show on Australian television.

But this week she returns with the video of He Gets That From Me from her 2003 disc Room To Breathe - one of her 50 plus albums.

Texan troubadour Red Steagall, who performed Cross Keys Hotel, Essendon, and Geelong in the seventies, discovered Reba at a rodeo.

Reba, 51, has won a brace of Grammies and CMA awards in a 30-year career that has primed sales of more than 50 millions albums and lead role in Broadway show Annie, Get Your Gun and South Pacific at Carnegie Hall.

McEntire has been in many movies and her voice is heard as cows Betsy and Bitsy in new movie Charlotte's Web that was filmed at Trentham in Victoria.

Roles include The Little Rascals, The Man From Left Field, The Secret Of Giving, Is There Life Out There?, Buffalo Girls, North, Tremors, The Gambler Returns, One Night At McCool's, Forever Love, Maverick and Once Upon A Texas Train.

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Tennessee thrashgrass band Hayseed Dixie celebrates its second Australian tour with a mini-docco on Nu Country TV.

The band, famed for bluegrass covers of AC-DC, Queen, Kiss and other rock acts, plays the Hi-Fi Bar on Saturday October 15 after debuting at the famed Espie in St Kilda on their previous tour.

Hayseed Dixie is touring to promote fifth CD A Hot Piece Of Grass.

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Further info - http://www.hayseed-dixie.com/


Billy Wyatt hails from Apache Junction - the historic Arizona city made famous in the Billy Bob Thornton movie Bad Santa.

Billy also won a vast galaxy of fans when he performed at the Nu Country Christmas party at the famed Bush Inn, West Toorak, and the East Burwood recovery party on the Sabbath.

Wyatt, 55, returns to Australia in spring and y'all have a chance to see him perform again for Nu Country in the wilds of a footy free Carringbush locale.

Billy cut a pair of videos for us at Superstition Skies Restaurant in Apache Junction on June 14.

The clips - a collage of live footage and Arizona desert scapes featuring Billy's truck driving spouse - are authentic Americana.

Wyatt's video for I Had Enough of You premieres on Nu Country this week.

Please let us know if you want to see Billy and his hot Aussie band - featuring Dead Livers guitarist and Nu Country technician Rodger Delfos - in Melbourne.

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Glenfield country singer Travis Collins was still a teenager when he won the 2004 Toyota Star Maker quest in 2004.

Now, at the ripe old age of 21, he has released his debut ABC Music CD Start The Car.

Collins launched the CD at the recent Gympie Muster and performs a video for his self penned single 1000 Memories on Nu Country TV.

Travis also includes a duet with 2005 Star Maker winner Samantha McClymont on A Fool Like Me.

Collins's four original tunes on his CD include I Was Wrong and She Took The Ring penned with producer Herm Kovacs and Darren Coggan.

He also co-wrote finale song Give It Time with Coggan and Alan Caswell.

Among interesting covers are Texan tourist Guy Clark's Step Inside This House and My In-Laws Are Outlaws written by Jeff Bates and Byron Hill.

Star Maker single, Bridge That You Won't Burn, co-written with his dad Terry, won exposure on ABC and community radio.

"Many country songs are sad about relationship break-ups," Collins said after winning the quest.

"We wanted to make it funny and in the song the break-up was a happy one because it was a relief".

Travis won national exposure with a cameo in the video for Kasey Chambers huge hit Not Pretty Enough.

The second youngest boy of six children, he has come a long way since busking in Queen Street, Campbelltown.

"I once busked for 2 hours and made $140, which I used to buy country music CDS," Collins revealed at the time.

"I think I made so much money because when I was little I was cute. Now I have to work a lot harder."

Travis said his win was part of a five-year plan made on New Years Eve 1999.

"It shows that I am on track", he said.

Further info - www.traviscollins.com.au


Tracy Coster carries on the family tradition with a career that started as a tot with her famed songwriting dad - the late Stan Coster.

Casino born Stan was best known for writing Australiana songs such as Three Rivers Hotel, By A Fire Of Gidgee Coals and Wobbly Boot Hotel for the late bush balladeer king Slim Dusty.

But Tracy blazes her own trail in a video for her song Won't Those Memories Let Me Be on fifth album Coster Country - A Tribute To My Dad for Canberra label ACMEC.

Father and daughter perform a duet of his classic song Homestead Of My Heart on a disc featuring duets with Adam Harvey, Lee Kernaghan, Anne Kirkpatrick and John Williamson.

Born in Winton, Queensland, on April 12, 1966, she debuted in Tamworth at 13 in 1979 and played bass in her dad's band Blue Gum.

She now tours with her band Dallas Boys.

Further Info - http://www.tracycoster.com.au/

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